AP EAMCET 2017 Exam Pattern


AP EAMCET 2017 Exam PatternAP EAMCET 2017 Exam Pattern: Having knowledge about the exam pattern will help candidates to prepare well for the examination. The Exam Pattern of AP EAMCET 2017 gives information regarding various aspects of the test which is scheduled to be conducted on April 24 to 27,2017. Every student preparing for the Common Entrance Examination must know about the pattern of the test well in advance. In the article given below on this page, students can check AP EAMCET 2017 Exam Pattern such as exam mode, total number of questions, marking scheme, duration etc.

AP EAMCET 2017 Exam Pattern

Every aspirant of AP EAMCET 2017 must have an understanding of the format of the exam. It will help aspirants to figure out the level of the question paper and chart out a proper plan for the Common Entrance Test. The details of AP EAMCET 2017 Exam Pattern are as follows:

Mode of Examination: The Common Entrance Test will be held in the offline mode, i.e. it will be a pen and paper based examination.

Medium of Language: The question paper will contain questions in ‘English’ and ‘Telugu’.

Type of Questions: The paper will consist of objective type multiple choice questions. Each question will be given four options out of which only one response will be correct.

Total Number of Sections: The question paper will have questions from the following three sections:

  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Mathematics

Distribution of Questions: The paper will have a total number of 160 questions which will be divided among the three sections. The distribution of marks in each section is mentioned below:

  • Mathematics: 80
  • Physics: 40
  • Chemistry: 40

Total Marks: The paper will be of maximum 160 marks.

Marking Scheme: For every correct answer, candidates will be awarded 1 mark. There is no negative marking for incorrect answer.

Duration: The entire paper will be of a total duration of 3 hours.

AP EAMCET 2017 Syllabus

Along with the exam pattern, candidates must also be aware of the syllabus prescribed for the examination. Check the subject wise syllabus below:

Subjects Topics
Chemistry General principles of metallurgy, p-Block elements:Group-15 elements, Chemical bonding and molecular structure, Stoichiometry, p-Block elements group-14 (Carbon family), Classification of elements and periodicity in properties, Organic Chemistry- Some basic principles and techniques and hydrocarbons, Thermodynamics, Chemical equilibrium and acids-bases, States of matter: Gases and Liquids, Hydrogen and its compounds, Atomic structure, The s-Block elements (alkaline earth metals and Alkali), Solid state, Solutions, Electro chemistry and chemical kinetics (Electro chemistry), p-Block elements group- 13 (Boron Family), Surface Chemistry, Polymers, Biomolecules, Environmental Chemistry, d and f Block elements and coordinate compounds, Chemistry in everyday life, Haloalkenes and haloarenes, Organic compounds: containing nitrogen, Organic compounds containing C,H and O.
Physics Units and measurement, Physical world, Motion in a straight line, Work, energy & power, Laws of motion, Motion in a plane, Oscillations, Systems of particles and rotational motion, Mechanical properties of solids, Thermal properties of matter, Gravitation, Mechanical properties of fluids, Kinetic theory, Thermodynamics, Electromagnetic induction, Waves, Ray optics and optical instructions, Wave optics, Electrostatic potential and capacitance, Electric charges and fields, Current electricity, Magnetism and matter, Moving charges and magnetism, Alternating current, atoms, Nuclei. Semiconductor electronics materials, Dual nature of radiation and matter, devices and simple circuits, Electromagnetic waves, Communication systems.
Mathematics Trigonometry, Vector, Probability, Algebra, Coordinate geometry, Algebra, Calculus, Measures of Dispersion

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