BITSAT 2017 Exam Pattern


BITSAT 2017 Exam PatternBITSAT 2017 Exam Pattern provides details about the examination process and format of the question paper. It will give students insight about the mode of examination, total number of questions, marking scheme, time duration, subject-wise distribution and more. BITSAT exam pattern 2017 is decided by BITS Pilani. With the help of BITSAT 2017 exam pattern, candidates can prepare well for the entrance examination. BITSAT exam pattern gives an idea of question booklet and can prepare accordingly for BITS admission test (BITSAT) 2017. Candidates who wish to appear in the examination must be acquainted with the format of the entrance test well in advance. It will aid candidates to have clarity about the examination pattern. Interested candidates can go through the article given below on this page to know about the Exam Pattern of BITSAT 2017.



BITSAT 2017 Exam Pattern

The details of the test format of BITSAT 2017 are given below:

Mode of examination: BITSAT 2017 will be a computer based online test. The questions will appear on the screen of the computer and candidates have to answer the questions on the computer through the use of mouse or keyboard.

Total no. of Sections: The test will consist of total four sections. Questions will asked from the following sections:

  • Section I: Chemistry
  • Section II: Physics
  • Section III: Mathematics
  • Section IV: (a) English Proficiency
                       (b) Logical Reasoning

Type of Questions: The question paper will consist of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). Each question will consist of four options out of which only one response will be correct.

Total no. of Questions:

The questions in the test will be distributed among the four sections mentioned above. The number of questions in each section is as follows:

Subject No. of Questions
Chemistry 40
Physics 40
Mathematics 45
(a)English Proficiency
(b)Logical Reasoning
Total no. of Questions 150

Marking scheme: For each question, the correct answer will be allotted 3 marks. Candidates must choose their option wisely as incorrect answer will lead to the deduction of 1 mark. No marks will be awarded for questions not attempted. Candidates can skip questions if they are not sure of the answers as no there will be no penalty of marks for unanswered questions. However, as there is only one correct response for each question, candidates will not be allowed to choose more than one option.

Time Limitation: Candidates will be given a total duration of 3 hours to solve the question paper without any break. There is not limitation of time for individual sections of the question paper. Candidates can go back and forth different sections of the questions within the given duration of time.

12 Questions Set in BITSAT 2017 Exam Pattern

  • Candidates who complete the test without skipping a single question will be given an option to attempt 12 extra questions, provided there is enough time left.
  • The set of 12 questions will be from Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics only.
  • The 12 questions will be distributed among the 3 sections. There will be 4 questions from each section.
  • Once the candidates opt for the set of 12 questions, they cannot go back to the earlier answered set of 150 questions.
  • The 12 extra questions are designed for meritorious candidates giving them a chance to score higher.
  • However, negative marks will exist for every wrong answer. Therefore, candidates must attempt a question only if they are sure of the answer.

Important Features of BITSAT 2017 Exam Pattern

  • A sample test demonstrating the features of BITSAT 2017 will be made available online. Candidates who have registered to BITSAT 2017 can practice it as many times as they want.
  • BITSAT 2017 will be conducted over a period of time. Candidates will be able to choose the test centre, the day and time as per their convenience at the time of Slot Booking of BITSAT 2017.
  • It is a computer based test. Each computer will be connected to a server which will prepare and deliver the question paper to the candidate on the computer.
  • The questions in the exam will be selected randomly from a large question bank. Every candidate will be given a different set of questions.

 BITSAT 2017 Exam Pattern- Instructions

  • All the questions and instructions of the test will be written in English only.
  • Candidates should take a pen along with them for rough work, signing etc.
  • Blank sheets will be provided to the candidates for rough work, if required.
  • No candidate will be allowed to take calculators and logarithmic tables or any other personal things in the test centres.

BITSAT 2017 Admit Card

  • Candidates who successfully registers for BITSAT 2017 will be issued admit card.
  • Applicants must take the admit card along with them to the exam centre. Without it, no candidate will be allowed to enter the exam centre.
  • Web cameras and/ or closed circuit TV will be installed for security reasons at the exam centre. Activities of the candidates will be closely monitored and recorded. 

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