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GATE 2017 EC Analysis by GATE ForumGATE 2017 EC Analysis by GATE Forum – The Analysis for GATE 2017 Electronics and Communication (EC) paper has been made available by GATE Forum. It has been provided for both, forenoon and afternoon session. From it, the candidates can check the weightage of subjects in the exam, the number of 1 and 2 marks questions asked, the type of questions in the examination, and more. Candidates can use it to evaluate their performance in the examination. Along with it, the answer key for EC paper has also been provided on this page, for further assistance. Read the article, to know more about GATE 2017 EC Analysis by GATE Forum, for Session 3 and 4.



GATE Analysis for EC by GATE Forum – Forenoon Session (3)

As per the experts, the GATE 2017 Question Paper for EC was formula based. Compared to last year, more questions were asked from Digital Circuits and Signals System. Whereas, the weightage of Communications and Electromagnetic has decreased a little. In all, the paper was moderate in difficulty and in comparison to last year, it was easier.

The subject distribution of 1 and 2 marks question is as below:

Subjects Topics 2 Marks 1 Marks Total Questions
Engineering Mathematics 5 4 9
Networks AC analysis, transient analysis, Basics of networks 2 1 3
Electronics Devices Diodes, Region of operation, diffusion and drift current 4 3 7
Analog Circuits Op-amp, Miller capacitance, Schmitt trigger 3 3 6
Digital Circuits Sequential circuits, FSM, Boolean algebra, Microprocessor (8085, instruction set) 4 3 7
Signals and Systems LTI systems, Fourier series, Continuous time Fourier transform 4 4 8
Control Systems RH criterion, steady state error, TDA, Nyquist plot, compensator 3 3 6
Communication ISI, random variables, DBCM, FSK 2 3 5
Electromagnetic Polarisation, wave equation, optical fibre, radars 3 1 4
Verbal Ability 1 3 4
Numerical Ability 4 2 6
Total 35 30 65

GATE 2017 EC Analysis by GATE Forum
– Afternoon Session (4)

The afternoon session was also more formula bases and had a moderate level of difficulty. The weightage of Networks and EMT has decreased in comparison to last year and exactly like the morning

Subjects Topics 2 Marks 1 Marks Total Questions
Engineering Mathematics 5 3 8
Networks Basics of Networks, RLC circuits, Thevenin theorem 2 2 4
Electronics Devices MOSFET, BJT, P-N junction diodes, MOS capacitor, solar cell 4 2 6
Analog Circuits MOSFET, diode circuits, BJT, voltage reference circuits 4 4 8
Digital Circuits MUX, DRAM, PMOS, full adder, PLA, FSM 3 3 6
Signals and Systems LTI systems, Sampling theorem and interpolation of signals 5 2 7
Control Systems State space analysis, compensators, transfer function, Nyquist plot, feedback control systems 2 3 5
Communication PCM, channel capacity, random process, phase modulation, amplitude modulation 3 3 6
Electromagnetics Electric and magnetic fields, VSWR, plane waves, fibre optics, wave guides 2 3 5
Verbal Ability 2 3 5
Numerical Ability 3 2 5
Total 35 30 65

GATE 2017 Answer Key for EC by GATE Forum

The GATE Forum institute has also provided the answer key for GATE 2017 ECE paper. The faculty of the institute has been covering GATE for over a decade and have in-depth knowledge about the subjects. Hence, the candidates can rely on the answer key to estimate their GATE 2017 Score. To download the answer key, candidates may click on the heading of this para. Also, to download the GATE 2017 Answer Key for more course and session – Click Here.

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