CSAB 2013 – Seat Allocation, Process, Rounds, Schedule

The following article entails the details of Seat Allocation Rounds of CSAB 2013, various dates associated with each round and other modalities to be completed by a candidate during each one of them.

CSAB 2013 – 1st Round of Seat Allocation (9.07.2013)

  • The choices for courses and colleges locked or saved by the candidates from July 01 to 08, 2013 will be centrally processed and the results will be made available on the official website on 9.07.2013.
  • NO candidate will be sent INDIVIDUAL Allocation Letters after they have been allocated a seat in CSAB 2013.
  • Candidates who are allotted a SEAT have to physically report at ANY one of the Reporting Centers to take PROVISIONAL ADMISSION in between 9.07.2013 and 12.07.2013.
  • The candidates who have been allocated seats and who don’t report within the stipulated duration to the Reporting Center ofCSAB 2013 will get their admission CANCELLED and will NOT be considered for further admission rounds.
  • The VACANT SEATS will be considered for allocation during 2nd Round of seat allocation.
  • A candidate has to MANDATORILY report at any of the Reporting Centers for Provisional Admission.

CSAB 2013 – 2nd Round of Seat Allocation (13.07.2013)

  • The seat allocation in 2nd round will be done against seat vacant after the 1st round of allocation and reporting.
  • Candidates Eligible for allocation against vacant seats will be divided into following three groups:

Group–(a): Registered candidates who didn’t get ANY seat in the 1st Round of seat allocation of CSAB 2013.

Group–(b): Registered candidates whose allocated seat from 1st Round was CANCELLED at RCs because of change in Category/Gender/PwD Status/State of Eligibility and are still eligible for admission.

Group–(c): Candidates who were Allocated a seat in the 1st Round are eligible for upgradation.

  • Who is not eligible for 2nd Round of CSAB 2013 of seat allocation?

The following candidates will NOT eligible for 2nd Round of Admissions:

(a)   Not reported at RC after getting a seat in 1st Round

(b)   Reported and afterwards withdrawn at RC.

(c)   Became INELIGIBLE (on the basis of cutoff mark for category) owing to change in Category/PwD status.

  • The choices for CSAB 2013 submitted by these candidates (from any of the above mentioned groups) will be CENTRALLYProcessed and the results will be released on the official website on 13.07.2013.
  • Candidates who are allocated a seat have to physically report to any one of the Reporting Centers to take provisional admission in between 13.07.2013 and 16.07.2013.
  • The Seat Allocation of CSAB 2013 to candidates who don’t report within the stipulated duration to the Reporting Center will beCANCELLED and the subject will NOT be considered for subsequent rounds.
  • Candidates of Group-(c) CAN get a seat of higher preference or their previously allocated seat can remain unchanged.

CSAB 2013 - Cancellation of Seat owing to Non-Reporting

  • Candidates who don’t report in between 9.07.2013 and 12.07.2013 against 1st Round of Seat Allocation will forfeit their seatAUTOMATICALLY and will NOT be considered for further rounds.
  • Fresh allottees of 2nd Round who don’t report in between July 13 – 16, 2013 will forfeit their seat AUTOMATICALLY and will NOTbe considered for Spot Round and Extra Spot Round.

CSAB 2013 – Seat Upgradation (17.07.2013)

  • After the two seat allocation rounds, upgradation amongst all the candidates will be done on 17.07.2013.
  • The upgradation will be based on the choices submitted by candidates in between July 01 – 08, 2013.
  • After the upgradation, vacancies will be displayed on the CSAB Official Website on 17.07.2013.

CSAB 2013 – Spot Round and Extra Spot Round

  • The spot round and extra spot round will comprise of vacant seats available in GFTIs (Government Funded Technical Institutes) after the Up - gradation along with all the seats under SFTIs (Self-Financed Technical Institutes).
  • The following candidates will be ELIGIBLE for Spot Round and Extra Spot Round of CSAB 2013:

Eligible candidates who didn’t register in between July 01 – 08, 2013.

Eligible candidates who REGISTERED but didn’t get any seat in the 1st or 2nd Round

Candidates whose seats were cancelled at RCs due to change of Gender/Category/PwD Status/State of Eligibility and are still eligible.

  • Spot Round and Extra Spot Round of CSAB 2013 will be Conducted as follows:

Spot Round: This round will be applicable to GFTIs and SFTIs.

