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Jabbu Jabbu (AIR 3094)

Jabbu Jabbu (AIR 3094)

10035 + 32539 = 42574 & 42574 - 39480 = 3094
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  • Well in my opinion you should do NCERT first. After that go through previous years QP for xtra practice.
    But keep evaluating yourself at regular intervals by Mock Tests. That will help you develop speed and improve your time management skills.
    Remember you have to deliver what all you have learnt and that isn't easy. So Practice :)
    wall 1594 days ago
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  • Jabbu Jabbu (AIR 3094) replied to the topic Re: CHEM in the forums.
    The sparks produced in guns is due to the Gunpowder used there. Gunpowder consists of KNO3, Sulphur and Charcoal. Sulphur and charcoal are responsible for the bright yellow sparks.KNO3 is explosive and used to provide the bullet thrust as on heating it produces oxygen.
    wall 1859 days ago
  • Chlorine, although deactivating but is a Ortho-Para directing group and NO2 is a deactivating and meta directing group. These two groups will direct the incoming electrophile to the meta position w.r.t the Nitro group. So the overall effect will be the formation of 3,4 dichloro nitro benzene.

    In case chlorine is attached to the meta position w.r.t the Nitro group a no of products will be formed. But keeping in mind the effects of steric repulsion we can easily see which will be the major product -

    wall 1859 days ago
  • Jabbu Jabbu (AIR 3094) replied to the topic Re:Isomer in the forums.
    No it will not be an aromatic compund.

    1.) The delocalisation needs to be in the entire ring not just between 6-7 atoms of the ring.
    2.) It should follow Huckels rule of aromaticity .
    wall 1859 days ago
  • Octane no. and Cetane no are two rating systems in use that reflect the quality of the fuel. Octane no is used for gasoline whereas Cetane no is used for Diesel fuel.

    Firstly, let me tell you what is "Knocking". When fuels are ignited in the combustion engine a minor explosion takes place inside it. This explosion is known as knocking. Some fuels which knock badly may damage your engine while some are fit for use.Branched chain alkanes have the least knocking tendency and are said to be good fuels whereas straight chain alkanes knock badly and thus poor fuels.

    Octane no. of a fuel tells us about the knocking quality of the the fuel.2,2,4-trimethylpentanne (isooctane) is almost free from knocking and thus give a octane no of 100. Heptane is found to knock badly and given a octane no equal to 0. There are fuels with octane no rating greater than 100.

    There is also a proper definition of Octane no - " The Octane no of a gasoline is the %age of isooctane present in a mixture of isooctane and heptane, when the mixture has the same knocking efficiency in the engine as the gasoline under study.

    There is no need to remember the Octane no/Cetane no of all fuel but atleast you should know about Isooctane and Heptane that they have octane no ratings of 100 and 0 respectively.
    wall 1859 days ago
  • <strong>Akhand Mahalwar wrote:</strong>
    Jabbu bhai ! do u know which core branches paper are set in IES?

    They are -
    Mechanical Engineering
    Electrical Engineering
    Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
    Civil Engineering

    With most no. of seats for Civil Engineers.

    These were the four streams for which exams are conducted.However students from allied engineering branches can also appear for the exams. These students prepare the extra syllabus themselves. For example suppose you are a student or Electrical&Electronics engineering and you want to appear for IES exam. The best thing for you is to opt the Electrical engineering stream and have a look at its syllabus. Then prepare the extra topics yourselves or from a coaching institute. So people from similar streams may have to do some extra work.

    Interesting thing is that many of the posts offered have nothing to do with engineering or technical work, just official paper work.
    wall 1860 days ago
  • MA in USA or MBA in India/Abroad are good options and make a very good profile for you when done from a good college.

    ME/M.Tech in India holds the deserving value if you are a passout from the top colleges like IITs and BITS and Top NITs.You should know that MTech placements in all the college in India are lower in %age and salary as compared to BTech placements.However if both graduation and PG are done from colleges like IITs you can really fetch high salary jobs.

    Further more chances lie in the Government sector. You can go for exams like IES or IAS if you want to serve as a public servant. The engineering jobs in the PSUs in India may not be that much high paying but the facilities provided by the government are worth the job.
    wall 1860 days ago
  • ML Khanna is a good book and for beginners like you "RD Sharma Objective" can be of real use. For practice you can refer to THM or "IITJEE past year question paper series".
    wall 1861 days ago
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  • Last year, after the announcement of results of "Vacant Seat Counseling" , the final list i.e. the Waitlist was announced. People in the waitlist were positioned against a particular branch at a particular institute and were allowed to report at that institute .Seats would have been allotted to them on the basis of availability as the waitlist must have been containing more no of candidates as the no of vacant seats.

    And yeah those people who were already in ann NIT were not allowed to participate in Vacant counseling nor did they feature in the Waitlist. Expect a similar procedure form CCB this year.
    wall 1861 days ago
  • <strong>mohit wrote:</strong>
    mech at nit silchar or civil at nit silchar.Which is better in terms of future prospects ,faculty.I want to do an ms or mtech later on from abroad.ignore my interest.

    Go for Mechanical. It's an evergreen and interesting branch. Much wider scope as compared to civil.
    wall 1861 days ago
  • <strong>Vani wrote:</strong>

    1.) Which institute is a better one. MMM,Gorakhpur or KNIT, Sultanpur?
    I've got civil at KNIT (general girl candidate).
    Is MMM better than KNIT in context to the placement statistics?
    I guess so cuz last year cut-off ranks o' MMM were higher compared to that o' KNIT, the last one being BIET,Jhansi.
    But few sources say that placements aren't that good at MMM compared to KNIT.
    Is it true?

    2.) Does civil engineering work well with girls? Have heard a lot o' rumours actually. Might it have a wide scope in future? Please help me out.

    Thanks a million tons in advance.

    Go for MMM Gorakhpur. Whether it be placements or faculty or facilities MMM is better. MMM is very good n old college and amongst the most reputed ones in UP.

    Civil is a good branch and has got good scope in the PSU's. Placement in the core sector may be a little difficult but MMM gives you a good chance of being placed in IT, finance or consulting sector.

    The academic environment is very healthy and students from MMM are heard to perform well in GATE , CAT and other exams.
    wall 1862 days ago
  • <strong>Rehan : Now i am Changed wrote:</strong>
    @jabbu- dude it wud b of gr8 help if u can also help students of ec from ur IIT/NIT students encyclopedia.

    Definitely Rehan.

    I have thought of a mega project. A mega application covering most of the exams.Once i develop it i would contact EC to review it and if possible add a link here.
    wall 1862 days ago
  • It's difficult but not impossible.While preparing in a college you will face many difficulties. You need to cutoff yourself from such activities that may decelerate your studies.

    Try to get into the company of such people having the same target and go for group study.You need to focus on that proper thing only with 100% dedication and you should manage your time properly.Remember the thing you will be short for the entire year is "Time". Forget "masti" and reduce your extra curriculars.

    Academic suggestions-
    - Don not leave any topic under the coverage of JEE.
    - No need to practice extra hard questions. JEE is all about speed, accuracy and fundamentals.
    - Practice Mock Tests for JEE2011 as many as you can in exam like conditions. You and your friends may take the exam in one of your hostel rooms make the conditions more healthy.
    wall 1862 days ago
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  • Hey Viraat what's your final allotment.

    And puneet somewhere i read you got DCE or NSIT better branches? If that's so then forget "Environmental Engg" @ISM.
    wall 1869 days ago

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