AIEEE 2013 Exam date

The AIEEE 2013 has been scrapped after the introduction of JEE Main 2013. Now the students have to give JEE Main 2013 which will resemble the paper 1 of AIEEE. The detailed information about the exam will  be updated by the end of September when the complete notification will be released by the controlling board of JEE Main. Till then keep watching for the updates.

For more information please visit the following link:

JEE Main 2013.

Start preparing yourself six months before AIEEE 2013 Exam date. Admit cards will be dispatched four weeks before AIEEE 2013 exam date. If some one is unable to appear in AIEEE on the scheduled AIEEE 2013 exam date, then no re-examination shall be held in any situation. If the AIEEE 2013 exam date is declared as public holiday even in that case the AIEEE exam will be held as scheduled. AIEEE aspirants must be aware of exam pattern before AIEEE exam date. You can take the help of various sample papers, previous year papers which will tell you about the level of questions can be asked in the paper. AIEEE exam paper includes questions which have 4 options for students to choose the correct answer. Every correct response shall entail the full marks and wrong responses shall lead to the subtraction of 1/4th of the whole total marks allotted to that particular question.You can check your application status 45 days before the exam date. Education qualification for AIEEE 2013 exam

  • The 10+2 level examination of any recognized Central/State Board of Secondary Education Examination.
  • Intermediate or two-year Pre-University Examination conducted by a recognized Board/University.
  • Final Examination of the two-year course of the Joint Services Wing of the National Defence Academy.
  • Any Public School/Board/University Examination in India or abroad recognized by the Association of Indian Universities as equivalent to 10+2 system.
  • H.S.C. Vocational Examination.
  • A pass grade in the Senior Secondary School Examination conducted by the National Open School with a minimum of five subjects.
  • 3 or 4-year diploma recognized by All India Council for Technical Education {AICTE} or a State Board of Technical Education.

Don't panic a day before AIEEE 2013 exam date. No need to get nervous if you had practice number of questions in last 2 months.Try to be cool and keep revising your concepts and formulas. Never covered yourself a week before AIEEE exam date. If you want to crack AIEEE, clear your concepts form NCERT textbooks and just stating practice till the AIEEE 2013 exam date.

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#rakesh kalra2013-06-30 19:48
How many student appear in the 2013
#Parth Bhanderi2013-05-09 21:19
how much marks are required for AIEEE ???
#Sabir2013-05-09 18:54
Dear Sir,
I requst to you please insure next aeee exam date.

