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GATE 2017 – The Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineering 2017 will be held in February on 4 & 5 as well as 11 & 12, 2016. The GATE 2017 Application Forms will be available from September 1, 2016 till October 4, 2016. The entire GATE exam process from the application form till the score card is online. Over the years, we have been receiving emails, queries, doubts over GATE application process, payment issues, admit card download, score card, result and more. 

GATE 2017 – Answers to All Your Doubts is the compilation of these doubts and queries from various students with the answers at one place for the benefit of the applicants appearing for the GATE 2017 exam. The doubts and queries have been segregated as per the stages in the GATE 2017 exam process starting with the Application Process till the Score Card.

Latest Updates: Corrections to the GATE Application Form is now available from October 17 to 27, 2016. Check the details here

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GATE 2017 Eligibility Criteria 

Question: I am doing BSc. Am I eligible?
Answer: If it is a 4 year course and research based one then yes you are eligible. Three year BSc degree is not eligible for GATE.

Question: I have done my B.Tech in Fire Engineering? Can I appear for GATE 2017?
Answer: Yes, you can. You will have to choose the GATE Paper carefully as the eligibility for M.Tech matters.

Question: My percentage in my graduation is less than 60%. Can I apply for GATE 2017?
Answer: Yes you can. There is no pass percentage restriction for GATE 2017. But the M.Tech admissions will have to looked at carefully. IISc Bangalore though offers admissions to second class grautes provided they have qualified in GATE. Similarly some other IITs also allow this.

Question: How many times can I appear for GATE?
Answer: There is no restriction on the number of attempts for GATE.

Question: Is there any age limit for GATE 2017?
Answer: No. Age Limit has not been specified by the GATE authorities.

Question: Can I apply for any paper in GATE 2017?
Answer: Yes you can but it is advisable that you appear for a paper appropriate to the discipline of your qualifying degree. The reason is that it will matter when you apply for M.Tech and the eligibility criteria of the institutions in which you may to seek admission for the same may have the restrictions.

Question: Would it be ok if I appeared for GATE 2017 in ECE or EE or ME or CS if I wanted to apply for a PSU? I have done my B.Tech is in Aerospace Engineering.
Answer: No. the PSUs specify the eligibility criteria along with the GATE Papers. Mostly the qualifying degree has to match the GATE Paper and also the post for which this is asked. Pls check the previous years PSU recruitment notices before you apply.

Question: I have a backlog in my degree? Can I still apply?
Answer: Yes you can but you must complete the backlogs by the time you seek admission if you qualify in GATE as M.Tech admissions or PSU recruitment will not be possible.

GATE 2017 Application Form 

Question: What should I upload with my GATE 2017 Application Form?

Answer: You must upload the following scanned images/documents:

  1. Photograph as per specifications
  2. Signature as per specifications
  3. Thumb Impression as per specification
  4. Eligibility Criteria Certificate
  5. SC/ST Certificate if applicable
  6. PwD (Person with Disabilities) Certificate if applicable

 GATE 2017 Eligibility Certificate – What to Upload?

Type of Candidate Eligibility Certificate to Upload
If you are a candidate pursuing your Masters/ PG You have to upload your Degree Certificate OR Provisional Degree Certificate. if you don’t have these, then upload the provisional certificate as given below.
If you have completed your Degree in 2016 or earlier You have to upload your Degree Certificate OR Provisional Degree Certificate OR course completion certificate OR membership certificate issued by the society . If you don’t have any one of these, download the provisional certificate format given below and get it signed by your Principal or HOD
If you have completed your degree in 2016 or before (but have backlog papers) You can upload 8th Semester or 7th Semester or 6th semester mark sheet OR the provisional certificate letter as given below
If you have completed your degree but don’t have the Degree certificate/provisional certificate/7th or 8th semester mark sheet Then upload your 6th semester mark sheet OR the provisional certificate letter as given below
If you are an AMIE Candidate You must upload the Marks Sheet for AMIE Section A 
If you are studying Integrated degree  Download the Provisional Certificate Letter given below, get it signed by the HOD or Principal and upload the same
If you are a Final Year student completing your degree in 2017  Then upload your 7th or 6th Semester Marks sheet Or Provisional Certificate given below
If you are a Final Year student completing your degree in 2017 but have backlogs Then upload either your 7th or 6th Semester Marks sheet Or even Provisional Certificate given below


