JEE Main Online Exam Answer Key April 23

23rd April Question paper23rd April Answer key

After the conduction of Online exam of JEE Main on 23rd of April, 2013 candidates can evaluate their exam papers as a number of coaching institutes will release the Answer Key of Online JEE Main 2013 exam. This key can be used by all exam candidates to check the answers marked by them and generate their overall exam score.

This overall exam score generated by the candidates with the help of Answer Key of Online JEE Main 2013 will give them an idea of their exam performance. This score can also be used by students to predict their ranks using:

JEE MAIN 2013 Rank Predictor.

Candidates can also compare their approximate exam scores calculated with Online JEE Main 2013 Answer Key to the cutoff of last year for various colleges and courses so as to see which choices can be filled by them during admission process and whether they will qualify for JEE Advanced 2013 exam. As soon as the answer keys are released, they will be made available to candidates HERE.

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#aradhika acharya2013-05-04 19:17
i feel some answers are wrong
#kratik saxena2013-05-04 11:51
plzz upload the answer key of online exam held on 23rd april
#kavita negi2013-05-04 11:31
Plz send me question paper and answer key of jee main 2013 online exam.
#d akhil2013-05-03 09:17
answer 23rd online exam key
#AJAY SINGHAL2013-05-03 00:04
still no coaching institute has published the answer key of 23rd online exam
#ankit2013-05-02 20:23
send answer key of online paper of 23 april
#suraj2013-05-02 11:21
send answer key
#cynthia2013-05-02 08:25
is the answer key for the 25th april online jee exam out?
If so can somebody juts give me the link?
#Anurag2013-05-01 17:51
Where is 23 april's answer key. Can i get plz
#navrisham2013-05-01 12:56
i have not get question paper till now
#Yak2013-05-01 10:15
Pls provide us the answer key for 23rd online exam as the question papers are released by cbse
#Neeraj Kaushik2013-05-01 09:06
jee main online question paper are out on jeemain official site
#khushi2013-04-29 09:40
can i get the answer key with questions for online exam held on 23rd april 2013
#anshika2013-04-28 21:29
answer key of online jee mains 2013?
#Manika2013-04-28 16:27
Can uh plz send me the answer key of jee main online exam which was held on 25th april, 2013 along wit the questions??
#AAkash2013-04-27 06:57
can i get jee main online exam answer key held on 25th april.
with questions..???
#tamil selvan2013-04-26 14:15
please update answer key
#gayatri2013-04-26 08:20
how to get the question paper n answer key of jee mains held on 23rd april?? as i dont know my question set???
#navrisham2013-04-25 16:26
when answer key will be displayed of online mains exam conducted on 23 april 2013