Why I Didn’t Crack the IITJEE?


While Preparing for JEE there are some crucial points which need to be kept in mind. Here I provide you some do’s and don’ts.
I thought of posting it so that you don’t repeat the same mistakes as we all did while preparing for IITJEE.

Try To Avoid Predictions and Give Equal Importance To All The Sections:

Try your best to avoid predictions.
Dont unnecessary try to predict certain aspects of the paper.
Every thing is important in the syllabus.
Study everything possible by giving equal importance to all the chapters.
Give more weightage to the important chapters when there is less time left otherwise give equal importance to all the sections.

To Get Into IITs One Requires Concepts,Concepts and Only Concepts:

There are some students who try to cram the concepts. Concepts should not be crammed, they should be understood thoroughly.Try laying more emphasis on understanding concepts till December then practice tons of problems related to those concepts.

Try Practicing On OMR Sheet:

OMR sheets are those on which you have to mark your answers by bubbling them. I have heard some cases where the students used to top their coaching classes but somehow couldn’t clear JEE only because filling the wrong bubbles in OMR sheet.

Write As Many Mock Tests As Possible:

This is the most important thing that students should practice after completing their revisions. Try to solve as many mock tests as possible 1 or 2 months before the exam. Don’t worry about the marks. This will help you to get the feel of the exam.

If possible enroll yourself for full length mock test at any institute or you can go for Brilliants, FIIT-JEE, etc. Best is Brilliants mock test as they are of exact IIT-JEE level.

Avoid Nervousness – Make yourself mentally Strong

In order to crack JEE, you have to answer a 6 hours test. So you need to be mentally strong to avoid nervousness. To be mentally strong always practice ‘Pranayam’ (Meditation) daily. I also practiced it and I found some change in my concentration level within 1 month.

Solving NCERT Is Very  Important:

NCERT books are in great demand these days since the level of all exams is of NCERT. Many of the IITians have said that NEVER NEGLECT NCERT. NCERT chemistry is the highest recommended book for IIT-JEE and other exams.

First Solve Easy Problems Then Tougher Ones:

This is very important. If you start solving tougher problems from HC VERMA and Resnick Halliday at the start of your preparation then you will surely mess up you confidence level. So the best thing is to rise from easy to tougher level. First of all start with NCERT problems and then jump to high level books like HC Verma.

Last But Not The Least:

Please work hard towards your goal. There is no gain without pain.