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#anam2013-04-09 15:34
i can't atend my b.arch paper . I have some problem on my home that day ...
So what i do?? Plz tell me
#abhimanyu2013-04-07 12:54
plz tell me the last date of aieee exam
#vijay2013-04-06 07:11
i want know exam date
#vijay2013-04-06 07:09
iwant to know exam date
#nimmi walia2013-04-04 17:17
please send my aieee 2013 admit card , and tell the exact date of exam,,
#Gaurav Kaintura2013-04-04 14:29
When is AIEEE entrance exams??
#priyambada rout2013-04-04 11:32
I Priyambada Rout,lost my application no.Please help me sir/mam for my admit card.So that i would very much thankful to u.plz plz plz plz plz help me.ur help is urgently necessary to me.
#archana2013-04-01 10:44
plse teell me the last date of form submission
#archana2013-04-01 10:44
i want to know the last date of submission
#M.Manirathnam2013-03-31 22:27
#M.Manirathnam2013-03-31 22:25
#madan2013-03-31 12:09
i want the exam date please
#chola chanikya raju2013-03-26 16:08
when the aiteee exam result will come
#chola chanikya raju2013-03-26 16:05
is there mining in aiteee
#Rajesh bhagat2013-03-21 09:52
I have info about aieee exam
#nishant kumar2013-03-19 08:06
[fv]nishant kumar[/fv]
#anitha2013-03-15 12:02
please announce the entrance exam date and exam pattern..
#himanshu yadav2013-03-14 12:06
i want to know my application no.
#NARENDRA KUMAR2013-03-13 19:28
#Shubham2013-03-13 12:24
Exam Centre
#sammy2013-03-12 15:02
aieee exam date is 7/4/2013
#liyakath2013-03-10 21:16
i want to know my application number
#sammy2013-03-12 14:59
1st go to then u see a Column forget application number sill up your information then u get your application number
#sravani2013-03-09 19:08
I want to know when halltickets will be issued
#abhishek chauhan2013-03-06 13:07
#Avinash2013-03-06 12:51
I want to know AIEEE exam date.
#md. shabbir ali2013-03-05 19:25
I want to know my appilication number
#md. shabbir ali2013-03-05 19:01
I want to know my appilication number
#Boye2013-03-03 12:17
Its tough :-)
#hak2013-03-02 20:35
what is aieee main 2o13 examination?
#when will be aiee2013-03-01 17:57
#PRASHANT2013-02-28 19:06
Tathet we died in hell
#alok2013-02-26 19:59
#prajapati kiran2013-02-16 14:44
#vhatkar shraddha v2013-02-15 14:51
i wnt to change my paper2 form from paper 1& 2........soooooo pllzzzzz tell hw cn i do dat........
#VINITA2013-02-03 00:37
my daughter is 12 grade PCMB Streme student can westill enroll her AIEEE EXAMS PLS ADVISE
#priyanka kumari2013-02-01 17:52
I want to know 2013 aieee examnation d :-) ate.
#anuj kumar2013-01-24 23:53
i want to know what is the last date of update aieee form details..........and what is procedure for it?
plz reply me quickl................
#anuj kumar2013-01-24 23:51
what is the last date of update aieee form detail?
plz give me reply..............
#Radhika Verma2013-01-16 23:00
Can there be a correctionafter online application
#om thakur2013-01-13 16:49
Good information
#roshan2013-01-09 20:04
what is the last date for applying aieee 2013 give me a mail..... :-?
#Gaikwad Sonali Sunil2013-01-07 22:57
Res. Sir/Madam
I fill form JEE(Main)2013 form online, but I want change the suject Paper1 insted of Paper II by online process.
When & How ????????????
I Change it ????????????
#SANJAY GHORAN2012-12-31 18:37
i want to know the date for applying aieee exam..
#Nilesh2012-12-27 22:42
How I can for aieee exam which month ?.....
#tushar kumar2012-12-23 14:10
hey,i want to fill up the form for aiee .can you tell me how to apply
#Aman Srivastava2012-12-15 21:41
Give Me All The Information About AIEEE.
Plz Hurry How can i submit my AIEEE form online? when the forms for aieee are out for 2013 >??
#Aman Srivastava2012-12-15 21:40
When the forms for AIEEE are out for 2013 >?? How can i submit my AIEEE form online? Give Me All The Information About AIEEE.
Plz Hurry .........
#mahesh salve2012-12-14 15:16
thats very nice theam...[fv]mahesh salve[/fv]
#Monika2012-12-14 10:13
give me all information about aieee.
please ....................
#Monika2012-12-14 10:12
give me all information about the aieee.
#Monika2012-12-14 10:11
give me all information about the aieee
please ............................ :-|
#dinesh kumar2012-12-10 01:00
Nice informatiom
#Aakash j2012-12-08 06:13
I want to know the AIEEE Exam applaying date
#deepak2012-12-06 21:18
How apply online
#deepak2012-12-06 21:17
How online prepare
#Divya Bogar2012-12-05 22:47
please let me know exam dates.....
#Divya Bogar2012-12-05 22:40
sir please can i get details of this exam???? application form, fees,exam dates etc...
#HARPREET SHARDA2012-12-05 17:22
what is the website?
#irshad2012-12-03 13:15
how can i apply aieee on line. i don't know the website.
#raja2012-12-02 20:10
sir iI want download form 2013 . so please give me web adress.
#shri2012-12-02 15:46
can we correct submited application form & how
#Kanhu Charan Sahu2012-12-02 13:21
i want know about it i have no idea
#nancy gupta2012-11-28 18:24
plese send the website of aieee.
#nancy gupta2012-11-28 18:23
i do not know the website of aieee.
#Nibedita Mishra2012-11-22 18:36
how can i apply aieee on line. i don't know the website.
#vishal2012-12-11 21:54
search on google' :zzz
#Abhay2012-12-08 14:26
#sanjana2012-11-20 06:43
is there offline available in online
#mahendra sinha2012-11-19 20:06
nice information
#Aryan Srivastava2012-11-18 12:33
How can i submit my AIEEE form online????????????????
#kumari chanchal2012-11-12 15:01
yes aieee form is relised 2013 (1noumber to
#sourav chakraborty2012-11-11 19:31
#parkhi bhatnagar2012-11-11 14:06
pls keep me updated for all the details and shedule od exams....
#Kundan singh2012-11-10 18:20
I am studding in 11 th class . when i passed 12th then please sir informed me. thank you.
#karthik2012-11-10 18:06
hi,,, pls give me information about application issuing date, exam fee details.....
#Kamal patel2012-11-10 09:10
Aieee ke form kab submit hone vale hai
#dipam2012-11-09 22:54
when will the aieee 2013 exams be held?? what are the provisions for online and offline exams??
#jasmehar2012-11-02 19:38
when the forms for aieee are out for 2013 >??
#amit gautam2012-12-26 17:02
when the forms for AIEEE are out for 2013?
#Karan Makwana2012-11-01 22:32
Give Me All The Information About AIEEE.
Plz Hurry
#Sagar2012-10-31 22:33
I meanaieee exam date is 28 april 2013:eek:
#himanshu2012-11-08 13:30
Quoting Sagar:
I meanaieee exam date is 28 april 2013:eek:

