How to Prepare for KVPY Interview?


How to Prepare for KVPY Interview?Soon the result of KVPY 2016 will be announced, following which the pressure to prepare for the interview will mount on all students who have qualified in the exam. Most probably, the interviews for the KVPY selections will be held in the month of March 2017. The exact date for the interview is not yet announced and will be intimidated to all KVPY qualifiers through a call letter. Unlike the aptitude test, there is no definite syllabus for the KVPY interview or even guidelines. The biggest question that comes in mind to students is – How to Prepare for KVPY Interview? Many students are intimidated by the idea of an interview not knowing that it is not as tough as it sounds. To ease the fears of the students and aid them in facing the KVPY interview, we have compiled the tips and guidelines from the previous KVPY Toppers, experts on how to prepare for the KVPY Interview.

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The first thing to know is that the interview is not meant to grill you. The personal interviews are held to assess the candidates and their candidature for the scholarships. There are no hard fast rules for this and no interview is same. However, there are common guidelines that can be used to prepare for the KVPY Interview.

Things to know about facing any Interview:

  • There will be an interview panel for any interview. For KVPY 2016, this comprises generally of scientists, faculty from IISc Bangalore.
  • The questions will range from personal interests to the main purpose of the candidate in applying for KVPY.
  • This is in addition to any assessment of the candidate’s knowledge about the subject.
  • The panel is generally reputed to be student friendly as the interviewers understand that the candidates are just passing out of high school.

How to Prepare for KVPY 2016 Interview

The KVPY interview is nothing but a face to face meeting between the interview panel and candidates. Apart from the Class XI and XII Syllabus which you studied to prepare for the KVPY exam, you need to have a keen interest in the subject you have chosen as the interviewers will definitely assess you on this aspect. In addition, there are other aspects you need to take care of. Check them below and prepare accordingly to face and pass the KVPY Interview with flying colours.

Zeal for Science – The KVPY fellowship aims to promote science research as a career option among the youth. Therefore this is the first parameter you will assessed on. The purpose of the interview is to test your attitude towards science. Hence, be enthusiastic about a topic/field and let it show when you answer the questions asked. Do not let your curiosity die unanswered. Science is all about that is around us, try and apply what you already know. See that you relate to science in your day to day life.

Stay Updated – One of the biggest mistakes many students make is to stay focused on the given syllabus. It is equally important to note and follow any changes, updations in the area of science you are interested in. Follow blogs, pages, profiles, authors, channels, etc which provide information on your area of interest. Science is very vast and ever evolving. Even if you will not be able to comprehend all the information, at least a new perspective will be attained.

Know your Subject – All the KVPY interviewees have at some point of their interviews, been asked, “which is their favourite subject?” This is a game changing question which is mostly asked at the beginning of the interview. This is a tricky question and to answer this question, you need to know what your strengths are. It is a mistake to pin point the whole subject as an area of interest.

The purpose of asking this question is to understand where you stand in your areas of interests. The second point is to understand why this particular area or topic only. Therefore choose your topic carefully and wisely. Get ready with answers on why your liking is restricted to this topic only; who is your inspiration, what you intend to do about this liking of yours, ambitions for the future, career in science etc.

Do Not Ignore the Remaining Subjects – The interview panel on the other hand may also ask you questions on other topics to assess where you stand in terms of your knowledge. The reasoning is that a candidate must have knowledge in other topics in addition to in-depth knowledge in his/her are topic of interest. Every candidate is expected to show a basic level of interest and knowledge.

Brush up the basic concepts. See, the purpose of KVPY is to encourage science research as a career option and what they look for is the passion for science in aspirants. This is the key mantra for success.

If you have applied for KVPY, then we assume that the passion is existent while the understanding is wholly dependent on you. Know and understand your basics well. Once the basics are clear, the answer to any question will be available to you.

Build up your Confidence – It is true that knowledge is power but confidence can take you places. Building it is not a one step process but something that is continuous and ongoing. Practice in front of a mirror because it allows you to see your own expression and gestures. Take the help of your friends and family in helping you to enhance your personality. Ask your teachers at school to help hone your answering abilities for the interview.

Presenting your views – In the interview it is important to present your views politely. Candidates should avoid presenting themselves as arrogant or know-it-all persons. If you disagree on any point, you should strongly but politely state the reasons and not argue over it. Present the facts clearly and concisely. If you don’t know the answer, own up to it rather than give a vague answer or worse give a wrong answer while pretending to know the answer.

Personal Grooming – One important aspect for any interview is a well groomed person. So ensure that you attend the interview well groomed, looking neat and presentable. Be punctual for the interview and carry all the required documents along with you. Greet everyone politely.

All the best for the KVPY 2016 Interview! Feel free to leave your queries, in the comment section below