JEE Main Last Minute Preparation Tips


JEE Main Last Minute Preparation TipsWith just a few days left for JEE Main 2017, most candidates would be constantly “Googling” for the JEE Main Last Minute Preparation Tips. Also, most candidates would seek advice from various experts and toppers for the last minute JEE Main preparation tips. Well, now stop the search and start reading this article for all the JEE Main last minute preparation tips for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (PCM). In this very last minute, the candidates are advised to panic less and avoid new chapters or topics and practice what they have covered. This is the time when the candidates must give a last try to the topics that are giving them a hard time and also look after their health. The JEE Main 2017 will be held on April 02, 2017, in a paper based mode, while the online test will be held on April 08 and 09, 2017. Go through this article for the list of JEE Main Last Minute Preparation Tips for PCM.



JEE Main Last Minute Preparation Tips – Points to Remember

Most of the aspirants have been preparing for the test for more than a year, or for months, and have covered the entire syllabus. Also, most of them have solved several JEE Main 2017 Sample Papers, model test papers, mock test, etc. to revise what they have learned. In this last days from the entrance test, there are few important things that the candidates must keep in mind, which are –

  • Keep Calm – Panicking in this last moment is not at all helpful. Try to keep calm and avoid unnecessary stress.
  • Avoid New Chapters or Topics – This is not the good time to study or prepare for new topics. Just start revising what have been learned or covered. Focus more on the weak areas while practising the topics.
  • Go for the Practice Papers – Solving the sample papers or old question papers of JEE Main 2017 will definitely help the candidates at this last moment. Start practising at least 3-5 sample papers daily.
  • Avoid Blinders – Don’t even think about guessing answers in the exam hall. Just remember that there are negative markings. Therefore, the candidates must make sure that they just leave the questions if they are unable to answer them.
  • Good Health – Health is the most prime factor here. A healthy body will definitely help the candidates to perform well. Therefore, take good care of your health and avoid unnecessary tensions or sleepless nights.
  • Sleep Mode – If the test is in the morning session, then the candidates must have started getting up early so that they don’t feel sleepy in the exam hall. For the candidates whose paper is in the afternoon session are advised to avoid afternoon naps till the exam date for the same reason.

JEE Main Last Minute Preparation Tips – How to answer difficult questions

Whenever there is a difficult question in the paper that is confusing but quite familiar, then they can apply the methods or “juggads” mentioned below –

  • Try to eliminate the options that are familiar. The lesser the number of options, the more accurate is the guessing. If everything works, then all three wrongs options will be eliminated.
  • If the question has different units (especially in the Physics section), then make use of dimensional analysis.
  • Be careful of trick questions. If a question seems to be too easy, then read it carefully twice. Also, check the solutions again just to make sure of things and avoid negative markings.

JEE Main Last Minute Preparation Tips for PCM

Some quick tips regarding the last minute preparation for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics are provided in the table below –

JEE Main Last Minute Preparation Tips
  • The best way to solve a question from this section is to go through the question properly. A good reading will definitely help the candidates to know what should be the unit of the answer. Also, check the options correct units before working on them.
  • The questions on Electricity will be property-based. Go through the options carefully and get to know the most satisfying options. This will definitely help the candidates to answer properly.
  • The only one-step solutions are the questions related to Optics. With the given question, compare the options which will definitely guide to the correct answers.
  • The candidates must have a clear picture of the Periodic Table in their mind.
  • Both in Physics and Chemistry, the Thermodynamics is a common topic. With an opposite logic, the same concept will be applied in both the subjects. This is applicable to Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Chemistry.
  • Organic Chemistry dominates this section, therefore, the reactions and one-word chart must be memorised properly.
  • The questions on Physical Chemistry are mostly numerical and are intercepted with questions on Electrochemistry.
  • To solve the questions on Integration, just try to distinguish among the given options.
  • For the Coordinate Geometry, put the provided answers in the equations and check what fits.
  • Apply the above method with the Differentiation problems.
  • In the Algebra part, look for the option that has an anomaly.
  • The problems of Quadratic Equations, almost 90% of the questions are based on properties of alpha, beta and gamma, and here the candidates are required to find the sum and product of the roots.
  • For the questions on Complex Numbers, go through the question carefully and find if the answer is an imaginary number or a real number. In most cases, there will be two real numbers. Just start eliminating the choices that don’t fit and solve the problem.

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