Clear your Doubts on Aadhaar Card for JEE Main 2017


Clear your Doubts on Aadhaar Card for JEE Main 2017

CBSE has released the FAQs on Aadhaar Card with the answers to all the queries and doubts of various applicants who are appearing for the JEE Main 2017. The candidates can also clear their doubts on the JEE Main application form and other related queries on Aadhaar Card. After CBSE has announced that Aadhaar Card will be required to fill the JEE Main 2017 Application Form, numerous questions are cropping up in the minds of all the JEE applicants. The JEE Main 2017 Application form has been available online from December 01, 2016. We at Entrance Corner have been receiving numerous queries from worried students about corrections in the Aadhaar Card details, new Aadhaar Card, CBSE facilitation centres and more. This article is a compilation of all doubts that have been raised by many students with clear answers to the same. If you find that a query has not been answered here, please write to us and we will get back with the answers. 



Latest: The JEE Main 2017 application Form dates are extended till January 16, 2017.
Check FAQs on JEE Main 2017 Application Form

Some clarifications about the Aadhaar Card before we answer the queries:

  • The Aadhaar Number mentioned on the Aadhaar Card is mandatory to apply for JEE Main 2017.  so it is mandatory to have an Aadhaar Card.  
  • The Aadhaar No is the identity factor which is used to store the details of the person issued the Aadhaar Number. Once issued, the Aadhaar Number will be constant for that person. Changes can be made in address if there is a shift in address. Corrections can be made in Date of birth or Name but the Aadhaar number will remain the same once it is issued even after corrections, change of address. However during updation of any information, correction, applicants will be issued a Unique Update Request Number also called as UR No. till the verification is done and updated, candidates must use this number.
  • If you do not have an Aadhaar Card, you must apply for a new one at the nearest Aadhaar Centre in your city or town. As soon as you apply for a new Aadhaar Card, you will be issued a receipt which mentions the 28 digit Aadhaar Enrolment No.  The actual Aadhaar Number will be issued once the verification of the documents and details are done. Use the Aadhaar Enrolment number to fill the JEE Main 2017 Application Form.
  • For states having no Aadhaar Card like Assam, Meghalaya and Jammu & Kashmir, students can use their bank account number, ration card number, passport number or the voter ID number etc – any Govt validated identity number to apply for JEE Main 2017.
  • If you don’t have an Aadhaar Centre nearby, check the list of CBSE facilitation centres for JEE Main 2017. Click here for the list. Go to these centres and ask to enrol for the Aadhaar Card. Use the enrolment number issued to apply.
  • Supposing the CBSE facilitation centre doesn’t have the facility for the Aadhaar Card, no worries. Give a written request to the centre and they will issue a registration number which should be used to fill the JEE Main 2017 Application Form.

What is checked at the time of JEE Main 2017 Registration?

  • Well, the Identity you use like the Aadhaar number or enrolment number should be correct. 
  • Then the name you enter must match that of the Aadhaar Card details as the system checks for that. 

FAQs about the Aadhaar Card for JEE Main 2017 Application Form!

Q 1. Can I apply for JEE Main 2017 if I do not possess an Aadhaar Card?

A. No, you can’t.  But you should apply for a new one in the nearest Aadhaar Enrolment centre in your city or town. If you don’t have any such centre, check the list of CBSE Aadhaar Facilitation Centres and go there. Make sure the details are matching the school records when filling the Aadhaar Card form. They will issue a 28 digit enrolment number. use that to apply for JEE Main. If the centre doesnt have the Aadhaar facility, then give them a written request. make sure you take a copy of the same and get that signed by them. They will issue a registration number after you submit the request. Use this registration number to fill the JEE Main application form.

If you belong to Assam, Meghalaya or J&K, you don’t need an Aadhaar Number. You can use your bank account number or your passport number or your ration card number. If you are above 18 and have a voter ID, you can use the number to apply for JEE Main exam.  In case you don’t have any, we would advise to open a bank account as that will be the easiest to do under the circumstances and the account number will be given within a week to 10 days.

Q 2. What is Aadhaar Enrollment Number or the Registration Number and how do I get it?

A. The Aadhaar Enrollment Number is the number which is mentioned on the Aadhaar Receipt. The receipt is handed-over to a person when they apply for an new Aadhaar Card. It mentions an Aadhaar Enrolment number consisting of 28 digits and CBSE has mentioned that candidates can use that to apply for JEE Main exam.

In case candidates find that the Aadhaar enrolment facility is not available at the CBSE faciliation centres and they don’t have access to any Aadhaar Centre in their town or city, they should submit a written request at the facilitation centre. They will issued a Registration Number after submitting the written request and this can be used for JEE Main Online Registration

Q 3. I reside in the UAE and wish to apply for JEE Main 2017. I do not have an Aadhaar Card and due to internal examinations cannot even fly to enrol for it. Is there any alternative ID through which I can apply?

A. Yes, there is. Candidates falling under NRI/PIO/OCI/Foreign category can register for JEE Main 2017 using their Passport Number. However, do ensure that the details submitted in the application form are the same as mentioned in the Passport, and your school records.

Q 4. I am from Assam and I do not have a bank account. Can I use the bank account number of my parents?

A. Not unless it is a joint account and you are also one of the account holders. If the bank account has been opened only in the name of candidate’s mother or father then it cannot be used for filling the JEE Main Application Form. In this case, the candidates can either open an account, in any of the bank or use Voter ID Number, Rational Card Number, Passport Number, etc to apply. Important to note is that the voter ID is only for candidates who are 18 and above.

