VITEEE 2014 Expected Cut Off, Rank Predictor

VITEEE 2014 Cutoff gives an idea to candidates about their exam performance and to check if they will be able to qualify the exam or not. University sets the cut off by deciding a minimum score each year to delimit the intake of candidates in the merit list. This minimum score is called cutoff. After the exam has been conducted, Entrance Corner releases the Expected Cut off for VITEEE 2014.

The rank predictor for VITEEE 2014 Entrance Exam (Tentative) is given here as follows:

To check What Branches you can get please check our COLLEGE & BRANCH PREDICTOR

Marks Obtained in VITEEE 2014

Expected Rank Range

Less than 30

20, 000

30 – 40

15001 – 20000

41 – 61

8501 – 11000

61 – 70

6501 – 8500

70 – 80

5001 – 6500

80 – 91

5000 – 2501

91 – 111

2500 – 501

111 – 118

500 – 250

118 +

250 – 1

Note: The following information is based on previous year trends and analysis and various other factors associated with setting the cut off marks.

Answer key, which is release shortly after exam date, can be applied to evaluate the papers and find approx marks. This score can be matched with the VITEEE 2014 Expected Cut off to see if the candidate stands chance in getting included in final merit list.

Also, this score may be utilized to find out the courses any candidate can apply in by matching from previous year’s opening and closing ranks.


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Discuss Your Doubts

Author: Guest

Comment:sir, my score i have calculated for jee main 2014 is 68. will i get any top colleges? Please suggest the college name also.

Author: Rohit Sharma

Comment:You will get Baba ji ka thullu

Author: Guest

Comment:madharchod ho salle.....

Author: khali

Comment:my scorein jee main 2014 is 182; what abt nit delhi at this mark

Author: Katrina

Comment:Abe tere low colleges ke bhi marks nahi hai , aur tu top college's ki baat kar raha hai .

Author: hi

Comment:expected score in IIT main is 102. what should i expect in terms of admission


Comment:my score for jee main is 289, can i get IISc BANGALORE

Author: Charan Kumar

Comment:sir, did the information provided above viteee regarding cut off is correct or not

Author: Charan Kumar




Author: MindFreak

Comment:What is the expected cutoff for JEE Mains ?

Author: Nabanita Debnath

Comment:This might be a touch and go situation... Last year the cut off was 295 for general Category to get into IISC via JEE MAIN Score.. Try hard for JEE Adv and secure the seat through Advance score, you'll need 279 marks in JEE Adv.. to get into IISC..

Author: IISc student

Comment:U can certainly get IISc if u r OBC and might get if u r in gen. They reduce the cut offs later than that they announce at first. But try to get a good score in adv

Author: vaibhav Thakur

Comment:Sir...I am getting 137 marks in jee mains .Is there any chances in gettingi to good government colleges where placements r good

Author: Papillon

Comment:I am expected to get around 8000-10000 rank in VITEEE-2014. Could I be able to get a seat in VELLORE campus? And could I get my desired stream? please help.. I'm in a kind of fix. :(

Author: Astha

Comment:Is this information correct??? Acc. to this I'm getting rank between 15000-20000, will I get biotechnology?

Author: Darshit Mulani

Comment:Last year one guy I know got 75 marks in VITEEE and he got around 2,500 rank may be this is pretty off.

Author: Darshit Mulani

Comment:Expect poop in this marks like me.

Author: Darshit Mulani

Comment:Yes you can get any desired Subject in VIT Vellore under 9000 previous year estimated. Best of luck I fall in the same category.

Author: vishehs

Comment:sir iam getting 110 marks in jee mains. will i get any govt. college?

Author: Papillon

Comment:Thanks ... That kind of came as an oasis in the desert :) :)

Author: BabaBhaukali

Comment:Yes man you'll get IIT BOMBAY after obtaining such a great score. BRAVO!

Author: pratik

Comment:absolutly false

Author: pratik

Comment:true bro

Author: Shubham Agarwal

Comment:Sir what rank I should expect with 70 marks in VITEEE 2014, as the information provided regarding VITEEE cut off seems to me is not correct , Plz reply, I am under a lot of pressure as my jee paper was horrible....

Author: Shubham Agarwal

Comment:What score you are expecting buddy????

Author: Shubham Agarwal

Comment:you will definitely get BITS Pilani - - - - - - - Balwant Rai Institute Of Science and Technology.... :):):)

Author: vaibhav

Comment:does it mean that cutoff's going to drop ??? or what

Author: Darshit Mulani

Comment:Truely speaking if you will check your VITEE you can read there in instructions that don't predict your rank on basis of your raw scores they take percentile rank based on each day of computer based examination then choose 20,000 from that percentile so there method of giving rank can be unfair for many good students and personally I would like to say that it's truely depends on luck last year a guy who got aroung top 200 rank in IITJEE got 1 lakh 40 thousand rank in VITEE he told it himself now what can you say about it?

