Cut offs of UIET,DCET,CCET


BranchQuotaCategoryStart RankEnd Rank

This information is based on 2008 Cutoff ,we will publish the expcted cutoff of 2009 very soon

University Institute of Engineering & Technology

BEBiotechnologyAll IndiaDefence98313144036
BE+MBABiotechnologyAll IndiaDefence122104122104
BEBiotechnologyAll IndiaEWS65603180173
BEBiotechnologyAll IndiaFreedom Fighter168220168220
BEBiotechnologyAll IndiaGeneral21010124907
BE+MBABiotechnologyAll IndiaGeneral50027126690
BEBiotechnologyAll IndiaKashmiri Migrant107728107728
BEBiotechnologyAll IndiaOBC93546109462
BEBiotechnologyAll IndiaSC137056296309
BEBiotechnologyAll IndiaSingle Girl Child4509645096
BEBiotechnologyAll IndiaSports5123851238
BEComputer ScienceAll IndiaDefence2216756458
BE+MBAComputer ScienceAll IndiaDefence3040030400
BEComputer ScienceAll IndiaEWS3298254267
BEComputer ScienceAll IndiaFreedom Fighter5664561820
BEComputer ScienceAll IndiaGeneral938318908
BE+MBAComputer ScienceAll IndiaGeneral1610028333
BEComputer ScienceAll IndiaKashmiri Migrant1926519265
BEComputer ScienceAll IndiaOBC2800952163
BEComputer ScienceAll IndiaPhysically Handicapped142797142797
BEComputer ScienceAll IndiaRiot Victim138532138532
BEComputer ScienceAll IndiaSC59248176885
BE+MBAComputer ScienceAll IndiaSC74650170815
BEComputer ScienceAll IndiaSingle Girl Child1499814998
BEComputer ScienceAll IndiaSports26813192576
BE+MBAComputer ScienceAll IndiaSports9905199051
BEComputer ScienceAll IndiaST215473293906
BEElectronics and CommunicationAll IndiaDefence2598552460
BE+MBAElectronics and CommunicationAll IndiaDefence4532245322
BEElectronics and CommunicationAll IndiaEWS2316655944
BEElectronics and CommunicationAll IndiaFreedom Fighter3992440255
BEElectronics and CommunicationAll IndiaGeneral852619987
BE+MBAElectronics and CommunicationAll IndiaGeneral2360627927
BEElectronics and CommunicationAll IndiaKashmiri Migrant3507235072
BEElectronics and CommunicationAll IndiaOBC2688854650
BEElectronics and CommunicationAll IndiaPhysically Handicapped231845231845
BEElectronics and CommunicationAll IndiaRiot Victim146118146118
BEElectronics and CommunicationAll IndiaSC53044199584
BE+MBAElectronics and CommunicationAll IndiaSC124326171879
BEElectronics and CommunicationAll IndiaSingle Girl Child2090220902
BEElectronics and CommunicationAll IndiaSports54546123988
BE+MBAElectronics and CommunicationAll IndiaSports129785129785
BEElectronics and CommunicationAll IndiaST194932227449
BEElectrical and ElectronicsAll IndiaDefence6534387730
BE+MBAElectrical and ElectronicsAll IndiaDefence8173281732
BEElectrical and ElectronicsAll IndiaEWS5455495123
BEElectrical and ElectronicsAll IndiaFreedom Fighter5352053520
BEElectrical and ElectronicsAll IndiaGeneral2005840913
BE+MBAElectrical and ElectronicsAll IndiaGeneral4264149499
BEElectrical and ElectronicsAll IndiaKashmiri Migrant4781047810
BEElectrical and ElectronicsAll IndiaOBC7836793217
BEElectrical and ElectronicsAll IndiaSC148345254021
BE+MBAElectrical and ElectronicsAll IndiaSC117401258236
BEElectrical and ElectronicsAll IndiaSingle Girl Child3163531635
BEElectrical and ElectronicsAll IndiaSports38862131768
BE+MBAElectrical and ElectronicsAll IndiaSports102155102155
BEInformation TechnologyAll IndiaDefence5747597435
BE+MBAInformation TechnologyAll IndiaDefence115833115833
BEInformation TechnologyAll IndiaEWS60282110082
BEInformation TechnologyAll IndiaFreedom Fighter165615199311
BEInformation TechnologyAll IndiaGeneral1850430587
BE+MBAInformation TechnologyAll IndiaGeneral2623541848
