How to Fill MU OET PG 2017 Application Form


How to Fill MU OET PG 2017 Application Form – After receiving several queries related to filling of MU OET Application Form, we have prepared this article. In this, the process to successfully submit the application form has been explained vividly. To assist students in understanding the process easily, pictures has also been used. After each picture, the Guideline to Fill MU OET PG Application Form 2017 is mentioned. Candidates are advised to refer to this article while filling the application form but should also check it in advanced to become familiar with the application process. For further assistance FAQs related to form filling are also mentioned at the end of the article.

Candidates may check How to fill MU OET PG 2017 Application Form and related FAQs from the article below.

 What will I Require for Filling the Application Form

It is always a good idea to do a little research before implementing. Hence, before learning to fill the MU OET PG 2017 Application Form the candidates should keep the following ready.

  • Functional e-mail id and phone number
  • Scanned passport size photograph and signature
  • DD Number or Online Payment Gateway Details.

What is the Application Fee for MU OET PG 2017 and How can I Submit it?

  • The application fee for MU OET PG 2017 is Rs. 2000. The amount includes Rs. 600 for the application fee and the remaining Rs. 1400 is for the examination fee.
  • The candidates may submit the amount either through Net Banking, Debit/Credit Card or via Demand Draft.
  • Candidates who will submit the fee via DD will be required to enter DD details in the online payment page.

How to Fill MU OET PG 2017 Application Form?

The step by step process to submit the application form of MU OET PG 2017 is as explained below.

Step-1-Basic Details: First of all the candidates will have to register for MU OET PG 2017. It will be done as explained below.

Register to Apply

Candidates will have to submit

  • Name, Middle Name, Last Name – as entered in board and qualifying examination
  • Gender – male, female or transgender
  • E-mail Id – a valid one because it will be used until the end of the entire admission process.
  • Mobile Number – again a valid one because all the calls and messages to sent updates and information will be done on this number.
  • Date of Birth – as mentioned in class X or birth certificate.

Course and Category

Next, the candidates will have to submit Courses and Category. Under it, following is to be mentioned. 

  • Program – the M.Tech aspirants will choose ‘Post Graduate – PG’
  • Stream – the M.Tech aspirants are to choose ‘Engineering’ but the candidates seeking admission in other courses may choose their respective stream
  • Category – General/Foreign/NRI/SAGES/In Services/Overseas Citizenship of Indian (OCI)/Person of Indian Origin (POI)


The last step to register is to submit the location:

  • Country – enter that country, of which the candidate holds the citizenship
  • State – to which candidate belongs to
  • City – it is mandatory to specify the city name
  • Nationality – there are several options for nationality and candidates will have to specify theirs

Once all the above mentioned details are filled, candidates will have to click on the ‘Submit’ button.

Step-2- Contact Information: After the registration, the candidates will have to fill contact details in the application form.

In the form candidates will have to mention:

  • Address Line 1, 2 and 3 – permanent address
  • Pin – Pin Code of the place
  • City, State, and Country – will be auto filled
  • Alternative Number – if the candidates do not posses two numbers, submit it of the parents/guardian/any trusted member of the family
  • Mobile and E-mail Id – will also be auto filled
  • Alternate E-mail Id – of parents/guardian/any trusted member of the family After filling all the details, check it and if sure that it is correct click on ‘Submit and Continue’

Step-3- Education Information: Next candidates will have to state their education details.

Candidates will then have to submit:

  • School/Institute Name – from which the qualifying course has been persuaded
  • Qualifying Examination – M.Tech students will fill B.Tech and similarly candidates applying for other courses will submit its respective exam.
  • Board/University – the name of the university or board under which the school or institute was registered.
  • In this step, candidates will also have to upload their passport size photograph and signature. It should be in the prescribed format.

When the images are uploaded, click on ‘I Agree’ button but only after reading all the points under Declaration.

Step-4- Programs and Payments

Under this step, the candidates will be asked to fill the following:

  • Test Centre preference 1 and 2: in order of priority

  • Payment Details – of DD or Credit Card/Net Banking

On filling all the details correctly, click on ‘Submit and Continue’ button

Step-5-Confirmation Page

Generation of the confirmation page means that the application form has been submitted successfully. The candidates should download it and secure a copy of it for future reference.

 FAQs Related to MU OET PG 2017 Application Form Filling

Q. Can I submit MU OET M.Tech 2017 Application Form offline?

A. No, the University only releases the application form online. Apart from the process explained above, there is no other medium to fill the form.

Q. Can I pay application fee offline?

A. Yes, the candidates can submit the fee offline through Demand Draft.

Q. I applied for the examination but now I do not wish to appear for it. How can I refund the submitted application fee?

A. The submitted fee is non-refundable and the University will not return it under any provision.

Q. I submitted the application fee but the confirmation page is not generating. What should I do?

A. In this case, candidates must wait for 42 hours and if the confirmation page is not generated until then, the conducting body should be informed.

Q. I missed the deadline to submit the form. Is there is any provision under which I might submit it?

A. Once the deadline to submit the application form is over, the candidates will not be able to apply. The University will also not entertain any request regarding the same.

Q. The result of my qualifying examination has not been released, can I still apply?

A. Yes, the candidates may apply. Even, candidates studying in final year of their qualifying examination may also apply. However, it should be noted that in this case, the candidates are to ensure that their final result is due to release before the prescribed last date.

Q. Can I apply for more than one discipline of M.Tech through a single application?

A. No, candidates aiming to pursue multiple disciplines, from Manipal University, will be required to fill separate application form for each discipline.