KEAM 2013 Cut Off and Rank Predictor

KEAM CutOff 2013, Rank Predictor of Kerala CEE 2013 :-

The Kerala CEE 2013 Cut Off and Rank Predictor will be made LIVE after the exam has been conducted at all the exam centers. After the exam conduction, exam takers can use the answer keys released by a number of coaching institutes and generate their approximate score. This score can be submitted in the Keam 2013 Cut Off and Rank Predictor which will help candidates to find out their expected rank. The exam board decides a minimum score every year to delimit the number of candidates to be included in final merit list which is called as cutoff.

The Keam 2013 Cut Off will be the minimum score which must be secured by every candidate in order to be qualify exam and get included in final merit list. The exam takers whose marks are below this cutoff will not be included in final merit list. The estimated score calculated with key can also be compared with last year’s cutoff for various courses and colleges so as to see which branches can be allocated to them.

After that candidates can use the Kerala CEE 2013 Rank Predictor to find out their expected ranks. The output of this rank predictor will be a rank range in which they will secure a rank in and thus will offer the candidates another criteria for shortlisting their choices for counseling. After seeing their expected ranks with Kerala CEE 2013 Rank Predictor candidates can use the Branch Predictor too, to see which branches they can choose at the time of counseling. This methodology of evaluation will help candidates to shortlist their choices for colleges and courses in the best possible way.

Every candidate is advised to go through the Kerala CEE 2013 Cut Off and Rank Predictor so as to formulate an educated guess for their admission time and avoid taking hard decisions.

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Author: Sidney

Comment:i got 520 marks in keam, expecting about 96-98% in kerala bord pcm.... what will be my rank? plese help....

Author: anoop v s

Comment:93 marks in KEAM & expecting 75% in pcm plz predict my rank replay plz send to 9946732303


#AMBUC MOHAN2013-06-10 18:51
I got 102 marks for nata and 86.5% marks for plus two board exam(kerala)Do I get seat in govi. colleges in kerala?
#Muhammed2013-06-08 14:44
i have 86 in keam and 270 in hse pls predict my keam rank
#saleem2013-05-31 14:15
Kerala entrance 294 phy 86 che 90 maths 94 .pl predict rank in kerala entrance
#saleem2013-05-31 14:12
Keam marks298 phy 86 che 90 math 95 .pl predict in kerala eentrance
#Gautham Joseph Mathe2013-05-30 17:19

I got 194 marks in KEAM entrance and my marks for CBSE are as follows : Physics: 69,Maths: 64 and Chemistry : 77.Kindly predict my rank in KEAM.
#akash s panicker2013-05-30 07:45
i goT Marks for chem-83, physics-85maths-83 [CBSE]

192 marks in entrance exam.
#akash s panicker2013-05-30 07:41
i got 159 marks in entrance exam. and my pcm scores are 113,109 and 81 respectively. what will my engg. rank sir ???
#akash s panicker2013-05-30 07:40
sir,my entrance score is192
Marks for chem-83, physics-85 maths-83 [CBSE]
#ayishath fouziya2013-05-29 14:09
i scored 171 marks for keam.and for cbse 12 exam maths-72 physics 85 and chemistry -73. kindly predict my rank
#kamaludheen mtp2013-05-28 10:22
i got 159 marks in entrance exam. and my pcm scores are 113,109 and 81 respectively. what will my engg. rank sir ???
#USHA2013-05-27 15:12
my entrance score is 382
Marks for chem-96, physics-94 maths-91 [CBSE]

#silpa.s2013-05-26 14:42
my mark in keam engg is 288 and my phy,chem,maths mark % is 96% what would be my rank
#sreeraj2013-05-26 12:05
my keam engineering mark is 276
i had got 120 in physics, 120 in chemistry, 99 in maths.
plz predict my rank and inform it to number 8086515063
#muhammed pmr2013-05-25 19:04
i got 217 /340 in pcm at hse exam
and 198 mark in engineering entrance exam
what is my rank..?
#ACHU2013-05-25 16:13
my keam engg mark 266/960 my +2 marks 120 phy,120che,,100maths.. studied in higher secondary plzz predict my rank
#Niva2013-05-23 21:37
what is the minimum mark needed for engineering in keam to be qualified
#venki2013-05-23 20:26
my engg score is 181

my +2 mark hse is 262...

what are my chances??
#INDHU KR2013-05-23 18:33
For KEAM 2013, ENGG stream I got 135 marks .
And my +2 marks in PCM are 99/120, 111/120, 87/100 respectively in HS exams conducted by KEARALA board .
what will be my rank, kindly predict.
#Gautham Joseph Mathe2013-05-23 15:17

For year 2013 I got 197 marks in the KEAM entrance examination and my marks for XII CBSE Board are :
Maths : 64
Physics : 69
Chemistry : 77.

