JEE Main 2017 Exam Day Strategy by Aakash Chaudhry


JEE Main 2017 Exam Day Strategy by Aakash ChaudhryWith JEE Main 2017 scheduled for April 2, 2017, it becomes highly essential for an engineering aspirant to follow a strict strategic plan like focus on revision, concept clarity and appear for mock test to improve time management. In this crucial preparatory stage, Aakash Chaudhry, Director AESPL (Aakash Educational Services) shares his views on what students can do in remaining days and exam taking strategy. “Revision of concept, formulas and important topics and time management strategy can help students to score good marks in the exam” says Mr Chaudhry.

Entrancecorner brings you Aakash Chaudhry, Director AESPL (Aakash Educational Services) interview on How to perform better in JEE Main 2017 and score good marks.

Entrance CornerWhat should be the exam taking strategy on JEE Main 2017 exam day? How should candidates manage their exam time between the different sections of the paper?

Aakash Chaudhry JEE Main 2017 is just a few days away. Student need to devise proper strategies to regarding allocation of time to different sections of paper to solve the paper effectively.

  • Read the instructions carefully: Students are advised to read and go through the marking schemes carefully before beginning with the paper. Do not be overconfident and skip this segment
  • Read through the question paper: They should quickly glance through the entire paper to understand the level of difficulty.
  • Do not jump to conclusions: Students should not be in a hurry to mark an answer and ignore the options listed out in the question paper.
  • Avoid Guesswork: There is no problem if you don’t know the right answer and leave it unattempted. But, it is advisable not resort to guesswork, as a wrong answer can lead to loss of marks.
  • Maintain your calm: It is important to stay calm while attempting the question paper. Do not get frustrated and impatient to solve the paper in a relaxed manner.
  • Do not waste time in solving a particular question: Students are advised not to panic if a question seems difficult to solve and move on to the next question instead of investing your time in it.
  • Be careful of negative marking: One of the most important things students have to keep in mind is the negative marking in JEE Main exam. Therefore, students should avoid making guess work and carefully select the choice of answer.

Entrance Corner CBSE will not consider class 12 marks this year. How do you think this will impact JEE Main 2017?

Aakash ChaudhryThe move is going to benefit aspiring engineers across the country. Engineering is a branch of science that requires application of conceptual knowledge rather than exercising a parrot-fashioned learning methodology. With the decision being implemented, students will now be able to focus more on conceptual and practical knowledge rather than theoretical parroting. It will tremendously reduce the burden of students and will also facilitate an increase in number of applicants for the examination.

It will also pave the way for application-based preparation and lay a stronger conceptual foundation for the students. With an emphasis on time-bound tests, students must focus on solving previous year’s papers and mock drills. This will enable them to learn smart and effective ways to solve objective type questions.

Entrance Corner What should be the preparation strategy for JEE Main 2017 in the last few days?

Aakash ChaudhryThis time with no weightage given to Class XII exam scores, students will have to solely rely on their performance in the entrance exam to get into the top-notch institutions of the country.

  • Utilize your time to the maximum for revisionWhile you may have spent months and days covering your syllabus and solving papers, now is the time to get back to your notes and revise
  • Do not start with a new topic nowWith just a few days left for the examination, it is not advisable to start with a new topic or go through a chapter that you left untouched till now
  • Clear all your doubtsAddress all your doubts as and when it comes. Do not let the doubts breed, as they can hamper your preparations for the competitive exam
  • Brush up on all concepts and formulas Thoroughly go through all the concepts and see how they have been applied to the problems. Jot down all the notes in a separate book to save time and make your last minute preparations easier.
  • Keep stress at bay – With days nearing by, it is necessary for every student to follow a proper diet and to give sufficient rest to the body.

Entrance Corner How important are mock tests?

Aakash ChaudhrySolving JEE Main sample papers will help students get a grasp on the pattern of questions and will improve their confidence level and help you to concentrate better on weaker segments, speed and accuracy. Due to negative marking, there is no room for silly errors. Hence, candidates must make attempts to solve mocks tests or previous years’ question papers within the stipulated time and make their base strong with theory and solve more of practical problems for practicing.

Practice as many multiple-choice questions as you can. This in turn will help the student manage their time as well as strengthen their subjects also help them analyze their weak areas. One needs to practice at least one good question bank designed for JEE. Taking up JEE Main 2017 mock tests before the final exam will be helpful for students to become well acquainted with the online system and learn to manage time. Testing yourself after sincere preparation is equally important. So, it is required to adopt the reverse process. Solve as many problems as possible and thus build and strengthen your concepts. Hence, it is clear that one need to go through the sample papers.

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