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carpe diem
- 4 years ago
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  • ashburn replied to the topic Re:AIEEE 2011 Result by NAME( NAME-WISE) in the forums.
    Debjyoti Mandal wrote:
    @tarun: what programming language did u actually use???????......SQL or something??.....

    I heard the iitresults compilation was written in python, probably the same has been used here too.
    wall 1248 days ago
  • Seize the day! Carpe Diem ;)
    profile 1271 days ago
  • ashburn replied to the topic Re:2-year gap in the forums.
    @all thank you for all your replies and abhi 2-year gap may affect initial placements as some companies do not allow droppers but in the long run it is hardly going to affect you .
    wall 1274 days ago
  • ashburn created a new topic 2-year gap in the forums.
    I am, asking this on behalf of my friend who is currently studying in institute of technology, guru ghasidas university, bilaspur. he gave aieee this year and is getting nit raipur chemical in round 5. If he takes nit raipur then there will be a 2-year gap in his studies as previously he had already taken a drop. should he take it ?

    P.S. -although I strongly suggested him against going to nit now, I still would like opinion from experts here.
    wall 1274 days ago
  • ashburn replied to the topic Re:never ever compromise with branch in the forums.
    Chemical engineers have the 2nd highest average salary worldwide only next to pertroleum engineering which is prettymuch a subbranch of Chemical engg. In india 3 out of top five companies in terms of market capitalisation recruit chemical engineers namely reliance, ongc, IOCL . Only around 10000 chemical engineers graduate everyyear in india compared to lakhs of mechanical and compsci. engineers. I dont see a reason why chemical engineers would be jobless .
    wall 1275 days ago
  • friends R.G. and ashburn are now friends
  • ashburn replied to the topic Re:5th round= suicidal round in the forums.
    In raipur most probably only biotech and biomed will be left, probably few seats of mining and metallurgy.
    wall 1276 days ago
  • ashburn replied to the topic Re:My mistake in AIEEE-- One ques. matters... in the forums.
    Anurag Pushpam wrote:
    there was a question in AIEEE which was earlier asked in IIT JEEit was to find Bond moment....i did not even solved it as it knew its answer..2.82but in omr i darkened 1.82which meant .. i had lost 5 marks....my presnt marks.--163if that ques was not wrong then--168 marks.. which meant i had got 21000 ....at this rank i was admitted to NIT P in third round.. this shows how even one silly mistake can ruin ur career....so for aieee 2012 aspirants:: be careful in coloring OMR sheet

    Now do you you seriously think that a three hour exam can make or break your career? Or do you think that if you had got nitp your life would have been set. bro, its nothing like that. you would still have to work hard as you have to now. please stop having fetishes about these so called institutes of national importance and move on with your life. focus more on choosing your branch rather than your college.
    wall 1276 days ago
  • ashburn replied to the topic Re:nit rourkela in the forums.
    faculty and researchwise rourkela is among the top 5 nits. that is the reason why it was able to introduce so many dual degree and phd programmes on the lines of iits while most of the nits havent been able to do so.
    wall 1281 days ago
  • ashburn replied to the topic Re:nit rourkela in the forums.
    if you dont have any branch preference then take nit rourkela, its the better college among the two.
    wall 1282 days ago
  • ashburn replied to the topic Re:need some help in the forums.
    If you are sure of doing mba then you must go for the college, whichever you think would give the best environment. But beware since iims are nowadays prefering students with some work experience and in future they might make it compulsory so choose a branch accordingly so that you wouldnt mind working in that field for few years.
    wall 1286 days ago
  • ashburn replied to the topic Re:top engineering colleges in east zone 2011 in the forums.
    nit rourkela should be above both jamshedpur and durgapur and iit bbsr should not be there in the ranking as it cannot be called a fully fledged college right now
    wall 1306 days ago
  • ashburn replied to the topic Re: WHAT IS SRMEEE in the forums.
    i am not here to start another fight but it seems a lot of things have to be clarified here.

    ok, first things first. we all know that the education scenario in india is pretty sad. but government of india and several corporate houses have initiated several steps to improve the situation. even foreign universities are interested to setup their colleges in india.

    take a look:


    and talking about setting up world class universities, look here the video of proposed vedanta university



    even government has proposed upgradation of 9 universities which would be given navratna status and would compete with ivy league

    now coming back to issue students going to foreign countries for studying, one would definitely realise that gone are those days when there used to be a large gap of oppurtunities between india and western countries. now that gap has pretty much bridged.
    finally i would only say that engineers, doctors and scientists have been mostly thankless to this country. i mean look at isro. it hasnt had a single iitian since 1985. yet it has developed so much that students now crave to work for it. i mean just look at the no. of candidates that gave isat.
    wall 1550 days ago
  • carpe diem
    profile 1552 days ago
  • ashburn replied to the topic Re:partial drop in the forums.
    are bhaiyon yeah kya chal raha hai.........maine question entrance exams ke relation mein pucha tha aur yahan to placements ki baatein chal rahi hain. btw after studying for about 2 mts in a state govt college, i have come to know the fact that atleast 80% students of our batch are intending to do pg after ug.........so placements dont matter these days where almost everyone is going for post graduation. just enjoy your college life
    wall 1552 days ago
  • ashburn replied to the topic Re:aieee 3 tim in the forums.
    dude, in aieee chemistry plays a key role in determining your score........for ex one of my friends who had only attempted chemistry and physics portion scored around 200 while i was stuck in those long maths questions...........make sure tht your chemistry is strong as it is the most scoring of the three
    wall 1553 days ago
  • ashburn created a new topic partial drop in the forums.
    i am a partial dropper who has currently taken admn in a state govt. college but i want to give aieee next year. the thing is that college studies are taking me over the board and i am hardly getting anyy time for aieee studies...........i mean the kind of time required for detailed studies and solving all the questions of a particular topic.......so i am asking here if from anywhere i could get assignment sheets for particular topic having about 20-25 questions for whole chapter as i am having enough books and study mats with myself but they all have about 100-200 questions ?
    wall 1554 days ago


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