GATE 2017 ME Analysis by The GATE Academy


GATE 2017 ME Analysis by The GATE AcademyGATE 2017 ME Analysis by The GATE AcademyThe GATE 2017 session 1 and 2 exam for Mechanical Engineering (ME) has concluded on February 04, 2017. The candidates can check the review of the exam by the Gate Academy on this page. It will help the candidates by providing an idea of the difficulty level, exam pattern, weightage of marks for particular topics, a number of questions and overall feedback of the paper. The questions were moderate and were based on basic concept. The higher weightage was given to SOM, MPE and FE. The candidates can check the GATE 2017 ME Analysis by The GATE Academy from the article below.


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GATE 2017 ME Analysis by The GATE Academy for Session 2

The exam analysis for ME Session 2, by the GATE Academy is as mentioned below. 

SUBJECT Ques No Topic Level
SOM Marks:5 Marks:3 Maximum shear stress, Fatigue loading,Thermal stresses, Bending moment, Easy
TOM&Vibration Marks:2 Marks:5 Vibrations, Easy
TD+ Applied TD Marks:2 Marks:4 Psychometric, Moderate
MPE Marks:4 Marks:4 Material science, Forming, USM,Crystal structures, Metal cutting, Tool life, Easy,Moderate
FM Marks:4 Marks:3 Divergence, Stability of floating Body,Fluid kinetics,Turbines Easy,Moderate
HT Marks:2 Marks:2 Radiation, Fins, Unsteady state heat conduction Easy,Moderate
Machine Design Marks:0 Marks:2  – Easy,Moderate
Industrial Engg Marks:2 Marks:3 Queuing theory, Standard deviation Moderate
Engineering Mechanics Marks:0 Marks:0 –  N.A
Engineering Mathematics Marks:4 Marks:4 Mode,Probability, Moderate
GA Marks:5 Marks:5  – Tough
Total 65   100


GATE 2017 ME Analysis by The GATE Academy for Session 1

The candidates planning to appear for GATE ME in future can check the Analysis of GATE 2017 ME Session 1 by GATE Academy.

  • The questions from engineering mechanics were tough enough compared to the last year.
  • An unexpected surprise were the questions from general aptitude. It was more tougher in contract with the previous year.
  • Questions from MPE, SOM and FE were given higher weightage.
  • The questions from engineering mathematics were comparatively high and the section was moderate.
  • The expert from The GATE Academy shared that the majority of the questions were directly based on the simple concept.

In the table below, the candidates can check the analysis of GATE 2017 session for ME. The number of questions asked from each subject, topics covered in each subject, the difficulty level and the overall exam analysis is provided.

Subject No. of Questions Topic Level of exam
Engineering Mathematics 5 questions – 1 marks
2 questions – 2
Diff. Eqn, Probability, Rank of the Matrix, Eigenvalues Moderate
Machine Design 2 questions – 1 marks
1 question – 2 marks
S-N Curve, Theories of Failure Easy, Moderate
TOM & Vibration 1 questions – 1 marks
3 questions – 2 marks
Natural Frequency, Dynamics of Slider Crank Mechanism, Epicyclic Gear Trains Easy
TD+Applied TD 1 questions – 1 marks
4 questions – 2 marks
Brayton Cycle, Entropy Moderate
SOM 4 questions – 1 marks
3 questions – 2 marks
Poisson’s Ratio, Columns Easy
MPE 5 questions – 1 marks
6 questions – 2 marks
Slab Milling, non traditional machining, Casting, Welding Easy, Moderate
Industrial Engineering 0 questions – 1 marks
2 questions – 2 marks
Scheduling Moderate
HT 1 questions – 1 marks
2 questions – 2 marks
Conduction, Heat Exchange Easy, Moderate
Engineering Mechanics 1 questions – 1 marks
2 questions – 2 marks
FM 4 questions – 1 marks
3 questions – 2 marks
Flow through Pipes, Kinematics Easy, Moderate
GA 5 questions – 1 marks
5 questions – 2
Family Relations, Grammar, Inference, Coordinate Geometry Tough


After GATE 2017?

  • The Answer Key of GATE 2017 will be published by the governing authority for the candidates to check their performance level and approximate marks in the test.
  • IIT Roorkee will announce the GATE Result on March 27, 2017, at 05:00 pm. The score card will also be available along with it.
  • The qualifiers of GATE will be eligible to apply for PSU Recruitment through GATE.