Download the Provisional Certificate Below: Get the certificate attested by the Principal or the HOD and then upload it.

screen shot for provisional certificate format

Question: I have made a mistake in my application form. How to rectify it?

Answer: Mobile number and Email id cannot be changed after the submission of the GATE 2017 Application. Minor mistakes in Name, Parent’s name, Gen/OBC, Date of Birth, Address, Graduating Year- The facility to correct these will be provided after October 20, 2016

Question: What if I don’t have any of the Photo IDs that are mentioned in the Application Form?
Answer: You have time till October 10, 2016 to get one made. It is mandatory to apply using one these specified IDs. Your application will be rejected otherwise.

Question: For how many GATE Papers can I apply?
Answer: Only 1 paper. Candidates cannot apply for more than 1 paper.

Question: I downloaded my Confirmation Page but my photograph/signature doesn’t seem to be right.
Answer: It may be a download problem. The GATE authorities will have the correct one in their system. If it doesn’t get sorted, contact them and they will check the same. In  case your photo or signature is not proper in their database, they will contact you for corrections.

Question: I have selected a wrong paper, e.g., I have selected PH in my application and actually want to write PE. What should I do?
Answer: If you have submitted the application form and paid the fees, then you will not be allowed to change the GATE paper. However contact the authorities in case you wish to fill a new application form and apply for a new paper.

Question: My Guardian’s name is appearing as parent’s name in the application? Should I send an email for correction?
Answer: No Need to worry. The name will be recorded correctly in the database. It will be always Parent’s / Guardian’s name.

Question: The College address appears blank and wrong. Should I contact the authorities?
Answer: No need to worry. If the authorities need to contact your college, they shall ask you thee address via Email.

Payment Related Doubts:

Question: I have paid the application amount but it shows as payment not received. What should I do?
Answer: Better to pay again. The earlier amount will be refunded back to you.

Question: I seem to have paid more than once? Will I get my money back? What should I do to get it back?
Answer: You don’t have to worry. All excess payments will be refunded back after October 10, 2016.

Certificate Related Doubts:

Question: Is the category certificate required for OBC candidates?
Answer: No, it is not required during the application process.

Question: I don’t have my final year marks sheet or provisional certificate with me? I passed out in 2016. What should I upload?
Answer: Please upload the provisional certificate given above on this page after getting it signed by the Principal or HOD or the 6th Semester Marks Sheet.

Question: I am in my final year. What should I upload? The 7th Semester Marks Sheet or Certificate from Principal?
Answer: Any one will do though the 7th semester marks sheet is better if you have it. If you don’t then upload the certificate from the Principal in the format given above on this page. You can also upload the 6th semester if you don’t have the 7th semester marks sheet.

GATE 2017 Application Status  

Question: My Application status shows “Under Scrutiny”. Is that ok? How long will it take to know?
Answer: IIT Roorkee will check the applications for any discrepancies, defects in photograph and signature. So if the status shows “Under Scrutiny” it is fine. Once they clear it, it will be changed to “Successful Submission”.

Question: How will I know if there are some defects in my application form?
Answer: For defects in applications, candidates will receive a mail for the same and their status will reflect the same. Once candidates rectify it, the application will again be “Under Scrutiny” till it is cleared.

GATE 2017 Exam Centres and Zonal Centres 

Question: What are the Zonal Centres and how will I know which one I belong to?
Answer: The Zonal Centre is the IIT given the responsibility of co-ordinating with IIT Roorkee for GATE 2017 for each region as specified. The GATE 2017 Zonal Centres will be the IIT under which your exam centre will be listed.

