WBUT PGET 2017 Eligibility Criteria


WBUT PGET 2017 Eligibility CriteriaWBUT PGET 2017 Eligibility Criteria – The Eligibility Criteria of WBUT PGET 2017 can be checked from this page. The eligibility criteria define norms regarding nationality, education qualification, and more. It is mandatory for the candidates to fulfil the norms of WBUT PGET Eligibility Criteria. Ineligible candidates will not be granted admission. Hence, it is advised that the candidates check and ensure the WBUT PGET Eligibility Criteria 2017 before filling the application form. Check all the details on WBUT PGET 2017 Eligibility Criteria from the article below.


WBUT PGET 2017 Eligibility Criteria

The detailed eligibility criteria of WBUT PGET 2017 is as given below:

  • The candidates must be a citizen of India.
  • Candidates must have passed relevant Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering/Technology/Architecture.
  • Candidates possessing M.Sc degree, in appropriate branches may also apply.
  • The final mark sheet of the candidate has to be submitted until August 30, 2017.
  • Distance education programme degree will not be accepted.

The relevant UG Degree for each course of WBUT PGET 2017 are mentioned in the table below

S.No. Course WBUT PGET 2017 Eligibility Criteria
1. Electronics & Communication Engineering:M.Tech. (VLSI Design & Embedded Technology)M.Tech (Embedded Technology) M.Tech. (Electronics & Communication) M.Tech. (Mobile Communication Engg) M.Tech. (Electronics & Communication Engg)M.Tech. (Telecommunication Engg) M.Tech (VLSI Technology) B.E./B.Tech. in ECE /AEIE / Control & Instrumentation Engg OrM.Sc. In Electronics /Physics (with Electronics special)
2. M.Tech. In Microelectronics & VLSI Technology B.E./B.Tech. in ECE or M.Sc. In Electronics /Physics (with Electronics special)OrB.E./B.Tech. In CSE or M.Sc. In Computer Science or equivalent
3. Computer Science (CSE) & IT Related:M.E. (Computer Science) M.Tech. (Computer Science & Engg) M.Tech. (Information Technology) M.Tech. (Software Engineering) M.tech. (Computer System Technology) B.E./B.Tech. in CSE/ITOrM.Sc. in Computer Science/Computer Applications /Mathematics (with Computer Science Specialisation), MCA (with BCA or B.Sc. with Mathematics compulsory and any of the others from Statistics, Physics, Electronics or Computer Science)
4. Computer Science (CSE) & IT Related:M.Tech. (Multimedia & Software Systems) B.E./B.Tech in CSE/ITOrMCA (with BCA or B.Sc. with Mathematics compulsory and any of the others from Statistics, Physics, Electronics or Computer Science)
5. M.Tech. Ceramic Technology B.E./B.Tech in Ceramic Engg /Tech or Metallurgy or Chemical Engg/Tech/Material Science /Polymer Science/TechOrA.I.I. CeramicOrM.Sc. In Pure/ Physics/Applied Physics/ Chemistry/ Material Science
6. M.Tech. (Bio-Technology) B.E./B.Tech. In Bio-technology,Chemical EnggOrM.Sc. in Bio-Chemistry/ Bio-Informatics/ B.Pharm chemistry Genetic Engg/ or equivalent.
7. M.Tech. (Leather Technology) B.Tech in Leather Technology/Bio-TechnologyOrM.Sc. in Chemistry/Bio-Chemistry/ Bio-Technology.
8. M.Tech. (Bio-Informatics) B.E./B.Tech. in Bio-Informatics /Bio-technology/CEOrM.Sc. In Physics/Chemistry/ Mathematics/ Bio Sciences
9. M.Tech. (Chemical Engineering) B.E./B.Tech. In Chemical Engg/ Tech or equivalent.
10. M.Tech. (Applied Electronics & Instrumentation) B.E./ B.Tech. inICE/ECE/AEIEInstrumentation/EE & EEEOrM.Sc in ElectronicSc. & M.Sc. inInstrumentation Science.
11. Civil Engineering:M.Tech. (Geo Technical Engineering)M.Tech. (Structural Engineering) B.E./B.Tech. in Civil Engineering
12. Electrical Engineering:M.Tech. (Power System)M.Tech. (Electrical Device & PowerSystem)M.Tech (Power Electronics & Drives) M.Tech. (Control & Instrumentation) M.Tech. (Electrical Engineering) B.E./B.Tech. in EE/ECE/AEIE/EEE/ICE
13. M.Tech. (Mechatronics Engineering) B.E./B.Tech. in EE/ECE/IE/AEIE, I&CE, ME
14. Mechanical Engineering:M.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering) M.Tech. (Manufacturing Technology) M.Tech. (Heat Power Engineering) B.E./B.Tech in ME/Production Engg or equivalent.
15. M.Tech. (Automotive Technology) B.E./B.Tech. in Automobile Engg /ME /Production Engg/ Industrial Engg / Manufacturing Engg
16. M.Tech. (Food Technology) B.E./B.Tech. in Food Technology
17. Textile Technology:M.Tech. (Mechanical Processing in Textile) M.Tech. (Chemical Processing in Textile) M.Tech. (Textile Engineering) B.E./B.Tech. in Textile Technology
18. M.Tech. (Biomedical Instrumentation) B.E./B.Tech. in ECE/AEIE/ Biomedical InstrumentationOrM.Sc. in M.Sc. In Electronics /Physics (with Electronics special)
19. M.Tech. (Industrial Engg & Management) B.E./B.Tech. in any branch of Engineering/Technology
20. M.Tech. (Nanoscience & Nanotechnology) M.Sc.(Phys./Chem./Maths/Bio. Sc./Biochem./Appl. Phys./ Appl. Chem./Electronic Sc./Comp. Sc. /Biotech./Life Sc./ Physical Sc./ Chemical Sc./Mater. Sc.)OrBE/B. Tech (ECE/EIE/CSE/EE/ ME/ Metallurgy/Mat. Engg/IT/ Biotechn./CE/BMI/Polymer Sc. & tech./TE/CE/LT)
21. M.Pharm (Pharmaceutical Chemistry)M.Pharm(Pharmacology)M.Pharm(Pharmaceutics)M.Pharm (Quality Assurance & PharmRegulatory Affairs)M.Pharm (Pharma Analysis & Qual.Assur.)M.Pharm(Pharmacognosy)M.Pharm (Pharmacology Toxicology) B.Pharm or Equivalent

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