GATE 2017 – How to Start Your Preparation


GATE 2017 dates and details have been announced by IIT Roorkee, which is the organizing institute for GATE for the year 2017. The GATE 2017 exam will be held on February 4 & 5, 2017 and then again on February 11 & 12, 2016 for 23 papers out of which papers like ME, EC, CS, EE and CE will be held in multiple sessions. GATE is one of the toughest and the largest online entrance exam for post-graduation in engineering at the IITs and other CFTIs. The GATE scores are also used by many states for their PG admissions as well as some of the known private universities.

An increasing number of PSUs have been recruiting their engineering trainees on the basis of GATE scores and this trend has been picking up since 2013. Some state run PSUs have also advertised recruitment through GATE like the PSPCL, PSTCL, and BSPHCL to mention a few. The year 2016 saw the Defence organization DRDO and the Cabinet Secretariat also joining the Recruitment through GATE bandwagon.

There are six months to go for the GATE 2017 exam. It is the ideal time for the GATE aspirants to start their preparation if they have to make a mark in the scores and ranks to secure a seat in one of the prestigious IITs, IISc or a job at the leading PSUs.

We at Entrance Corner will be bringing articles that will help aspirants in their preparation for GATE 2017. We will be covering the resources that are available, books that are good to refer to and other preparation tips collected over the years from interactions with the toppers who have successfully cleared GATE in the previous years.

Latest: The GATE 2017 Application form is now available online. click here to apply

GATE 2017 Checklists:

1. GATE 2017 Syllabus:

Before starting your preparation, it is imperative that you know the GATE 2017 Syllabus thoroughly so that you know the topics you need to study. Generally it is the same syllabus that is covered in under graduation. It is important to know the GATE 2017 Syllabus so that the topics can be segregated into easy, difficult and to be learnt sections and the preparation schedule prepared accordingly.

2. Resources and Books:

There are plenty of good recommended books for GATE. Now it is highly improbable and impossible to study from them all even if a student spends day and night studying for GATE 2017. Books are available in pdf formats and there are plenty of toppers who have their own FB pages and blogs that highlight their preparation tribulations.

NPTEL is a free resource and should be used by all students. GATE preparation has been given a special mention and students can check on video lectures by Professors from IITs on all topics. There are mock tests and previous year question papers available too for GATE aspirants.

3. Sample Papers & Previous Year Question Papers:

Practice maketh a man perfect – the age old adage holds true and the more you practice, the better you are equipped to write the exam. It is not enough that you study the topics given in the GATE 2017 Syllabus. It is equally important to put them to use by answering the previous year question papers and sample papers.

How to Prepare for GATE 2017?

1. Segregation of GATE 2017 Syllabus to Modules:

Do some research and check topper interviews, previous year question papers. There are always topics that are important and must be covered at any cost by students while preparing for the GATE 2017 exam. Segregate the GATE 2017 Syllabus to Easy, Difficult and Need to be learnt modules. Learn the easy ones along with the need to be learnt ones. The difficult should be tackled once the easy ones are done.

The idea is to understand the concepts behind the topics. Rote learning will not help as GATE tests the ability of the students to adapt and apply the concepts to answer the questions. Don’t be hassled if you can’t complete the entire syllabus for GATE 2017. Rome was not built in one day either.

2. Test Yourself At Every Step And After Each Module:

After a topic is done, test yourself. The text books have exercises at the end of every chapter. Start with them. Check tests series online. Appear for them and understand how much you have grasped. Relearn the topic if you feel you have not done well. There can be no room for half-baked learning. Once you are sure that you have grasped the topic and are reasonable good with it, move forward to the next one.

3. Don’t Neglect General Aptitude and Mathematics:

These two sections of the GATE exam are relatively easy considering that most engineering students have mathematics in their engineering studies. English, Aptitude and Reasoning questions are simple and easy to crack. It is better to practice some questions and prepare for these sections as they carry a total of 30 marks and are pretty scoring. Do these well and your score has a boost.

4. Time Management:

This is one of the crucial aspects and cannot be taught. Rather each aspirant has to figure this out. Some students are good with adhering to timetables, schedule while some don’t follow a particular pattern. What matters in the end is the fact that you should be able to complete the GATE 2017 Syllabus with plenty of practice.

5. Does Coaching Help?

This is again student dependent. It is not entirely necessary and compulsory. Most toppers have studied much on their own and have enrolled themselves in test series to better and hone their preparation. Coaching does have its merits like the GATE 2017 Syllabus is presented in easy instalments of chapters with the kind of questions expected in them. The entire coaching is GATE centric.

6. Virtual Calculator

This was introduced and enforced in GATE 2016. Even if a model calculator was provided for the students to practise on, many students found it tough to adapt. This is due to the fact that students have been using the physical one all through their engineering years. The virtual one needs practice. Most toppers have used it for simple calculations and done the complex ones on the scribble pad. But this is a temporary phase. With virtual calculators being the constant fixture for many exams, it is right that students adapt to the working and use them to their benefit. Now is the time to start using one and understand its working.

GATE 2017 is a three hour exam that is pretty crucial for more than 10 lakh students who apply and appear for it. It is not easy to crack and requires good preparation. We hope that the above tips are beneficial in flagging off the start to your GATE 2017 Preparation.