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  • Pinky created a new topic IIT Maths by M.L.Khanna or anyother book ? in the forums.
    I am in XI and would like to know which is the good book for IIT JEE maths. I am planning to buy IIT Maths by M.L.Khanna. pls let me know if this is a good book or anyother book i shd look at?

    wall 1898 days ago
  • Pinky created a new topic Which is good for correspondence course for IITJEE in the forums.

    I am a XI student of FIITJEE. Can any one tell which is the best correspondece course that will suit me for theory and concepts.
    I am happy with FIITJEE problems and questions but feel little bit lacking in study material for thery and concepts. May be its early also for me to draw some conclusions. I am considering Narayana, BT, Vidyamandir,resonance corresponcence.

    someone suggested me to go for reference books instead, if so can anyone tell me which are the best reference books for IIT JEE 2012? I already have H.C V vol 1 and phy chem by OP Tandon.

    Can any one suggest me as i am in total confusion....

    wall 1911 days ago
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  • Pinky replied to the topic Re:70% weight to CLASS 12 marks in IIT ENTRY ?? in the forums.
    How they will implement this? Every state has there own board. For ex: I am from Andhra we have inter board, there are so many state boards, CBSE, ICSE etc etc... first all these things should come on to common platform. Already andhra board has opposed to change to common syllabus!! There will be similarly other states who will oppose. By the time all these things come on to common platform... Kapil sibal will be out of this government ( i mean his term will come to end.... )

    Kapil sir... let there be clarity is first place and all your decisions have already started failing.....
    wall 1927 days ago
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  • Pinky replied to the topic Re:253....shud i fill d form in the forums.
    n if u fill... let us know the final result also so that it can be a guidence for juniors like us.
    wall 1931 days ago
  • Pinky replied to the topic Re:Narayana or FIITJEE in Hyderabad in the forums.
    ashnul: Thanks for telling abt fiitjee... do they give solutions to workbooks? i met one senior in fiitjee and she says they will not bother if you do or not do workbooks. only phase 1 they bother and then it will all be light.... is it true?
    wall 1931 days ago
  • Pinky replied to the topic Re:Are d subjective ones goin to start again from2011 in the forums.
    I dont think so....
    wall 1931 days ago
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  • Pinky replied to the topic Re:Narayana or FIITJEE in Hyderabad in the forums.
    Based on your guys feedback i have been to fiitjee once again and found interesting.

    ashnul: They said they will conduct some phase test and based on that they will make the top batches. What are these phase tests? will they test in what ever they teach? or is it that we need to prepare from other sources too like reading apart from what is taught in fiitjee? Pls tell me how to get into top bacth your tips and advises. Also pls let me know if i be good only at Fiitjee material and take
    all notes,phase tests, aits seriously will that be sufficient to fact IIT JEE 2012? or do you advise reference books or tutorials apart from fiitjee also.

    Vishnu: Thanks a lot.. i too felt the same whenever i met Narayana guys. There is more driling than concepts. But not able to understand if one has to crack IIT they shd undergo this kind of drilling that Narayana makes or understand the concepts which are given importance at Fiitjee. At the end of the day atleast in IITJEE2010 narayana formula worked better but it may not work out always.

    wall 1933 days ago
  • Pinky replied to the topic Re:Narayana or FIITJEE in Hyderabad in the forums.
    Hello friends.....None of you recommended Narayana......They have offered me seat in Narayana IIT Academy in Bowenpally branch.
    I really do not know much about that branch. Thanks ashnul, vishnu, sreejit for your comments. Ashnul dont worry being in top batch at FIITJEE you will make big anyhow in life if not through IIT JEE 2010 .

    Ashnul: How tough is it to make it to top batches in FIITJEE? I understand from some people that all the people who join FIITJEE are some toppers in their respective School Xth boards. Is this true? Also when compared to Narayana their timings looks to be very less.
    Will they be able to complete syllabus and cope up with institutes like narayna and chaitanya.

    Vishnu: One more thing confusing with narayana is they have different batches, Spark, IC. CO batches. Timing is from 7:00Am to 7:00Pm. As you rightly said there is a chase from narayana and chaitanya to join their college.

    wall 1934 days ago
  • Pinky created a new topic Narayana or FIITJEE in Hyderabad in the forums.

    I am yet to join 11th. I finished 10th with >95% overall and 100% in Maths & science
    Little bit confused where to join? Can any one suggest on Narayana and FIITJEE
    in Hyderabad?

    thanks in advance
    wall 1934 days ago


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