JEE Main 2013 Normalization, Weightage and Admissions Criteria

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JEE Main 2013 Analysis, JEE Main Exam Analysis

JEE Main 2013 final Merit List will be generated after giving 60% weightage to the marks obtained in JEE Main 2013 and 40% weightage to the class XII marks. The marks of other qualifying examination which are equivalent to Class XII will be normalized and then a combined Merit List bearing the All India Rank (AIR) would be calculated.

The criteria for JEE Main 2013 Score Normalization has been released for the generation of final merit list. The normalization will be done as follows:

Three things will be considered for final merit list generation:

  • 60% consideration of JEE Main 2013 Score.
  • 40% consideration of Class XII Board Marks.

This 40% weightage will be calculated after giving 20% weightage to candidates’ Class XII score in his/her respective Board and 20% to his/her JEE Main 2013 percentile which will be generated among the exam takers who appeared in the entrance exam from the Board of the candidate. This will finally give the relative merit of candidate amongst all the candidate of his/her board including those who took the exam of JEE Main 2013.

Percentile Calculation for Score Normalization in JEE Main 2013:

The Percentile Score is different from Percentage score. The PERCENTILE gives the position of candidate among all the candidates who took the exam, e.g. a score of 95 percentile means that 95% of candidates are below him or 5% candidates are above him.

After calculating this 40 percentile value, it has to be scaled back to JEE Main 2013 score value to calculate the final merit. So, the final calculation in JEE Main 2013 Score Normalization will be done as follows:

Let say a student socres 90 percentile marks in CBSE Board, so now we will look at JEE Main Marks of all students and suppose a student with 90 percentile in Jee Main has a score of 240 then we will consider only 20 % of that and i.e. 0.20 * 240 = 48 marks.

Now, look for 90 percentile of JEE Board wise list, say 180, take only 20% of which will be 0.20*180=36 marks. And the final merit will be calculated as the sum of 48+36+ JEE Main Score.

Scores in diff. exams

Class XII Marks & Percentile


Marks in JEE Main 2013 (X)

Weightage of Exam Score

Final Merit

JEE Score






Class XII Result

Marks 400

Percentile 90

Look at 90 percentile of JEE Total List, say 240




JEE Contribution from Same Board


Look at 90 percentile of JEE Board wise list, say 180











The other participating institutions and Centrally Funded Technical Institutions can also adopt this procedure.

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Author: Uzhair Khan

Comment:have 95% in 12 th and 90 marks in jee mains 2013 what is my rank

Author: vineeth

Comment:sir i got 100 in mains and 91% in ipe what is my rank

Author: sailikhit

Comment:i have got 93% in 11th and 12th and 156 marks in jee mains

Author: janardan pandey

Comment:i got 87.6% in utter predesh board 2013 and 280 marks in jee mains what is my rank and how much number added of board percentage


#rohit2013-07-20 08:12
sir if in board marks i got 400 out of 500 AND IF i got 300 out of 500 than how much difference in normalized number
#gagandeep singh2013-07-14 08:19
send me the proper creteria for selection to IITs,NIITs
#amit2013-07-08 12:58
sir I have got 85 In jee main and 72 percent in boards ,then I am eligible for which college in delhi or second choice will be bahadurgarh and sonepat sides can I get admission in good college
#ANKITA2013-07-05 16:11
#ANKITA2013-07-05 16:06
##pratik2013-07-01 20:00
sir,I got 227 in jee but my board % is 76.5 can I get nit warangal in CSE,EE orECE pls rply.
#Anand2013-06-30 01:24
my mainsmarks is 113 nd cbse board % is 87.4.........which nit cn i get...................nd which private or state colleges forms should i fill saperatly which give addmisn through jee mains
#DAINIK PANDYA2013-06-25 16:39
sir,my jeemain marks is 128 and my 10+2 % is 81 in my state board ,i am elg for NIT or not , if not then whats coolage i chose
#Hirok2013-06-23 11:09
I hav scored 69 in jee mains and 89.2% in boards.. What will be my total score
#Hirok2013-06-23 11:07
I hav scored 69 in my jee mains and 89.2% in my boards...
what will be my score after 40-60 criterion... I am ST(p)
#sai2013-06-15 19:58
Hello sir my bro secured 118 in jee main ... and 86.3% in intermediate.... can u plz let me know.... what colleges he can opt...:? plz reply ...
#M SESHAGIRI2013-05-24 20:20
for students appearing for JEE MAINS in 2014,
we understand that 40% weightage will be given
for marks in XI and XII.
now, in the case of students writing improvements
for marks in XI,
will they have to write all subjects incl. languages ?
can any body advise ?
#M SESHAGIRI2013-05-24 20:13
for students appearing JEE mains in 2014, we understand marks in XI and also XII will be taken for 40% weightage. what about students writing improvements in XI. Should they write all subjects incl. languages ?
any body can help?
#sudhir2013-05-23 10:13
sir ,my jee mains no is 132 and my bord % 66.88 .i am elg for nit or not . if not then whats collage l chose
#aria2013-05-02 20:26
im expectig 130 marks in jee main and above 92% in isc boards. what should i expect wrt admissions n cutoff???
#Rupjyoti Nath2013-05-01 13:01
Sir, how will the normalisation of board marks be done? Will some boards wil get more preference?
#Asif2013-02-16 12:07
Hw many questions r there frm each subject? Are same as last yr?