MHT CET 2014 | MT CET 2014 Syllabus

MHT CET 2014 exam has been cancelled and now all the engineering admissions will be made through JEE Main 2014. See HERE for information on JEE Main Syllabus.

Maharashtra CET board will design the MHT CET 2014 Syllabus for the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. The syllabus for the Maharashtra CET will be the same as for the HSC Examination of HSC Boards of Maharashtra. Candidates willing to be a part of reputed colleges of Maharashtra, go through the syllabus and prepare accordingly.

Mathematics Syllabus MHT CET 2014

Application of Derivatives, Circle, Continuity, Definite Integrals, Derivatives, Differential Equations, Ellipse, Hyperbola, Indefinite Integrals, Limits, Linear Programming, Mathematical Logic, Matrices, Numerical Methods, Pairs of Lines, Parabola, Probability, Vectors.

Physics Syllabus for MHT CET 2014

Atoms Molecules and Nuclei, Circular Motion, Current Electricity, Elasticity, Electrons and Photons, Electomagnetic Induction, Electrostatics, Gravitation, Interference of Light, Kinetic Theory of Gases, Magnetic Effect of Electric Current, Magnetism, Properties of Fluids, Radiation, rotational Motion, Semi Conductors, Simple Harmonic Motion, stationary Waves, Thermionic Emission, Thermodynamics, Wave Motion, wave Theory of Light.

Chemistry Syllabus Maharashtra CET 2014

Acids and Esters, Adsorption and Colloids, Amines, Aldehydes and Ketones, Carbohydrates Proteins and Fats, Chemical Thermodynamics and Energetics, Ethers, Electrochemistry, Fluorine and Hydrogen Fluoride, Halogen Derivatives of Alkanes, Ionic Equilibria, Nature of Chemical Bond, Nuclear and Radiochemistry, Organic Hydroxy Compounds, Silicon, Synthetic Fibres, Third Row Elements.

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