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Important Note:
We will not entertain following type of question:
1. Which college you can get for your rank
2. AIEEE 2nd and other round of process
3. Opening and closing rank of any College
4. College using AIEEE rank for admission
5. Top college in India
  • All the above information is already given at our home page. We will not entertain any question apart from engineering field.
  • Please try to explain your question very clearly and in short word so that we can help you in better way
  • We have answered thousand of query please search your query may be we have answered that earlier, this is the the fastest solution to get the answer 
  • Lots of information is already there own our site please check that before raising your query 
  • We will take 2-4 days to answer your queries so please keep patience we are here to help you.
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