The bank account opening process is very easy and will not take more than a week. so we would advise to open a bank account.

Q 5. Every time I register for JEE Main, it shows that my details are invalid but I entered the correct Aadhaar Number. What should I do now?

A. This means that the you are making a mistake in the your name. If the Aadhaar Number is correct, it definitely means that the entered Name, Date of Birth or Gender is incorrect. These three details you are entering should match the details in the Aadhaar Card.

For eg. the Aadhaar Card has your name as Ananth Kumar Gupta and you are entering it as Ananth K Gupta OR you are entering your name as Mughdha G whereas the Aadhaar Card mentions it as Mughdha Ganti. Enter the name exactly as in the Aadhaar Card.

Q 6. My Name/DoB/Gender in the Aadhaar Card is wrong and due to this, I cannot register for JEE. How do I get it corrected?

A. The candidates may get it corrected from any nearest Aadhaar Centres in their town or city.  However, the correction in the Aadhaar Card can be done online only if the mobile number registered in Aadhaar is your current mobile number. You may be required to submit proof for the corrections. The list of documents is given here 

How to correct details in Aadhaar Card online ?

  • Go to URL.
  • Then click on ‘To submit your update/ correction request online please CLICK HERE’. button
  • Enter your Aadhaar Number and Captcha Code.
  • An OTP will be sent to your registered phone number.
  • Submit it and make the necessary correction

Correction of Details in Aadhaar Card in Person – Candidates who do not have the registered mobile number can opt for this method. Just visit the nearest Aadhaar Centre and get the details corrected from there after submitting the required documents.

To seek the nearest Aadhaar Centre use this URL –

How to correct the Aadhaar Card details by Post – The candidates can send across their request for change in the details along with the requisite proof of documents to any of the addresses below:

1. UIDAI, Post Box No. 10, Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh – 480001, India

2. UIDAI, Post Box No. 99, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad – 500034, India

After applying for updation, corrections, you will be issued a Updation request number. You can use the same to apply for JEE Main. Please remember to enter the slash also given in the UR No or enrolment number.

Q 7. My name in the School Records is incorrect but it is correct in the Aadhaar Card. What should I do now?
A. You can apply for correction of name in Aadhaar card and use the 14 digit Aadhaar Enrolment ID/UR No. (Including slash) printed on the slip issued by the Aadhaar centre
Use the old details to fill the JEE Main Application form; apply for corrections / updation in Aadhaar card and correct the details in the application when the correction window for JEE Main is available.

Q 8. In my Aadhaar Card, the surname is mentioned before my name but in the school record it is mentioned correctly. Will it create a problem while registering for JEE Main? If it will, what should I do to correct it?

A. It shouldn’t create any problem as the surname never changes. When we talk about corrections, we mean spelling mistakes, missing letters or a different name altogether. In India, there are many methods to list the name. some put their surname in front and others after the name. However, we would suggest that you get the Aadhaar Card corrected as it is the one single identity document that will be used in the future for all purposes.

The process to make corrections has been explained in the answer for Question Number 6.

Q 9. If I change the name or any other details in my Aadhaar Card, will the Aadhaar Number also change?

A. No, if corrections are done in the details like name, date of birth or gender, the Aadhaar Card Number will not change. You should only get the corrections done if there is a mismatch in these details with the school records or there is a mistake in them in the Aadhaar Card.

Q 10. The address mentioned in my Aadhaar Card has few spelling mistakes and I have submitted the application form as well. Will be an issue in future?

A. There will be no issue. The CBSE criteria is that the Name, Gender, and Date of Birth of the candidates should be match with that of the School Records. However, it would be apt to get the address corrected in the Aadhaar Card as it is now an identity card that acts as residence and identity proof; so it will be useful in opening a bank account, applying for a passport and so on. 

Q.11. I am from Assam/J&K/Meghalaya and I have Aadhaar Card can I choose Examination Centres across India in JEE Main 2017?

A. Yes, you can choose any Examination Centre across India. You must ensure that your Name, Date of Birth and gender mentioned in the Online Application Form of JEE Main 2017 match with the Class X and XII Certificate/ Marksheet and Aadhaar Card details for the purpose of identity and authentication.

Q.12I have recently submitted the request for update in Aadhaar details including biometric updation and therefore am unable to apply with the updated Aadhaar Card Details

A. You have to apply for JEE Main 2017 by entering 14 Digits Aadhaar Enrolment ID/ UR No. including the slash printed on the slip issued by the Aadhaar centre after submission of the updation request.

Q.13. What are the reasons for the Failure of the Aadhaar Card authentication in the first step of JEE Main 2017 Application Form?

A. Firstly, if you have not entered the details exactly as mentioned in the Aadhaar Card than authentication may fail in the first step of the JEE Main Application Form.Therefore you must verify whether you have entered the correct details or not. Secondly, If your biometric is not updated it will fail in the step 1, you must submit a correction request at the Aadhaar Centre for biometric updation and apply for JEE Main 2017 by entering 14 digits Aadhaar Enrolment ID/UR No. including slash printed on the slip issued by Aadhaar centre after submitting updation request.

Have we missed any query or doubt? No matter. Drop them in the comments section below and be sure we will answer them. Stay updated with