JEE Main 2016 Analysis by Plancess


JEE Main 2016 Analysis by Plancess – The offline entrance test for JEE Main 2016 was held on 03 April 2016. Once the paper is over, many JEE Main/Advanced aspirants who have appeared and will be appearing next year eagerly wait for the paper analysis. This article provides the JEE Main Analysis by Plancess Academy. In the article, the JEE aspirants will get to know about the difficulty level of the paper, the ratio of the easy, medium and difficult questions in the paper, common mistakes that students made and much more. Read the article for more details on the JEE Main 2016 Analysis by Plancess.

JEE Main 2016 Analysis by Plancess

Here, the analysis for JEE Main Question Paper Set E, F, G, and H is available. In these sets, the difficulty level of Physics was medium as compared to that of last year’s. However, the Chemistry part was the easiest among the other sections. While the Mathematics section can be categorized in the moderate if compared to last year’s JEE Main 2016 question paper. The overall JEE Main 2016 Question Paper can be categorized as moderate.

For a better understanding of the JEE Main 2016 Analysis by Plancess, check the table below

Subject Analysis
Physics From this subject, maximum questions are from Mechanics.
Chemistry The questions were evenly distributed. Questions from every topic were asked.
Mathematics This section carried most questions from Algebra and calculus.
Algebra – 10 questions
Calculus – 9 questions
Co-ordinate Geometry – 5 questions
Trigonometry – 2 questions
3D Vector – 3 questions

Candidates may avail the link below to check predict their score via answer key. Also, avail the JEE Main 2016 Rank Predictor to estimate the rank in the exam.