BEInformation TechnologyAll IndiaKashmiri Migrant3161631616
BEInformation TechnologyAll IndiaOBC5506181352
BEInformation TechnologyAll IndiaSC74600304817
BE+MBAInformation TechnologyAll IndiaSC201280232502
BEInformation TechnologyAll IndiaSingle Girl Child2178921789
BEInformation TechnologyAll IndiaSports25904132217
BE+MBAInformation TechnologyAll IndiaSports187327187327
BEMechanicalAll IndiaDefence5707795360
BE+MBAMechanicalAll IndiaDefence8039680396
BEMechanicalAll IndiaEWS5758066099
BEMechanicalAll IndiaFreedom Fighter116744116744
BEMechanicalAll IndiaGeneral1393939432
BE+MBAMechanicalAll IndiaGeneral1452945824
BEMechanicalAll IndiaKashmiri Migrant4917649176
BEMechanicalAll IndiaOBC6234678336
BEMechanicalAll IndiaSC79868260206
BE+MBAMechanicalAll IndiaSC178717178717
BEMechanicalAll IndiaSingle Girl Child7914179141
BEMechanicalAll IndiaSports76504201125
BE+MBAMechanicalAll IndiaSports131425131425
BEMechanicalAll IndiaST203276250216
BE+MBAMechanicalAll IndiaST255580255580
Deptt. of Chemical Engineering & Technology
BEChemicalAll IndiaDefence3213569574
BE+MBAChemicalAll IndiaDefence8475186892
BEChemicalAll IndiaFreedom Fighter8432492897
BEChemicalAll IndiaGeneral528726825
BE+MBAChemicalAll IndiaGeneral2199346870
BEChemicalAll IndiaKashmiri Migrant3224432244
BE+MBAChemicalAll IndiaKashmiri Migrant5724057240
BEChemicalAll IndiaOBC73857106484
BEChemicalAll IndiaSC106080296536
BE+MBAChemicalAll IndiaSC154978264992
BEChemicalAll IndiaSingle Girl Child3679936799
BE+MBAChemicalAll IndiaSingle Girl Child4366643666
BEChemicalAll IndiaSports55366167612
BE+MBAChemicalAll IndiaSports100118143442
BEFood TechnologyAll IndiaDefence115216115216
BEFood TechnologyAll IndiaGeneral3169476671
BEFood TechnologyAll IndiaOBC119223119223
BEFood TechnologyAll IndiaSC220748220748
BEFood TechnologyAll IndiaSports109323109323
Swami Sarvanand Giri Panjab University Regional Center
BEComputer ScienceAll IndiaDefence102418138877
BEComputer ScienceAll IndiaEWS121484121484
BEComputer ScienceAll IndiaGeneral25532190133
BEComputer ScienceAll IndiaKashmiri Migrant152275152275
BEComputer ScienceAll IndiaSC168622300655
BEComputer ScienceAll IndiaSports105799105799
BEElectronics and CommunicationAll IndiaDefence117695126448
BEElectronics and CommunicationAll IndiaEWS141354141354
BEElectronics and CommunicationAll IndiaGeneral39046119869
BEElectronics and CommunicationAll IndiaKashmiri Migrant8761487614
BEElectronics and CommunicationAll IndiaSC201349296335
BEElectronics and CommunicationAll IndiaSingle Girl Child5158751587
BEElectrical and ElectronicsAll IndiaDefence163803163803
BEElectrical and ElectronicsAll IndiaGeneral87601144216
BEMechanicalAll IndiaGeneral56477199165
BEMechanicalAll IndiaKashmiri Migrant9689596895
BEMechanicalAll IndiaSC238986261972
Chandigarh College of Engineering & Technology
BECivilAll IndiaGeneral5528280861
BECivilAll IndiaSC152369152369
BEComputer ScienceAll IndiaGeneral2003540604
BEComputer ScienceAll IndiaPhysically Handicapped290259290259
BEComputer ScienceAll IndiaSC179281199070
BEComputer ScienceChandigarhDefence7566882433
BEComputer ScienceChandigarhFreedom Fighter105581105581
BEComputer ScienceChandigarhGeneral1890040440
BEComputer ScienceChandigarhSC62454255656
BEComputer ScienceChandigarhSports9421894218
BEElectronicsAll IndiaDefence116404116404
BEElectronicsAll IndiaGeneral3293447043
BEElectronicsAll IndiaKashmiri Migrant2808428084
BEElectronicsAll IndiaSC130923130923
BEElectronicsChandigarhFreedom Fighter9113991139
BEMechanicalAll IndiaGeneral5116553225
Discuss Your Doubts


