Expert tips to crack JEE Main 2017 by Triumph Academy


Expert tips to crack JEE Main 2017 by Triumph AcademyAs there are only a few days left for JEE Main 2017, all the aspirants are gearing up their pace for the biggest engineering test – Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main scheduled to be held on April 2, 8 and 9, 2017. These last few days of preparation for this highly competitive exam, JEE Main 2017 are filled with anxiety, nervousness, sleepless nights and more other thoughts that keep on hovering around the student’s minds. To lessen their stress and to know some of the important tips to crack JEE Main 2017, we at Entrance Corner spoke to Mr. Aashish Chaturvedi, founder of Triumph Academy. Mr. Chaturvedi has provided his expert tips to prepare for JEE Main 2017 in the last days and keep their motivation level up. We hope these JEE Main preparation tips by Mr. Aashish, who is a pass out of IIT Delhi (B.Tech) having an experience of 13 years of teaching in Mathematics will prove beneficial for the candidates aspiring to crack JEE Main 2017. 

Entrance CornerHow should the candidates prepare for JEE Main 2017 in these last days?

Aashish Chaturvedi – I would suggest them to summarise the topics based on each chapter of PCM. They should take at least one mock test paper based on the full syllabus of JEE Main daily and simultaneously revise for each of the subjects Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

Entrance CornerCan you please provide detailed preparation tips for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics?
Aashish Chaturvedi – JEE Main 2017 paper is exactly same as Class 12th board examination. It needs preparation from the beginning. It is more or less like a pattern based examination. All the topics are important to prepare for JEE Main 2017.

Entrance CornerSince CBSE will not be considering class 12 marks this year. How do you think this will impact JEE Main 2017?
Aashish Chaturvedi I don’t think it will impact much on JEE Main 2017. For example, JEE Main 2017 question paper will comprise of 360 marks in total. So if a student scores 100 marks in total than in the general category he can easily qualify for JEE Advanced 2017.

Entrance CornerWe have observed that the cutoff for general category candidates has been declining in the past few years, do you think the same trend is expected to be followed this year too?
Aashish ChaturvediAs the number of eligible students appearing in JEE Advanced 2017 has been increasing from the last few years, this is one of the major reasons why cutoff of JEE Main 2017 is decreasing. We can expect that the cutoff of JEE Main 2017 will also decline but majorly it will depend on the difficulty level of the paper. If the difficulty level remains similar to last year than the cutoff of JEE Main 2017 will slightly decrease or remain same. However, if the exam will be easy then the cutoff is expected to go up.

Entrance CornerHow can candidates effectively manage 3 hour duration so that they can complete the paper within allotted time?
Aashish Chaturvedi Each of the paper should be given at least one hour. If the student finishes Chemistry in less than an hour, he/she can give more time to Physics and Mathematics. But they should try to give equal time to all the 3 subjects, which will be beneficial for the candidates in scoring better marks in the entrance test.

Entrance Corner How should the student’s choose the right questions for answering?
Aashish ChaturvediThe candidates are advised to approach the questions only when they confident enough in answering the question. If the candidates have some self-doubts or not sure about it then they should leave out the question and move further without wasting time.

The students should aim for attempting at least 15 to 20 questions when not sure about the answers being correct There is no use of attempting all the 30 questions and getting awarded with negative marking.

Entrance CornerAICTE has recently passed a regulation for conducting a single engineering entrance exam from next year. What are your views on this decision?
Aashish Chaturvedi – Yes, it is a good step taken by the Government. This will be helpful for the candidates as it will lessen their burden of preparation for various exams. They will only need to prepare for a single entrance exam for which they can start preparing along with their class XII board preparation.

Entrance Corner According to you, what will be a good attempt to get out of 360? What can be the expected JEE Main 2017 cutoff?
Aashish ChaturvediAnybody getting more than 180 marks in General Category will easily be able to get admission into NITs. Sample Papers of JEE Main 2017 and JEE Main Mock Test 2017 will help the candidates to get a good score out of 360.

Entrance Corner – How should they analyse the JEE Main 2017 Mock Test?
Aashish Chaturvedi While taking the Mock Test, if the candidates are not able to answer all the 30 questions within 3 hours, they should analyse it afterwards to know where they went wrong. They must solve each and every question after taking the Mock Test to ensure that they will be able to perform better in the next mock test.

The candidates should appear for the mock test on the time similar to that of JEE Main 2017. This will help them in synchronising their body clock with the timing of the exam and it will be beneficial on the exam day. Examining the mocks are more important than writing them. I would advise the students to invest time in analysing the mocks and work more on their weaker areas.

Entrance Corner – Any advice to the JEE Main 2017 aspirants?
Aashish ChaturvediAs there are only a few weeks left for the entrance test, the candidates should now prepare themselves mentally for it. They should sleep and eat well. The students should not stress themselves and must try to focus on preparing and cracking JEE Main 2017.

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