BITSAT 2013 Cutoff, Marks

BITSAT 2013 Cut Off will be the lower limit of the score that must be obtained by a candidate to qualify the exam and get included in the final merit list. The Cut Offs for 2013 exam have not yet been released and will be made available soon after the admission process is over.

Till then, the candidates can refer to following tables to see last year's cutoff for all the three campuses:

Degree programme at Pilani CampusCut-off BITSAT-2012 score
B.E.(Hons.): Chemical316
B.E.(Hons.): Civil310
B.E.(Hons.): Electrical & Electronics343
B.E.(Hons.): Mechanical332
B.E.(Hons.): Manufacturing303
B.E.(Hons.): Computer Science356
B.E.(Hons.): Electronics & Instrumentation331
M.Sc.(Hons.): Biological Sciences285
M.Sc.(Hons.): Chemistry294
M.Sc.(Hons.): Economics311
M.Sc.(Hons.): Mathematics300
M.Sc.(Hons.): Physics302
M.Sc.(Tech.): General Studies294
M.Sc.(Tech.): Finance282
M.Sc.(Tech.): Information Systems296

Degree programme at Goa CampusCut-off BITSAT-2012 score
B.E.(Hons.): Chemical283
B.E.(Hons.): Electrical and Electronics303
B.E.(Hons.): Mechanical296
B.E.(Hons.): Computer Science313
B.E.(Hons.): Electronics & Instrumentation292
M.Sc.(Hons.): Biological Sciences271
M.Sc.(Hons.): Chemistry276
M.Sc.(Hons.): Economics282
M.Sc.(Hons.): Mathematics277
M.Sc.(Hons.): Physics282
M.Sc.(Tech.): Information Systems276


Degree programme at Hyderabad CampusCut-off BITSAT-2012 score
B.E.(Hons.): Chemical283
B.E.(Hons.): Civil289
B.E.(Hons.): Electrical and Electronics298
B.E.(Hons.): Mechanical295
B.E.(Hons.): Computer Science307
B.E.(Hons.): Electronics & Communication306
B.E.(Hons.): Electronics & Instrumentation292
B.E.(Hons.): Manufacturing280
M.Sc.(Hons.): Biological Sciences271
M.Sc.(Hons.): Chemistry274
M.Sc.(Hons.): Economics279
M.Sc.(Hons.): Mathematics276
M.Sc.(Hons.): Physics279
M.Sc.(Tech.): Information Systems275

The candidates can refer to previous year cut offs and have an overall idea of the ranks and marks at which the admissions in various colleges and courses were closed. BITSAT 2013 Cut Off will be released after the seat allocation process is over and will be made available at: - the official website of exam.

What is BITSAT 2013 Cut Off?

  • The minimum exam score to be obtained by the exam takers to be eligible for admission and to be included in final merit list.
  • Exam Authorities will decide the BITSAT Cut Off 2013 on the basis of annual intake, total number of candidates, last years' cutoffs and other parameters to shortlist the exam takers for final merit list.
  • BITSAT Cut Off will be thus the delimiting score to be called for admission process.

Significance of BITSAT 2013 Cut Off:

  • Exam Participants whose marks are more than or equal to this cutoff will be called for admission and rest will be disqualified.
  • Every course and college will also have different BITSAT 2013 Cut Off criteria and every candidate has to satisfy it in order to take admission in that college.

Significance of Previous Year Cut Offs:

  • Check the opening and closing ranks for various colleges and courses and make a list of the ones which can be applied as per your ranks.
  • Analysis of previous years' cutoffs will help the candidates to make an educated shortlisting of choices to be filled at the time of counselling.

As there was not a big change in admission process, BITSAT 2013 Cut Off is expected to be in near range of last year's cut off.

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#akashaag2013-07-02 15:14
I scored 278 in bitsat 2013. Do I stand any chance for a seat in Bits(any campus- Pilani, Goa, Hyd'bd)?
M.Sc. courses would also be fine!
#sushil kumari2013-06-27 10:05
Dear sir

Please give me the detail of the bits exam 2013 cut of list

sushil kumari
#shekhar2013-06-13 10:40
can i know about dual degree? i have got 280 marks,is there any chance of getting admission in pilani campus in dual degree course???
#shubham2013-06-04 21:22
i got 298 marks in bitsat...................are there any chances for me gettin some core branch in pilani or a dual .......................... can the cutoffs drop this year.
#gayatri2013-06-03 10:12
i got 274 can i expect a seat in hyd bits pls advice
#bhargav ram2013-05-30 06:41
sir..i got 256 marks in bitsat..may i hope a seat in hyderabad campus of bits..?is there any hope of decreasing cutoff marks for bitsat2013
#shashank bhattachary2013-05-29 18:51
i got 243 marks from gen category in bits exam 2013 is there any option for me
#shashank bhattachary2013-05-29 18:49
i got 243 marks in bits exam is there any option for me in bits admissions 2013 from gen category
#SAIKRISHNA2013-05-29 13:14
I got 302 in BITSAT 2013. Can you suggest / advice me for admission.

