KLUEEE 2017 Syllabus


KLUEEE 2017 SyllabusKLUEEE 2017 Syllabus: The syllabus of KLUEEE 2017 is prescribed by KL University. It will be a good practice to start the preparation for the KLUEEE 2017 with the thorough knowledge of KLUEEE Syllabus. A systematic study of the KLUEEE syllabus 2017 will help the candidates to prepare effectively for the KL Engineering Entrance Exam (KLUEEE). The syllabus of KLUEEE mainly covers three subjects Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics. Candidates must be thorough with the syllabus of KLUEEE to know the topics along with their formulas. Topics, subtopics, etc.Aspirants should qualify the KLUEEE 2017 exam with an objective to get admission in the B.Tech/B.E. courses at various colleges government and private colleges. After going through the syllabus of KLUEEE 2017, applicants can go through the exam pattern of KLUEEE and also practice the sample papers of KLUEEE for better understanding and preparation. Download link is provided on this page in pdf format for each of the papers. To get all the detailed information on KLUEEE 2017 Syllabus read the article given below.



KLUEEE 2017 Syllabus

All the candidates must go thorough the syllabus of KLUEEE 2017 unitwise and also given in the pdf format below:

KLUEEE 2017 Syllabus for Physics

S.No. KLUEEE 2017 Syllabus for Physics
1 Units and dimensions
2 Elements of vectors
3 Kinematics-Dynamics
4 Work, Power, and Energy
5 Centre of Mass
6 Friction
7 Rotatory motion
8 Gravitation
9 Simple Harmonic motion
10 Elasticity
11 Surface Tension
12 Hydrodynamics
13 Viscosity
14 Expansion of Solids- Liquids-Gases
15 Thermodynamics
16 Thermal Radiations
17 Sound
18 Geometrical Optics
19 Physical Optics
20 Magnetism
21 Electro Statics
22 Current Electricity
23 Thermo Electricity
24 Electro Magnetics
25 .Atomic Physics
26 Nuclear Physics
27 Semi conductor Devices

KLUEEE 2017 Syllabus for Mathematics

S.No. KLUEEE 2017 Syllabus for Mathematics
1 Algebra
2 Trigonometry
3 Vector Algebra
4 Probability
5 Coordinate Geometry
6 Calculus

KLUEEE 2017 Syllabus for Chemistry

S.No. KLUEEE 2017 Syllabus for Chemistry
1 Atomic Structure
2 Nuclear Chemistry
3 Periodic Classification of Elements
4 Chemical Bonding
5 Stoichiometry
6 Gaseous State
7 Solutions
8 Acids and Bases
9 Electro Chemistry
10 Chemical Equilibrium and chemical Kinetics
11 Chemical Energetics
12 Surface chemistry
13 Hydrogen and its Compounds
14 Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals
15 Group elements
16 IV Group elements
17 V Group Elements
18 VI Group Elements
19 VII Group Elements
20 Noble Gases
21 Transition Elements (dBlock)
22 Environmental Chemistry
23 Hydrocarbons-I (Alkanes and Alkenes)
24 Hydrocarbons II
25 Alkyl Halides
26 Alcohols
27 Ethers
28 Aldehydes and Ketones
29 Carboxylic Acids
30 Nitrogen Compounds
31 Chemistry in Biology and Medicine

Detailed Syllabus of KLUEEE 2017

Below is the complete syllabus of KLUEEE for appearing in the entrance test. Candidates must also practice from Sample Papers of KLUEEE for better preparation.

Subjects KLUEEE Syllabus in PDF Format
Physics Click Here
Chemistry Click Here
Mathematics Click Here

Preparation Tips of KLUEEE 2017

  • Make a proper timetable before starting any unit from the Syllabus of KLUEEE 2017.
  • Candidates need to cover all the syllabus with special attention to their problem areas that they will find during the preparation.
  • To attempt and answer each question correctly it is important to practice all the formulas and methods and be aware of the Exam Pattern of KLUEEE 2017.
  • Revision should be done thoroughly and as many times as they can.

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