GATE Analysis 2017 for ME


GATE Analysis 2017 for MEGATE Analysis 2017 for ME – The GATE ME paper has been concluded and the candidates may check the analysis of it from here. The basic review about the GATE 2017 ME paper is that it was lengthy and the questions in it were a bit difficult. The straightforward approach did not work during the exam and candidates needed to scratch their brains more to find the solution. Check more details on GATE Analysis 2017 for ME, by the experts and the students, from the article below. Previous year GATE ME Analysis is available below, for the candidates to compare the exam pattern, difficulty, marks & question distribution and more details. 

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GATE Analysis 2017 for Mechanical Engineering by Experts

Session 1 ME Analysis by GATE Forum

As per GATE Forum, there were more concept based questions, rather than formula based. This year, more questions were asked on Strength of Materials, Thermal Science and manufacturing Science. The table below explains the GATE Analysis by GATE Forum better.

Subjects Topics 1 Marks Question 2 Marks Question Total No. Question
Engineering Mathematics  – 5 4 9
Engineering Mechanics Kinematics of Rigid Bodies in Plane Motion 0 2 2
Strength of Materials Thin Cylindrical Shells, Principle Stresses and Strains in Plane Stresses, torsion, Axial load, theory of failure 5 4 9
Design of Machine Elements Thin Cylindrical Shells, Principle Stresses and Strains in Plane Stresses, torsion, Axial load, theory of failure 0 1 1
Theory of Machines Cam, Gear and Gear trains 1 2 3
Vibrations Forced vibrations, vibration of body 0 1 1
Fluid Mechanics Flow through pipes, Boundary layer theory, fluid kinematics, pump 4 3 7
Thermal Science Entropy and availability, second law of thermo dynamics, stoichiometry 5 4 9
Heat Transfer Heat Exchangers, Conduction, Radiation 1 1 2
Manufacturing Science Machining, Engineering materials, welding, lathe and meteorology, casting 4 6 10
Industrial Engineering Production Planning and Control, LPP 0 2 2
Verbal Ability   3 2 5
Numerical Ability   2 3 5
Total 30 35 65


Session 1 ME Analysis by the GATE Academy

The experts have also provided the exam analysis of GATE 2017 for ME. The candidate distribution of 1 and 2 marks questions, along with the level of difficult is mentioned in it. 

  • Most of the questions were concept bases. 
  • Highest weightate was given to SOM, FM and MPE topics.
  • GA section was expected to be easy but was very tough.
Questions Subject Topic Level Marks
4 questions – 1 marks
3 questions – 2 marks
SOM Poisson’s Ratio, Columns Easy 10
2 questions – 1 marks
1 question – 2 marks
Machine Design S-N Curve, Theories of Failure Easy, Moderate 4
1 questions – 1 marks
3 questions – 2 marks
TOM & Vibration Natural Frequency, Dynamics of Slider Crank Mechanism, Epicyclic Gear Trains Easy  7
1 questions – 1 marks
4 questions – 2 marks
TD+Applied TD Brayton Cycle, Entropy Moderate 9
5 questions – 1 marks
2 questions – 2
Engineering Mathematics Diff. Eqn, Probability, Rank of the Matrix, Eigenvalues Moderate 14
5 questions – 1 marks
6 questions – 2 marks
MPE Slab Milling, non traditional machining, Casting, Welding Easy, Moderate 17
1 questions – 1 marks
2 questions – 2 marks
Engineering Mechanics Tough 5
4 questions – 1 marks
3 questions – 2 marks
FM Flow through Pipes, Kinematics Easy, Moderate 10
0 questions – 1 marks
2 questions – 2 marks
Industrial Engineering Scheduling Moderate 4
1 questions – 1 marks
2 questions – 2 marks
HT Conduction, Heat Exchange Easy, Moderate 5
5 questions – 1 marks
5 questions – 2
 GA Family Relations, Grammar, Inference, Coordinate Geometry  Tough  15
65 Total    100

Note: This analysis has been provided by The GATE Academy. The graphical representation of the table above is given below.

GATE Analysis 2017 for ME by Students

The student’s reaction for GATE 2017 ME paper is as below. 