Thank you.
#B HEMANTH REDDY2013-05-29 12:33
Sir, I got 277 marks in BITSAT2013. Can he get seat in bits hyd?
#chintha shivagnersh2013-05-27 15:24
i have scored 216 marks sc candet any passibulity toget set bitpilany
#krishna2013-05-25 21:09
#abdulla shamim2013-05-25 01:48
i scored 315 marks can i get admission in bits pillani
#abdulla shamim2013-05-25 01:45
i have scored 315 marks is there any chance to get admission in bits pillani
#shivamanikanthreddy2013-05-24 17:05
i got 236 marks is there is any possibility to get seat in bitsat
#SAIKRISHNA2013-05-24 16:35
I got 302 in BITSAT 2013. Can you suggest / advice me for admission. Thank you.
#raj malhotra2013-05-24 10:08
What should be the min. BITSAT score to get marine eng. or nautical sciences through RLINS ?
#raj malhotra2013-05-24 10:06
What should be the min. BITSAT score to get marine engineering through RLINS which considers BITSAT score?
#jyotiradit2013-05-23 10:53
got 258 in bitsat.any chance of admission
#saitej2013-05-22 16:18
i got 265 .can i got seat in c.s/Mechanical bits any seat likly to be incresed for 2013-14
#vamsi2013-05-22 11:40
i got 225 in bits exam. do i stand any chance of making into dual course atleast in hyd
#praneeta2013-05-22 00:07
I'm left over with only 5 days and i'm really scared coz i'm not really well prepared so please suggest me as to wat i can do at this pt. of time to score well in exam.........
#praneeta2013-05-22 00:02
I'm left over with only 5 days more for my bits exam and i'm afraid since i'm unable to prepare well for english prof. and logical reasoning but I'm trying to solve the mock test papers so is this sufficient or should i prepare for eng separately???
#qaweroif2013-05-26 11:24
#praneeta2013-05-23 21:56
Please someone reply...............
#praneeta2013-05-21 23:55
I'm left over with only 5 days for my bitsat exam. Should i try to solve all the previous years papers at this point of time and also focus mostly on english prof and logical reasoning??
#Praneeth2013-05-21 18:30
i got 242 marks...can i get seat in bits-hyd???
#ramu2013-05-25 18:09
you may get bits,but not mechanical
#shivamanikanthreddy2013-05-24 17:07
igot 236 marks is there is any possibility to get seat in any one of bits campus
#priya2013-05-20 17:17
except admit card what further i required while giving exam
#Aakriti2013-05-20 10:50
i m also following arihant book,.. is it gud ,.. and are the previous year papers helpful... and plzz tell me m very tensed about ol dat???
#Meenakshi2013-05-18 21:40
I got 278 in BITSAT. Do I have a chance of getting in bits
#Rohan2013-05-27 12:18
#saitej2013-05-22 16:08
I got 265 in BITSAT. Do I have a chance of getting in bits at hyd.
i came to know that,seats also likly to be incresed in all bits collges of bits for any chances to get seat in
#Abhishek2013-05-22 15:27
I got 285..We both may get goa or hyderabad.
#MST2013-05-18 18:08
Scored 280 marks can i get MSc Maths in Goa this year.... and what are they expected fluctuations in the cutoff scores...
#sarita2013-05-18 17:06
how to prepare for bits frm 2day???my xam is on 22nd....shall i start reading ncert again?or i vl do arihant
#Entrance Corner2013-05-20 11:18
Sarita dont start reading anything new now..just before the exam.. as it will only lead to confusion... Just concentrate on revising your strong topics and try to give a brush up to the topics which are a bit weak... try to calm your mind and focus on your while you give any exam, your aim should be that you should correctly attempt those questions from every section which are based on your strong topics....
#manas singh2013-05-18 08:06
i m getting 359 in bitsat.
can i get c.s in bits pilani??
#abhay bansal2013-05-18 06:18
I have got 275 marks in bits. Is there any chance in bits pilani expect b.pharma?
#vineeth2013-05-17 17:11
i got 327 cn i get bits computer this year
#HARIKA2013-05-17 00:37
#ricky2013-05-21 19:22
sorry bits treat everyone equal :)
#Pramila2013-05-15 22:00
I got 240 marks in Bits.. do you think I have any chance.. ?
#Himanshu Saxena2013-05-12 02:02
but i m not satisfied with above context,
what could be the cutoff for this year(2013)
#Himanshu Saxena2013-05-12 02:01
yup!!!!!!!!!!! this book by arihant is really a gud opt
#ashok cheepati2013-05-10 15:43
sir!! i have applied for bitsat exam and and i choose may 18 to write bitsat examination. now i want to change my exam date. how can i change my exam date??
#Amanshu2013-04-12 16:55
How to prepare for BITSAT from today onwards ?
my exam is on 20th may.
#asritha v2013-04-27 15:27
U can prepare from the

It helps..
#arpit gARG2013-05-13 08:22
yup i am following that bok tooo .... but do we need to do the chpterexersises also or ust the preious year papers
#kyut8162013-05-15 09:18
ye book bekaar h...its very easy than the actual don't follow this book. Im also throwing this book
#animesh2013-05-21 15:47
true that !
#Ashish Gupta2012-12-07 19:58
I m Intrested in Bits Piline t Be (cs). pls tell me total fee be Be Cs. thanks
Ashish gupta