COMEDK UGET 2017 Mock Test


COMEDK UGET 2017 Mock TestCOMEDK UGET 2017 Mock Test: Candidates preparing for COMEDK 2017 scheduled to be held on May 14, 2017, in the online mode, must practice Mock Test of COMEDK UGET 2017. The mock test has been made available on February 20, 2017, and candidates must take the test to prepare more efficiently for the exam. It will make them familiar with the Computer Based test (CBT) mode, the exam pattern and the overall difficulty level of the entrance test. Along with it, candidates will also learn to manage their time while solving the questions. As the COMEDK UGET Mock Test 2017 is similar to the actual test, candidates will get a prior experience of the entrance test. Taking the Mock Test 2017 of COMEDK UGET will also make students aware of their shortcomings which they can overcome with regular practice. Candidates can take the mock test below. Check instructions and benefits of taking COMEDK UGET 2017 Mock Test from the article given on this page.


Each section in the Mock Test of COMEDK UGET 2017 will contain 15 questions. The total duration for Physics and Chemistry section is 30 minutes whereas, for the mathematics section, 15 minutes will be allotted to the candidates to solve all the questions.



How to take COMEDK UGET 2017 Mock Test?

To take the mock test of COMEDK UGET 2017, candidates have to follow the instructions given below:

  • Click on the tab ‘Physics and Chemistry’ or ‘Mathematics’
  • Click on the ‘Sign In’ button.
  • Read all the instructions displayed on the page carefully and then click on the ‘Next’ button.
  • Read and accept the declaration mentioned below on the page.
  • Click on ‘I am ready to begin’
  • The questions along with the given options will be displayed on the screen.
  • Candidates can now begin taking the mock test.

COMEDK UGET 2017 Mock Test Available(Phy & Che) – Practice Online
COMEDK UGET 2017 Mock Test Available(Maths)Practice Online

Important Instructions related to COMEDK UGET 2017 Mock Test

Before taking the Mock Test of COMEDK UGET, candidates must keep a note of the following instructions:

  • Candidates have to take the mock test separately for Physics & Chemistry and for Mathematics.
  • The Mock Test for the Mathematics paper will be of a duration of 15 minutes. On the other hand, the Physics and Chemistry sections will collectively be of 30 minutes.
  • The countdown timer will be displayed in the top right corner of the screen. The examination will end by itself once the timer reaches to zero.
  • The marking scheme of the mock test will be similar to the allotment of the marks as per the Exam Pattern of COMEDK UGET 2017.
  • After submitting the responses to all the questions, candidates will be asked to fill up the feedback form.

How to navigate through Questions in COMEDK UGET 2017 Mock Test?

Candidates have to follow the steps given below to move through questions while taking the COMEDK UGET 2017 Mock Test:

  • Candidates have to click on the question number displayed on the right side of the screen to directly go to the question number.
  • After answering a question, candidates have to click on the ‘Save & Next’ button to save the current response before going to the next question.
  • If the candidates are not sure about a particular response, they have to click on the ‘Mark for Review & Next’ button.

How to navigate through different Sections in COMEDK UGET 2017 Mock Test?

Candidates while taking the mock test for the Chemistry and Physics paper have to take the following steps to navigate from one section to another:

  • The sections will appear on the top bar of the screen. Candidates have to click on the section name to view the questions.
  • The section that the candidates are currently viewing will be highlighted.
  • After finishing all the questions in a section, candidates will automatically be taken to the first question of the next section.
  • Candidates will have the liberty to shuffle between sections and questions anytime while taking the mock test.
  • The summary of the corresponding section summary can be viewed as a part of the legend that appears in every section of the question palette.

Question Status in COMEDK UGET 2017 Mock Test

On the question palette displayed on the right side of the screen, candidates will be able to see the status of each of the questions. The status will be displayed with different symbols as shown in the table given below:

Colour Palette in COMEDK UGET Mock Test Status of Question
 3mock The green color signifies that the question has been answered.
 2mock This symbol denotes that the question has not been answered.
 mock1 It means that the candidate has not visited the question yet.
 mock-4 This symbol signifies that the question has not been answered but have been marked for review
 5mock This symbol means that the candidates have answered the question but they are unsure and have marked it for review

Benefits of COMEDK UGET 2017 Mock Test

  • Candidates will get acquainted with the complexity of the Computer Based Test (CBT).
  • Candidates will be able to figure their weaknesses and with regular practice, they can overcome shortcomings.
  • As the COMEDK UGET 2017 will be time bound, candidates will learn how to use their time efficiently so that they can finish the paper within the allotted time.
  • The Mock Test of COMEDK UGET will help candidates to understand the COMEDK UGET exam pattern.
  • Candidates will get an experience of the CBT mode of exam well in advance.

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