Author: Darshit Mulani

Comment:Actually VITEE ranking is not based on raw scores it includes many other factors but best known to me you can get any branch you want in Vellore with 70 marks trust me.



Author: singa kid

Comment:i expect 75 marks in vitee, what rank would i secure most probably?...... I would be thankful, if someone helps me out

Author: vaibhav

Comment:i am expecting 60-70 marks in viteee 2014 can i secure a seat ?? please help

Author: Darshit Mulani

Comment:What happened calm down buddy

Author: Darshit Mulani

Comment:Now since there are only 2 days left when VITEEE result has to come out I want all to come here and share there ranks and scores when they are out for good comaprison in future. Please

Author: Darshit Mulani

Comment:First thing is we cannot exactly predict ranks based on raw scores because of there percentile system. But yes we can get estimated result with that marks you can get any desired subject in Vellore if your marks are over 65 but below 65 you can get any desired subject except Computer Science in Vellore don't opt for Chennai campus in any case it sucks. Good luck I am also eagerly waiting for results to be out jut two days left.

Author: abhinav sharm

Comment:nahi iit aaram se mil gayega

Author: messi palu

Comment:i am expecting 80-90 marks in viteee can i get admission in cs in vellore campus

Author: vaibhav

Comment:last year they sent sms a day before the actual declaration

Author: ur next IITian frnd

Comment:frndzzz i m going to schor arund 127 nd i m in genral category so may i abl to get MANIT univ. plzzzz help m out i m so tensed

Author: Shubham Agarwal

Comment:Ya rank can't be predicted in VITEEE as this paper is purely luck dependent due to :- 1. NO NEGATIVE MARKING. 2. PERCENTILE BASED SYSTEM FOR EVALUATION.

Author: Ratan

Comment:my score i have calculated for jee main 2014 is 134 & 92% in Intermediate-AP. will i get seat in any good colleges? Please suggest the college name also.

Author: kushank

Comment:does VIT take into consideration our jee mains marks or rank too....?

Author: bharath

Comment:the geometry arrangement of f atoms around p inPF5

Author: Success Infinitely

Comment:Dude You Have to try next year because this time you are fucked up but dont worry this was my condition on 2013 but this time i got 223 marks you have to full focused . and by the way in this year i also revise my 12th bord also so cheers one more year you can be awesome and dont mind these fuckers

Author: Success Infinitely

Comment:and what you get fucker

Author: Abheek

Comment:i hope u r right man

Author: Darshit Mulani

Comment:I am sure you can. Good luck result declaration has been delyaed to 1 May

Author: Abheek

Comment:No one really know ? I guess..

Author: vaibhav


Author: vaibhav

Comment:i guss not

Author: vaibhav

Comment:lets hope that they don't f*** up the results like last year

Author: Darshit Mulani

Comment:What happened last year?

Author: Abheek

Comment:Vitee ranking suck this year I expected above 80 and got 29000 rank. Its all fake here. Useless

Author: Darshit Mulani

Comment:Well I agree with you I also got poop I don't know how there ranking is set I saw VIT 2013 cutoff and there was 20,000 rank on less then 30 marks so it is unbelievable to get such a rank :( also I think there is some sign of racism south students are getting more priority.

Author: anandu

Comment:I am first year eee in Vit...any queries regarding cut off . Ask in my number 9566562172

Author: abhishek

Comment:can get cs in vit at 10203

Author: Varun

Comment:6998 rank in viteee 2014. could i get cs in vellore

Author: Papillon

Comment:Can anybody please tell me how many seats are there in VIT?? Because their second phase counselling extends upto 99999 ranks.. also what is their first and second phase counselling procedure? Can candidates get seats in second phase??

Author: likith

Comment:sir i got 18000 in vitee 2014 which campus and branch may i get?

Author: Sagar

Comment:Admission in Vit Vellore University Through Management Panel Contact :-8284026267

Author: sagar

Comment:Admission in Vit University Through Management Panel Contact :-8284026267

Author: Shilpa

Comment:you will have decent chances. you can explore your options before planning travel plan on 011-40360360

Author: pratick

Comment:sir my rank is 29494 which stream should i get

Author: ashok reddy

Comment:i have got 3841 rank in viteee ,can i get cse in vellore

Author: ashok reddy

Comment:You can get CSE in vellore along with ur friend Yerasi Ashok

Author: adibopi

Comment:Any scope for JEE Mains Score 101 in any good colleges ....?

Author: adibopi

Comment:Rank 33000 in VITEE 2014 has any scope for CSE or ECE in VIT ?