#ms azeeza2012-10-28 20:27
#jasvir singh2012-10-28 17:57
i want to know the date for applying aieee exam...
#bm bahuguna2012-10-26 19:31
#moumita2012-10-22 23:45
all informations about AIEEE 2013
#Nitin2012-10-21 21:00
#Debojit2012-10-21 07:04
Kindly confirm for issuing application form for AIEE,2013

#Debojit2012-10-21 07:03
Respected Sir
Kindly send the information for issuing application form of AIEEE, 2013.
Your kind attention in this regard is highly appreciated.
With regards
#tripti2012-10-19 19:12
i wnt to ask dat whethewr it is imp to give iit jee mains for architecture or simply nata..???
pls answer
#Mudasir ahmad2012-10-15 14:01
Is the new pattern of AIEEE only for 2013 or will it be continued onwards?
Is there any benefit for categories i.e., for social caste(SC) nd ST? Reply plz...
#sahil2012-10-10 01:54
when the forms of aieee exam will come?????f
for the students who are preparing for 2013????????
#pallavi2012-10-04 22:11
may i know what is the staring date for applying AIEEE EXAM...?
#ANITESH VERMA2012-11-20 19:13
28 APRIL 2013
#amit2012-10-28 10:59
call me 09812503355
#Gautam kumar2012-10-03 18:39
i am
#asish2012-09-26 21:44
wht is the date of aieee registration
#CHANDRAKANTA2012-09-23 22:52
Let me know if a candidate can give B.arch AIEEE and the ordinary AIEEE both, even if they clash on the same day?

I actually know little about AIEEE B.arch but I wish to get into SPA. So, tell me on what basis is a candidate judged.

#chinna2012-09-22 11:00
sir, i have failed in intermediate can i eligible to write the exam
#amit2012-10-28 11:00
call me 09812503355
#LAYANA2012-09-15 19:30
plz let me know the date for aieee 2013..........and also the pattern for the exam
#LAYANA2012-09-15 19:28
#NIKHIL VERMA2012-09-09 12:16
hello friends please give me all information about aieee
#NIKHIL VERMA2012-09-09 12:14
plz give me all infrmtion of aieee iit
#murali2012-08-31 13:25
I am stading inter second year vocational write 2013aieee exam yes or no
#Kinjal Hinsu2012-08-22 12:48
All Details of AIEEE/IITJEE Preparation
#saurabh yadav2012-07-30 19:32
I ant to ask that what is exam pattern of the AIEEE 2013 after i came to know that aieee would be transfered to iseet...??? i think the exam should be conduted as it is as on year 2002-2012??? why u change the pattern???
#satish2012-07-24 13:14
Please let me know the dates for AIEEE 2013 EXAM
#ashish diwakar2012-07-22 08:58
sir ,give us details about the 2013aieee examination forms
#neha gore2012-07-18 14:00
i had written my aieee exam this year but i could not get the seat.can i attend the exam this year.please reply .
#amit2012-10-28 11:01
call me 098125033554
#minalshah2012-06-15 11:25
plz reply in the aieee exam form and date according to me.