You must approach the zonal IIT for all your queries and problems related to the Admit Card or Application Form.

Question: I wish to change my GATE Examination City? How can I do that?
Answer: Change of examination city will be allowed till November 16, 2016 through GOAPs. You may have to pay a fee of Rs. 400 online through GOAPS.

GATE 2017 Admit Card 

Question: Is it enough if I carry just the Admit Card to the exam centre?
Answer: No. It is mandatory to carry the ID proof in original that you have mentioned in your GATE 2017 Application Form otherwise you will not be allowed inside the exam centre.

Question: I have downloaded the Admit Card. I seem to find that my signature is not visible in signature box in admit card. What to do?
Answer: Call the Zonal IIT that you will fall under. Talk to them and email your admit card copy along with the confirmation page. They will set it right.

Question: Should I keep the Admit Card? Is it needed for any other purpose?
Answer: You should keep a copy of the GATE 2017 Admit Card till the admission process is over. Our advice is to keep a soft copy as GATE scores are valid for a period of three years. Moreover it may be required for counselling or during the PSU recruitment.

GATE 2017 Exam 

Question: What are the guidelines for the GATE 2017 Exam?
Answer: Please ensure that you don’t carry any electronic diary, mobile phone, and any such electronic gadgets, blank papers, clip boards and log-tables with you inside the exam hall. You will be debarred from the exam and your result will be withheld. Also the items will be confiscated by the officials and will be returned after some months after verification.

Question: Will I get a pad or something to write my calculations on in case I work out the solutions with hand?
Answer: Yes. A scribble pad will be given for use during the exam. This will have to be returned before leaving the exam hall.

Question: What about a calculator? Can I carry one of mine to the exam?
Answer: No. The GATE 2017 test has an online calculator. Therefore candidates are not allowed to bring one into the exam hall. If you carry one, you will not be allowed to appear for the exam so don’t carry one to the exam hall.

Question: Will I be allwed to leave the exam hall during the examination?
Answer: No, the candidates will only be able to leave the exam hall after the conclusion of the examination. 

Question: What items are allowed at the exam hall and will there be any arrangement for the safe keeping of my belongings?
Answer: Any item except admit card, photo id, and pen is banned and there will be no safe keeping for the belongings. Candidates will have to leave all the belongings outside the exam hall, at their own risk.

Question: What will happen if calculator, mobile phone or any such item is found in possession?
Answer: The candidate will be directly disqualified from the examination.

GATE 2017 Result 

Question: Will be result be displayed if I didn’t qualify?
Answer: Yes, you can see your GATE 2017 Result even if you don’t qualify.

Question: Should I download my GATE 2017 Result?
Answer: No. If you have not qualified, there is no use in downloading the result. If you have qualified then the score card will be available and you should download that because it will be required for admissions and such.

GATE 2017 Score Card 

Question: When will the score card be available?
Answer: The score card will be available for download from the day of the result – March 27, 2017.

Question: I can’t get my score Card? What to do?
Answer: You must not have qualified in GATE 2017. Therefore you cannot download the score card as it will not have been prepared.

Question: What is the last date for downloading the Score Card?
Answer: The last date for downloading the GATE 2017 Score Card is May 26, 2017. After that candidates can apply for the copy from IIT Roorkee on paymentt of Rs 500 till December 31, 2017. Thereafter the Score Card will not be available.

Question: Will I be at a disadvantage if I don’t download my GATE Score Card?
Answer: Yes many students have found this to their consternation. Many PSUs will advertise for GATE 2016 qualified candidates along with the 2017 qualified ones. Now to apply for these, you need the Registration No as well as the Score Card. The score card will be also required for admissions and interviews. So it is advisable to download and keep a soft copy of the GATE 2017 Score Card even if you may not feel the need for it right away.

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