The Fee will be Non – Refundable in case the seat is allotted to the candidate.

The Fee will be sent to the allocated Institute by CSAB even if the applicant does NOT take admission there.

In case there is no allocation of seat, the fee submitted by the candidate will be REFUNDED by CSAB 2013.

  • Extra Spot Round:

This round will be held for admissions in SFTIs only.

The Fee will be REFUNDED to the student whether a seat is allocated OR not.

The candidates, who have been allocated seats, have to submit the requisite fee at the allocated Institutes according to the regulations of CSAB 2013.

Choice filling for both Spot Round (Non – Refundable) and Extra Spot Round (Refundable) will be done by students in ONE GOonly, i.e., before the Spot Round has STARTED.

CSAB 2013 – Spot Round and Extra Spot Round for Seat Allocation (17.07.2013 to 20.07.2013)

Candidates have to take the following steps for these Rounds of CSAB 2013:

  • Spot Round and Extra Spot Round Online Registration:

Candidates who Registered in between July 01-05, 2013 don’t have to register again.

But ELIGIBLE candidates who didn’t Register have to register online from places of their convenience or at any Help Centre.

Though the candidates have to submit NEW choices for Spot Round or Extra Spot Round of CSAB 2013 or for both.

Candidates are not ALLOWED to submit identical choices (same college and course) in both rounds.

Interested candidates have to register, submit and save their choices and complete the payment ONLINE from places of their convenience or from Help Centres of CSAB 2013 (only in case of payment via DD) in between July 17-20, 2013.

However, for verification of documents and choice locking, the candidates have to report at any of the Reporting Centres.

  • Choice Submission for Spot Round and Extra Spot Round of CSAB 2013

Filling of Choices will be done as per the following steps:

Spot Round (Applicable for GFTIs as well as SFTIs)

During Spot Round, the fee submitted by the candidate will NOT be refunded in case the candidates are allocated a seat.

The fee will be sent DIRECTLY to the college allocated by admission process of CSAB 2013.

Since there is NO fee refund in the event of a seat allocation, the candidates should know about the Colleges in all respect before choosing them.

Neither C – DAC nor CSAB will be responsible for any difficulty faced by the candidate at the allocated College after taking admission.

Candidates will get a REFUND of their paid fee for CSAB 2013 in case they are not allocated any seat.

  • Extra Spot Round (Applicable for admissions in SFTIs only)

In the Extra Spot Round, fee submitted by the candidates will be REFUNDED without any deduction by CSAB irrespective whether they have been allocated a seat or not.

Hence students are advised to submit as many choices of their interests for CSAB 2013 as they want.

However, candidates have to submit the full fee at the allocated Institute.

Candidates will not be able to submit identical options (same branch and same institute) for both modes.

  • Document Verification:

After online registration and filling of choices candidates have to MANDATORILY visit the nearest Reporting Center of CSAB 2013 for getting their documents verified as mentioned above.

  • Locking of Saved Choices:

Candidates have to report at any of the RCs after saving their choices for verification of documents.

The initial fee can be submitted ONLINE in advance or via DD mode at the Reporting Centre. The filled options for CSAB 2013can be locked ONLY by the RC officials after the above steps have been successfully completed.

NOTE: In case of any change in category during verification of documents, the candidates CAN modify the choices saved by them for which they have to report at the Help Centre/Reporting Centre. Locking of choices cannot be done on 20.07.2013 after 5 pm.

  • Fee Submission for admissions via CSAB 2013:

Candidates have to submit an initial Fee of Rs.40, 000/-.

The fee can be submitted in advance via any one of the following modes:

(i) Online payment using Debit/Credit card,

(ii) e-challan

(iii) NEFT and

(iv) Netbanking.

(v)  The admission fee can also be remitted via DD which must be produced at the time of reporting.

  • In case the fee for admissions via CSAB 2013 is submitted via DD the students have to submit Rs.41,000/- including an extra non-refundable Rs.1000/-.
  • The DD is to be drawn favoring “Chairman, CSAB-2013” and must be payable at Rourkela.
  • The above steps must be completed in between 17.07.2013 and 20.07.2013.
  • Result of the Spot Round and Extra Spot Round of allocation via CSAB 2013 will be released on 21.07.2013.
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