FAQs on JEE Main 2017 Application Form


FAQs on JEE Main 2017 Application FormFAQs on JEE Main 2017 Application Form – The JEE Main 2017 Application Form has sprung a lot of surprises on the aspirants who will be appearing for it on April 02, 08 & 09, 2017. Filling the same has become a daunting task with a lot of doubts and questions creeping up in the mind of the candidates, like – I don’t have an Aadhaar Card so can I fill the application, my details are different in Aadhaar Card, can I fill and how, what is the state code of eligibility and more. We have compiled all the queries received from the students across the country and answered them in this article.
Latest: The JEE Main 2017 Application Dates are now extended. Candidates can apply till January 16, 2017.
Clear all your Doubts on Aadhaar Card for JEE Main 2017




Important Dates pertaining to JEE Main 2017 Application Form

S.NO. Events Dates to note
1. Availability of JEE Main Application Form December 01, 2016
2. Last Date for JEE Main Application Form extended till January 16, 2017
3. Last Date to pay application fees extended till January 17, 2017
4. Availability of Mock Test January 03, 2017
5. Download of Admit Card for JEE Main March 2nd Week, 2017
6. JEE Main 2017 due on April 02, 2017 (Offline)
April 08 and 09, 2017 (Online)

JEE Main 2017 Registration & Aadhaar Related Queries

Q: Do I need an Aadhaar Card for filling the JEE Main 2017 Application Form?

A: Yes, you cannot register for JEE Main if you don’t have an Aadhaar No. However you can apply for JEE Main 2017 till January 2, 3017 so there is plenty of time for applying and getting an Aadhaar Card. There are three means of doing this:

1. Apply for an Aadhaar Card at the nearest centre and keep the Aadhaar Enrolment No given at the time of applying safe. If your Aadhaar Card isn’t ready, you can use the 28 digit Aadhaar Enrolment No

2. CBSE Facilitation Centres: Candidates can approach these centres for applying for an Aadhaar card at no cost.

3. Registration Details: If there is no Aadhaar facility at the facilitation centres, candidates can simply submit a request for Aadhaar Enrolment and they will be issued a registration number. Enter this number and fill the application Form.

Q. I have applied for correction in Aadhaar Card but the details have not been uploaded. How should I apply now?

A: In this case, the candidate may apply by submitting the 14 digit Aadhaar Enrolment ID/UR No. (including slash) mentioned on the slip issued by the centre. 

Q: I am trying to register but it is showing Aadhaar authentication failure but the details submitted by me are correct. What can I do to correct this?

A: This means that the Biometric details in your Aadhaar Card are incorrect. Get it corrected from the centre and until then use the 14 digit Aadhaar Enrolment ID/UR No. to apply.

Q: My Aadhaar No is correct but I am unable to register. Why?

A: Check if you have entered the exact name as mentioned on the Aadhaar Card as the data will be validated with the UIDAI database.

Q: What is the State Code of Eligibility that I have to enter in the JEE Main 2017 Application Form? I am confused and I don’t want to enter it wrong.

A: Check the details of the state code of eligibility with given examples by clicking here. Or drop your details in the comment section below on this page. We will get back to you about the same.

Q: If my surname or details in the name don’t match my school records, what should I do?

A: CBSE has given two option for this

  • First is that the candidates apply for the correction in the Aadhaar Card and apply using the 14 digit Aadhaar Enrolment ID/UR No.


  • The candidates can apply with the old details and apply for the correction later on. However, in this case, the candidates will have to submit the correct details when the correction window will open.  

Q: I fall under the category of PIO/OCI/NRI and cannot fly to India to enrol for the Aadhaar Card. How should I register now?

A: Need not worry, the foreign candidates may use the Passport Number to apply.

Queries Regarding Personal Details in JEE Main 2017

Q: I belong to OBC category. Can I avail the reservations?

A: Every OBC candidate must check the OBC – NCL central list. If it is not mentioned in this list it means that it belongs to the State list. So OBC Candidates who are not in OBC – NCL central list must choose General in their category. They cannot avail any reservations. For the state admissions however, they can apply under their category and avail the reservations.

Q: I am a Foreign National/OCI/PIO and in the JEE Application Form I have to submit the Phone Number. Which number should I enter?

A: The candidates are required to enter the Phone Number of any relative residing in India.

Academic Details Queries in the JEE Main Application Form 2017

Q: I am private candidate. What shall I enter in the column against school name?

A: Please put “xxx” against the school name column. It has been mentioned by CBSE in their FAQs for students.

Q: I have passed out in 2015/2016. I have appeared for improvement in 2017. What should I fill in the academic details?

A: The candidates should select the year of passing as 2015 or 2016 and then enter the roll number for that year. The name of the board and other details must also be mentioned for that particular year only. Select ‘yes’ in the column – appearing for improvement examination. The roll number of improvement examination 2017 may be filled in the month of March at the time of downloading admit cards of JEE (Main).

Q: What is the State Code of Eligibility for the candidates who have applied for Improvement of have completed their 12th from NIOS?

A: Improvement: Candidates who have opted for Improvement in state other than from where they wrote the 12th examination, should mention the State Code of Eligibility from where they originally passed the class 12th. However, if a candidate has passed class 12th or equivalent from an institute abroad then they need to enter the State Code of Eligibility on the basis of the permanent address in India (as mentioned in Passport)

NIOS Candidates: The candidates who have passed class 12th from NIOS are required to submit the State Code of Eligibility for that state where the study Centre is located. 

