Should I Drop a Year?


Kuch pane ke liye kuch khona padhta hai

It simply means “if you want to achieve something, you need to lose something too.”

Dropping should be only considered only if you think you missed out IIT or NIT with a few marks or rank.

A year drop can be good for some students while for some it makes life heck.

Saying is easier then doing.

Dropping a year is a very difficult task. You can ask this to any student who has dropped a year. After some months of studying you might even get frustrated studying the same portion again and again.

But that frustration disappears if you are highly determined and you love your subject

It’s always advisable to join a college and prepare for JEE, AIEEE or other exams simultaneously since it will lower your stress to perform on that D day and if by some chance you are not able to clear JEE ,AIEEE or others then you have backup which is continue your course.

Chances of getting bored and depressed is also high…You might even think that what if I don’t perform well in those 3 to 6 hours…..and all that stuff.

However joining some coaching classes is always worth since it will help you to stay motivated.

Advantages of dropping

  • A focused year towards studies can land you in IITs or Nits. That too with a good rank.
  • You are transformed to a stronger student specially that kind of 1 year single minded devotion can be really helpful to you throughout your life.

Disadvantages of dropping a year.

  • Lots of stress on you to perform on that particular D-day
  • Depression and others related factors can also affect your studies

Students who have been successful after dropping a year -What’s their secret?

There are many of them who dropped 1 year and cracked JEE next following year. Amrose Birani, who scored an AIR 3 in IIT JEE 2007 was a dropper!

Secret is Hardwork and Never Give Up Attitude

So if you have the motivation, Determination, single minded devotion then only think about dropping a year.

Otherwise joining some college and preparing for entrance exams simultaneously would be a safe and a cool thing. But please don’t mess up your college GPAs.

This is the time when time management strategy should be utilized.

Please keep in mind.

Hard Work is the only key to Success.

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