VITEEE Opening and Closing Ranks :-

Visit the following link to view Branches that can be allocated to the candidates based on their exam score CLICK HERE.

Based on an expert analysis of exam the expected cutoff and rank v/s marks for VITEEE 2013 has been tabulated in the following table which shows expected ranks corresponding to the marks obtained by candidates in exam:

Marks Obtained in VITEEE 2013

Expected Rank Range

Less than 30

20, 000

30 – 40

15001 – 20000

41 – 61

8501 – 11000

61 – 70

6501 – 8500

70 – 80

5001 – 6500

80 – 91

5000 – 2501

91 – 111

2500 – 501

111 – 118

500 – 250

118 +

250 – 1


To see which branches they can get in VITEEE 2013 exam as per their exam score, candidates can CLICK HERE.

Every year the University decides a minimum score to limit the number of candidates in final merit list. The candidates scoring above that minimum score are included in the Merit List and are considered eligible for counselling. This minimum score is called as VITEEE 2013 Cutoff.

This cutoff of VITEEE 2013 will be decided on the basis of difficulty level of exam, the number of candidates that participated in the exam and the number of seats available under the exam.  The marks corresponding to cutoff are called as Cutoff marks and every candidate scoring below these marks is disqualified.

This VITEEE 2013 Cutoff will help the students to decide which branch and college they should apply for. So that by the time the Counselling starts they are clear of their options.

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Author: saravanakumar

Comment:how much cut off for enter your clg

Author: Sheetansh100

Comment:is it subject wise or the total marks obtained?? pls help..

Author: shaurya bhardwaj

Comment:its d total . . . each questn carries 1 mark nd there are 120 questns . . . 40 each subject !!1

Author: nidhi

Comment:i have got 81 in jee mains and 92% in cbse board obc category will i get a chance to give jee advanced ????? help please

Author: Shikhar

Comment: Is there a percentile method for calculation of marks? And if there is such a method can you explain it or just provide the formula atleast??

Author: God


Author: smit

Comment:my rank in viteee 2014 is 17815.. which are the expected branches could i get into? and at which campus?

Author: Shilpa

Comment:@disqus_qE1HO2GHll:disqus you will have decent chances. top branches are not possible at this rank. you can call 011-40360360 and explore your options.

Author: Shilpa

Comment:@shikhar yes in some way. what is your rank?

Author: Shilpa

Comment:@nidhi its an average score. you can call on 011-40360360.


# prashant kumar 2013-05-10 11:59
Sir, i have got 25536 rank in vit.
please help me
# kunal 2013-05-10 09:25
all fake,..... this never happens.... vit takes admision through just one process and that is donation proces... u pay high donation u get a better rank.... i dont know why they sell there forms for 800rs if they take admision the other way... i bet iv secured mre than 70 but my rank is 32006.... and same has happened with my friends... al hav got ranks above 30000... even those friends who hav secured 230 in jee mains hav secured a rank of 31750... i advice dont take forms of vit because u are wasting your money... ul get a poor rank nomatter what marks you get!
# saurav kumar 2013-05-09 19:07
i have scored 20323 rank in viteee...... what possibility do i have...for counselling...
# pradeep 2013-05-06 15:09
this is a total fake i got 80+ questions crct bt i dnt get a seat in it?????
# R santhosh kumar 2013-05-05 15:15
i got 115 marks in gat2013(gitam). which branches i will get in vishakapatnam gitam?
# Veeru 2013-04-22 10:09
11000 to 15000 rank is not there in your list.......??