Important Note: The State Code of Eligibility is not applicable for Nepal/Bhutan/OCI/PIO/Foreign 

Q: I don’t have the Class 12 Roll No as I am appearing for the exam in 2017. What should I fill?

A: Right now you can fill the JEE Main 2017 Application Form without the Class 12 Roll No. But later when you will need to download your JEE Main 2017 Admit Card, you will have to enter the Roll No as it will be verified with the respective school board and updated in the database. Also, the CBSE has specified that mentioning the Class 12th Roll Number is not mandatory to submit the application form.

Q: I have applied for improvement in 2017. When do I need to fill the Class 12 Roll No?

A: The facility will be open from the last week of May or 1st week of June, 2017. Candidates can choose which result they wish to be considered and enter the respective Roll No.

Q: What will happen if I don’t enter my Class XII Roll No before downloading the Admit Card?

A: You won’t be able to download the JEE Main 2017 Admit Card so it is imperative that you should enter the Class 12 Roll No.

Change in Language

Q: I have opted for Hindi/Gujarati language but now wish to appear for the exam in English. What should I do?

A: In this case, the candidates need not make any changes. The question paper of JEE Main for those who have opted for Hindi/Gujarati will be bilingual. Questions will be mentioned in English and the candidates may then opt for it in the desired language. 

QWhat action must be taken, if I have opted for English medium for the examination and want to appear in Hindi/Gujarati medium?

A: The correction must be made when the facility to do so will be provided. It is because the question paper will be not be bilingual for candidates who opted only for English. 

Photograph & Signature Confusion

Q: I forgot to put my name and date in my photograph, would my JEE Main 2017 Application Form be rejected?

A: No. while it is required for candidates to put their Name and Date on which the photograph is taken under the photograph, it will not be rejected if it is not there or forgotten by candidates. In such a case the form will NOT BE rejected. Even when the correction window is available, candidates don’t need to correct this mistake. They can download their Admit Card as usual.

Change in JEE Main 2017 Exam Mode or Paper

Q. I want to change the mode of my JEE Main Examination but I already submitted the application form? Can I change it and how?

A: Yes but only if you wish to change from pen and paper to computer based examination. The change will not be allowed from computer based exam to pen and paper mode.

Q: I wish to appear for Paper-2 as well but forgot to opt for it during the form filling. Can I opt for it now?

A: Yes, when the correction window will open, the candidates will be able to add a Paper. However, they will be required pay the application fee for the same. 

Q: I want to opt for B.Tech JEE Main Paper but by mistake I opted for JEE Main Paper 2, which is B.Arch. How do I correct it now?

A: The correction window will open in January, 2017, probably a week after January 02, 2017. Then, they candidates will be able to switch from Paper 1 to Paper 2 or from Paper 2 to Paper 1. 

JEE Main Application Fees FAQs

Q: How will I know if the fee I paid has been accepted and my application is registered?

A: Check the fee status after payment is made. If it shows ok, download the Acknowledgement and save it. Keep it for your future reference.

Q: I paid the fee online. I think it hasn’t taken it as the status doesn’t show ok. What shall I do?

A: In case the payment status doesn’t show “OK” then the payment has failed. Then you must pay again. The amount paid earlier will be refunded within 7 to 10 days. However, if the fee is paid via e-challan and the confirmation status does not appear on the website then the candidates must contact the concerned bank/branch for updation of fee. Yet, if the challan is not updated until the lapse of the deadline then the candidates must send a copy of the remitted e-challan, at jeemain@nic.in.

Corrections in the JEE Main 2017 Application Form

Q: I paid by E-Challan. When will I know whether the fees are updated?

A: It will be confirmed by the bank and the status will be changed to “OK”. Therefore, it is advisable to wait for a day and then login to check the payment status. If it is “OK”, download the Acknowledgement and save it. Keep it for your future reference.

If the status is not “Ok” within a day or two, then contact the bank branch for updation. You can also scan and send the copy of the e-challan through email to jeemain@nic.in.

Corrections in the JEE Main 2017 Application Form

Q: Will CBSE allow for corrections of details in the JEE Main Application? When can I avail this facility if it is provided?

A: CBSE generally allows a correction window the dates of which are not yet known. The offical status on this mentions, “a chance may be given to the candidates to correct/modify some of the particular(s) of the application form online only, with valid reason(s), after one week of closing date”.  Only candidates who have paid the fee and completed all the steps of online application form of JEE Main 2017 will be allowed to modify the details. Therefore the correction window may be available in the second week of January 2017 , a week after January 2, 2017 which is the last date for the JEE Main 2017 Application Form.

Q: Will I be able to change the exam mode?

A: Yes, but the correction will only be allowed if the candidates change the mode of exam from Pen and Paper to Computer Based, not vise-versa.

Q: What can be modified when the correction window is opened?

A: The candidates will be able to modify all the details, including the exam city, Paper 2 to Paper 1 (vise-versa), or select both the Papers. However, candidates will only be able to make corrections if they pay the Application Fee if needed. Candidates who opt for another Paper in addition the one chose need to pay the additional balance fee as the case may be.

Other Queries Regarding JEE Main 2017 Application Form

Q: What should be done if someone has submitted more than one application form?

A: In this case, the candidates are required to send an e-mail to jeemain@nic.in. In it, candidates must state the matter clearly with mention of the application number for both the applications. 


We shall be updating the queries as and when they come from students. Let us know if you have a problem with filling the JEE Main 2017 Application Form by dropping your comments below on this page in the comments section. We shall get back with the answers.