What will be my rank,kindly predict.Will I be able to get admission in any college,in kerala?

#vashid2013-05-23 15:10
i hv got 84 marks in engnrng!wht is my rank
#deepti2013-05-23 14:36
my hse mark is250,and engineering score is 51
#deepti2013-05-23 14:35
i got 250/300 in my hse..and i have 51 mark in keam what will be my rank?
#athi2013-05-23 12:16
i got 780 mars in kaem med..predict my rank
#jinudev2013-05-22 22:02
i got 649 in medical wat is my rank
#Roja Venkitesh2013-05-22 20:19
i have 180 marks in my keam exam and i scored 257/300 marks in my board exam...i want to know my rank
#fazil2013-05-22 08:26
I have 110 marks in keam engg exam. I got 93/120 in physics,81/120 in chemistry,46/100in maths.please predict my rank
#SINJU2013-05-22 08:19
I GOT 161 MARK IN KERALA ENGG. I HAVE 113/120-PHY,115/120-CHEMI,92/100-MATHS 9KERALA BOARD EXAM & OBC MY RANK???????????????????
#silpa2013-05-19 21:35
my mark in keam is 275 .......................can u plzzz comment on the range in which my rank lies>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
#jinudev2013-05-22 22:03
Quoting asha:
my mark in keam medical 2013 is 512 .can you predict my rank?

u wiil be 200th
#shabana2013-05-18 09:45
i have 110 in keam eng.phisics-97/120,chemistry-102/120,maths-50/100(in +2-stateboard).what will be my rank? and piease send about cut of mark in keam(medicine and engineering).i am in obc.
#shabana2013-05-18 09:33
my mark in keam(med) is364 and in keam (eng) is 110.can predict my rank in this two exam?
#kevin2013-05-17 13:52
I have 194 marks in lean eng what will be my rank
#mohammed12013-05-15 21:58
i have 98 marks in my keam entrance exam and 210/300 in pcm for cbse 12th exams .... what will be my rank?
#elson chelatt2013-05-15 21:41
#aksa2013-05-15 16:02
i got 92 marks in keam engineering entrance exam. i got 88.5% marks for physics;chem and mathematics in plus two. what will be my rank.
#afni2013-05-14 18:23
#asha2013-05-14 18:04
my mark in keam medical 2013 is 512 .can you predict my rank?
#maya2013-05-22 19:21
Igot 864 in keam medical .what wil be my rank.
#silpa.s2013-05-13 22:21
i hav 597 marks in keam medical 2013 what will be my rank
#hafis2013-05-17 15:02
you must get in kerala
#vishnu2013-05-15 19:18
no hope better luck next time from
#asha2013-05-14 18:09
i hav 512 mark in keam medical 2013 .what will my rank?
#Malavika2013-05-13 20:05
i am getting 571 marks in keam med .please may i know whether i will get admission in any veterinary or agricultural college.Also please predict my rank.......... :-?
#sreeraj2013-05-13 18:13
Please give the details of kerala engineering entrance cuttoff mark details in my email address
#ayasudheen rehman2013-05-13 16:44
i got 166 marks.what will be my rank
#SWATHI JAYAN2013-05-13 13:40
I`ve got 368 for kerala med... pls predict my rank...
#prasila2013-05-13 11:16
i got 422 mark in engineering entrance.with 93.5% in rank??????
#Naseef.SA2013-05-13 09:41
igpt 390 for first & second paper in eng
&92%in pcm
#Nithin2013-05-08 16:08
Sir 10000 thinullill rank varan ethra mark venam
#diya2013-05-03 11:18
i got 813 marks for keam veterinary.wat will be my rank
#sneha2013-05-01 11:45
my entrance mark 190 plz predict my rank???????????...............
#arathy2013-05-01 00:25
i got 235 total mark in kerala medical entrance.what will my rank.
#ARUN2013-04-30 11:41
i have got 685 marks for keam med 2013.what rank will i get
#sanjeev2013-04-29 10:50
my mark is 222,
what will be my rank?
#gokul2013-04-28 23:05
#aardra2013-04-28 20:28
i gt a total of 189 marks plz predict ma rank
#Athulya Ajayan2013-04-26 17:03
my entrance mark 218
#Arjun m2013-04-26 16:43
my mark is 515...what is my rank
#arun p2013-04-26 12:41
my entrance mark 258! Plz predict ma rank
#Maneesha.N2013-04-25 14:28
Please send my rank details by rank predicting My marks both Ist Paper + IInd Paper of Engineering is 289
#Maneesha.N2013-04-25 14:26
Total marks Ist Paper + IInd paper for Engineering