# kumar 2013-05-09 15:24
are the ranks displayed category wise or AIR
# guudu 2009-08-14 10:22
uiet mein be+mba good or not
# kruti 2009-08-09 15:44
i have got air 18871. can i get metallurgy in PEC?
# nikkz 2009-08-04 00:50
guys chemical colg
dat is UICET
s goin v dwn

no placements at ol
# nikkz 2009-08-04 00:49
nopess preetinder ccet s better den both ymca n uiet das fr sureeee
# nikkz 2009-08-04 00:47
h3yy kk no chance f urzzzzz:sad:
# avnet 2009-07-27 09:58
kaya: no they r below compared to jec nd mit or
sgsits,davv nd many more...
they r just like sree ram jbp ....
# preetinder jeet 2009-07-26 20:48
is uiet is better then ymca plz reply frndz
# Anuj Bansal 2009-07-26 10:17
my air in eee is 30730.
2nd conseling me kya mil sakta hai uiet me B.E course m
# preetinder jeet 2009-07-26 09:44
is uiet better then ymca faridabad?????? ????
# kk 2009-07-25 11:52
my aieee AIR is 31816.
will i get it,cse or ece in uiet or ccet?
plz reply as early as possible....... ....
# kaya 2009-07-22 14:15
are uiet,uicet,ccet better than coll of mp which we get through mp-pet?????
# kaya 2009-07-22 14:14
are uiet,uicet,ccet better than coll of mp which we get through mp-pet?????
# piyush.1990 2009-07-13 12:44
can ny1 tel me the expcted cutoff of pec, ccet nd uiet 4 dis year.
# harmeet singh 2009-07-09 22:44
yar plz koi btao ki pichle saal pec ki counselling kab hui thi..agar aieee ke result ke 10 din bad hui thi to ...mza aa jayega..
kyunki iss baar kafi late hain bachhe pehle hi nit me jaa chke honge

plzz yar koi bta do ..plz plz..
# anurag kumar 2009-07-09 08:39
well as Far as rankings given by OUTLOOK/TIMDS PEC is better than DCE than NSIT than IP.
So go for PEC instead of DCE.
# paramjeet 2009-07-07 13:54
my air in aieee is 40550,can i get electronics in uiet or ccet...can any1 plz tell me is ip university better or is uiet better...and plz arrange these colleges in order of their placements-uiet ,ccet,uicet.... plz provide me wid this information as my counselling is on 12th july and i really need it....
# paramjeet 2009-07-07 13:46
my air is 40550 in aieee...can i get electronics in uiet????????plz can sum1 arrange these colleges as per the placements-uiet ,ccet nd uicet...plz help...also tell is ip university better than uiet??/plz reply my counselling is on 12 july...i really need the information...
# Ashish Kaushik 123 2009-07-05 06:49
Kindly arrange these coll. in order of preference ( in terms of B.Tech Civil )
1. Jaypee Guna
2.CCET,Punjab Univ.
3.BVP Pune
# harmeet singh 2009-07-03 15:31
sir .since ur sn has rank ,54000 sumthin .
hence ur councelling date is on d 14 th of july
and d timings are from 8 am sharp
dis round of councellling will se all
d studets os rank btw 45 to 70000
# HIMANSHU8890 2009-07-03 11:39
# kailash khurana 2009-07-01 05:02
air rank of my son is 54115 can he get in chandigarh UIET/DCET/CCET. Already applied by post but due to non available of form in delhi downloaded application form so dont know the venue of counselling & its date, can you help me out. Further is chandigarh college is good for doing this course.
# abhisht sharma 2009-06-30 07:33
uiet ya uict mein se konsa jyada better hai ......
aur intgrted mba ka kya benefit hai can anybody
please help me thanks in anticipation
# avinash thakurr 2009-06-23 20:20
;-);-);-);-);-) uiet is realy good but the package of uict=chemical= is .v.good
# pulkit 2009-06-22 09:49
what is the status of these colleges? pl inform
# soop1R 2009-06-20 06:47
kindly publish the expected cut offs for this year.
also kindly suggest if integrated MBA is a good option at uiet.
in anticipation.
# sahil negi 2009-06-15 15:16
yes UIET & UICT r good one
# g_kandoi 2009-06-11 07:50
are dese colleges gud in terms of faculty and placement..????

what r d avg. packages..?????