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- 2 years ago
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  • hbti chemical is good and mmm cs n me is also good...now its your choice..
    wall 491 days ago
  • Lol..there is nothing like "i am praising iet becoz i m from lucknow!"..one of my friends relative is teacher there in hbti (deepesh sir)...he told me all about the play behind the curtain. and FYI i hv mentioned AVG. package not the highest or the lowest one.
    wall 492 days ago
  • @pojaa- iet me>it>ei > hbti oil,paint

    package in hbti of point oil or leather around 3.5 lpa


    @s kaira- go for srm chennai aerospace otherwise go   for thapar 


    @Kanupriya-galgotia ,abes mt & ic branch in jss(if u want tag of jss) rkgit,kiet etc


    @Aakash-yes, u may get jss noida, galgotia's , AKG,abes or any other good college but lower branches like MT or IC


    @Ankit Srivastava-bbdnitm,srmcem,iec gr.noida .(i suggest u to drop )


    @kshitiz mishra -if u r general then bbd,rkgit,srmcem, abes, iec gr noida, etc

    wall 499 days ago
  • Divyanshu Gupta replied to the topic Re: please compare...??? :'( in the forums.
    Jss much better that jk allahabad ..
    wall 838 days ago
  • Divyanshu Gupta replied to the topic Re: JAYPEE vs LNMIIT in the forums.
    +ves of lnmiit over jaypee..

    1-better environment
    2-good teachers
    3- good packages both in quantity and quality.

    avg. placement of jaypee noida in only around 3.25 :p ..the only good point about jaypee is their infra...and nothing....

    must see this ! http://www.collegekhabar.com/news1034.htm
    wall 838 days ago
  • Divyanshu Gupta created a new topic Share ur Counselling Result .!! in the forums.
    Introduce Yourself..and alloted college..:)
    wall 838 days ago
  • Divyanshu Gupta replied to the topic Re: help :) in the forums.
    better that previous one
    wall 840 days ago
  • @prachi-amity>sri rammurti>ipec>uit>dit
    wall 848 days ago
  • no...u can get kiet through aieee rank
    wall 858 days ago
  • prefer IET mechanical>civil>chemical....don't take ei
    wall 869 days ago
  • join me on facebook @ 2divyanshu@in.com
    profile 870 days ago
  • @sanchit- yes, i think forms are out now,,and hurry up,,,check their official site,..
    wall 870 days ago
  • just take part in uptu counselling through aieee rank.... keep visiting mtu.ac.in and seeuptu.nic.in for further updates
    wall 870 days ago
  • just go for hbti !!!!
    wall 870 days ago

    to all of you... you can check opening and closing rank of various colleges like hbti,iet, jss,kiet,bbd,ims,etc in seeuptu.nic.in(often,this site may not work  due to server problem ) and and then u will be able to know which college is good or bad...
    check the closing top 5-7 colleges ,lower the closing rank , better is the college,simple..
     and don't select colleges by their advertisements,it's insane...
    as most of you are asking about no. of seats available in various colleges..let me tell you, these are exactly same in no. as given in the upsee information brochure.
    Counselling-After the analysis of past years, it was found that UPTU Holds many records for late Work :p...... At the time of seat locking "FILL CHOICES ACCORDING TO YOUR PRIORITY ORDER !" 
    If You don't get college of your choice don't be sad, Do take part in second counselling(I was unable to take part in second counselling because i was out of station, i could get all Govt. colleges HBTI,BIET JHANSI,KNIT but unfortunately i missed that oppurtunity and now i fell sad about it :( ..)
    There are only few College Under uptu which are very good in terms of placements and infrastructure.Here is the ranking of Uptu Colleges-
    (in terms of placement packages and infrastructure)
    4-BIET & JSS

    wall 871 days ago
  • Divyanshu Gupta replied to the topic Re: plz advise..IERT, JSS, AKG???? in the forums.
    @angelica...all branches in iert but u may not get cs .........
    wall 871 days ago
  • @shruti-nope,...
    wall 872 days ago


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