GATE 2017 Analysis for EC by PrepLadder


GATE 2017 Analysis for EC by PrepLadderGATE 2017 Analysis for EC by PrepLadder: GATE 2017 has been held online on February 5, 2017, in two sessions for EC, BT, CY, EY, BT, CY, EY, PI, AE, MA, MT, PE, PH paper. The first session was from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon and the second session from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm. PrepLadder has provided the Analysis of GATE for Electronics & Communication (EC) paper mentioning different topics covered in each unit. The interested candidates can check the unit wise topics that were asked in the exam. This analysis will help the candidates to get an overall idea of the types of questions in different sections. By securing good marks in the GATE 2017 EC candidates will get admission in IITs, NITs, CFTIs and at various PSUs. To get the complete GATE 2017 Analysis by PrepLadder for EC paper read the article below.



Weightage of Topics as per GATE 2017 Analysis for EC Paper by PrepLadder

The weightage of topics in the examination was as given below:

S.NO. Topics % of Weight Age
1 Engineering Mathematics 15%
2 General Aptitude 15%
3 Communications 12 %
4 Analog Circuits 10%
5 Digital Circuits 8%
6 Control Systems 8%
7 Electromagnetics 8%
8 Networks 7%
9 Electronic Devices 7%
10 Signals & Systems 7%
11 Micro processors 3%

Unit-wise GATE 2017 Analysis for EC Paper by PrepLadder

Below are all the important topics that were covered in Electronics and Communication (EC) the question paper. For the benefit of the candidates, each unit is divided into three types of topics such as difficult topics, regular and maximum weight topics and other important topics. The GATE Analysis 2017 will help the candidates to get the overall idea of the entrance test.

Unit 1: Network Theory

Difficult topics Regular topics Other important topics
Phasor diagrams Resonance Laplace transform
Transient and SteadyState analysis of Secondorder RLC circuits Two-port Networks
Magnetic Coupledcircuits Transient Analysis of First order cicuits
Network Theorums

Unit 2: Signals & Systems

Regular topics Difficult topics Other important topics
Basics of Signals and Systems DTFT Fourier Series (Both CT and DT)
LTI Systems Convolution FFT Digital Filters
Fourier Transform Digital Filters

Unit 3: Control Systems

Regular topics Difficult topics
Signal Flow Graphs Nyquist Plots
Frequency DomainSpecifications State Variable Analysis
Bode Plots Root-Locus
Time Domain Specifications
Routh-Hurwitz Criteria

Unit 4. Digital Electronics

Regular topics Difficult topics Other important topics
Logic Gates and their CMOS Implementations Data Conversion Circuits ADCs and DACs
Boolean Algebra Counters Memories
Minimization of functions Using K-Map
Combination of Circuits

Unit 5: Electronic Devices and Circuits

Regular Topics Topics carrying Maximum Weightage Other Important Topics
PN Junction PN Junction VLSI Fabrication
SemiconductorPhysics MOSFET  
MOSFET and CMOS Semiconductors  

Unit 6: Analog Circuits

Regular topics Topics carrying maximum weightage Other important topics
DC Biasing Diode Circuits Oscillators
Op-Amp and DiodeCircuits Op-Amps Feedback Amplifiers
Small Signal Analysis ofBJT and FET BJT and FET Analysis Circuits  

Unit 7: Communications

Regular topics along with maximum weightage topics

Other topics

Digital Communications

Inter-Symbol Interference


Information Theory

Random Processes

Unit 8: Electromagnetics

Regular & topics with maximum weightage Other important topics Difficult topics
EM waves Antennas Basics of RADAR andOptical Fibres
Electrostatics   Waveguides
Transmosission Line    

Unit 9: Engineering Mathematics

Regular topics & weightage topics Other important topics
Probability And Statistics Complex Analysis
Linear Algebra  
Differential Equations  

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