  • The overall level of the exam was moderate.
  • Engineering Mathematics and GA section were moderate, whereas, the ME questions were a liitle tough.
  • There were 34 MCQs and 31 NAT in the exam
  • Pure mathematics was easy.
  • The questions were very lengthy.
  • The questions were difficult and required out of the box thinking.
  • There were no vocabulary part, synonyms or antonyms questions in GA. Instead, there were two brief passages.
  • One question in GA section, ‘there is one cone of radius 5 m and height 12m…’ is said to be wrong by the students, as there is no correct answer option for it.

“I ME paper was easy but very lengthy. I think the topper will be able to score 80-90 marks this time” – Gareema Jain (a GATE Aspirant) 

GATE Analysis for ME for Session I (Previous Year)

The previous year analysis can be checked below.

  • The exam will contain three sections.
  • The question paper was set  to check the mathematical test of the candidates. There were 17% of the questions asked from the particular topic.
  • General Aptitude section carried 10 questions of 15 marks. From that, 50% questions carried 1 mark each and remaining 5 questions were for 2 marks each
  • However, mathematics questions were easy.
  • Questions of fluid mechanics were for 9 marks and were not easy to crack.
  • The paper was not difficult for the candidates who prepared well for the test.
  • To check a better analysis, candidates can check the table below.

The candidates appearing for GATE 2017 can check the types of question that were asked in each section in the previous year.

S. No. Topics Questions covered in each topic
1. Engineering mechanics Question from friction, equilibrium equations, trusses.
2. Strength of materials Questions from simple stress and strain graph, deflection of beam, hardness test, torsion of circular shaft, bending stress, helical spring, moments of inertia.
3. Machine design Failure theory was the topics covered
4. Theory of machines Topics covered were gear train, gyroscope, fly wheel, rotating masses.
5. Vibrations Resonance, single degree of freedom of free vibration were the topics covered
6. Fluid mechanics Question included were from boundary layer, flow through pipe, turbulent flow, stability of floating bodies, turbine manometry.
7. Thermal sciences Work done in non-flow process, thermodynamic system and thermodynamic relation, vapour compression cycle, regeneration vapour cycle.
8. Heat transfer Topics covered from radiation, unsteady heat conduction
9. Manufacturing science Riser design, rolling, casting, welding, non-traditional machinery process, cutting tool were the questions asked in the paper
10. Industrial engineering Question from LPP and inventory were covered

Section-wise analysis of the paper

S. No. Sections in GATE 2017 Session I 1 Mark 2 Marks Total No. of Questions
1. Engineering Mathematics 5 5 10
2. Engineering Mechanics 2 2 4
3. Strength of Materials 4 4 8
4. Design of Machine Elements 0 1 1
5. Theory of Machines 1 2 3
6. Vibrations 1 1 2
7. Fluid Mechanics 3 4 7
8. Thermal Sciences 2 3 5
9. Heat Transfer 2 2 4
10. Manufacturing Science 4 4 8
11. Industrial Engineering 1 2 3
12. Verbal Ability 3 0 3
13. Numerical Ability 2 5 7
Total 30 35 65

GATE Analysis 2017 for ME for Session II

The session II for GATE 2017 will commence from 02:00 pm to 05:00 pm. Since, the exam has not been conducted, the previous year GATE Analysis for ME is mentioned below.

  • The maximum number of questions were asked from Fluid Mechanics topic, which are 8 questions.
  • There were 7 questions from Manufacturing Engineering and Thermal Science.
  • Heat Transfer topic covered only one question.
  • Only 2 questions were asked from Theory of machine and machine design.

We hope that GATE Analysis 2017 for ME will help the candidates appearing for session 2017 to prepare a strategy for their performance and preparation. Engineering Mathematics and General Aptitude needs more practice as it contains 30% weightage in the exam.

After GATE 2017?

  • After the conclusion of the exam, the conducting authority will publish GATE 2017 Answer Key. It will include the solutions of the questions asked in the exam.
  • The GATE Result will be announced on March 27, 2017, at 05:00 pm, along with the score card.
  • After the result will be announced, the qualified candidates can apply for PSU Recruitment through GATE 2017.

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