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Recent activities

  • harsh created a new topic repeat xii from another board in the forums.

    passed xii from cbse but got less marks in pcm 

    applied jee mains with cbse details in 2014

    now can i appear for xii from another board like nios and can then i apply for jee mains

    jee mains people will not object to that or will they 


    kindly revert


    wall 5 hours ago
  • sara replied to the topic Re:college help in the forums.


    can u give pref order for following-

    dayanandsagar ece, rns ins , rns ece , bnm ece ?

    wall 7 hours ago
  • DIVYA created a new topic shift course?? in the forums.

    plz provide me details about engineering shift course of cse/ise??

    how it is different from the ordinary course.

    thanks for ur all replies


    wall 1 day ago
  • niteshsinha replied to the topic Re:college help in the forums.
    i dont know about that ...i m in ms ramaiah....and there is no shift course in msrit.....check dsce website u might get some information..
    wall 1 day ago
  • I want to know which is better for mechanical engineering- itm university, gurgaon or jecrc college jaipur?
    profile 2 days ago
  • sara, niteshsinha replied to the topic Re:college help in the forums.

    syllabus nd degree wich we get in shift course are same as dat of regular courses ?

    wall 2 days ago
  • Which college should i choose between MNNIT Allahabad IT, PEC Chandigarh ECE , IIIT Allahabad IT and DTU Civil ? I am in a big dilemma . Please help out.
    profile 2 days ago
  • niteshsinha, DIVYA replied to the topic Re:second round counselling help.. in the forums.
    if u want cse or ise then i dont think u can get any other college....
    wall 2 days ago
  • hi, I'm studying in the same collage and thinkin of preparing for the same. My branch is computer science . Can u help me to crack this lateral entry exam. Please tell how to prepare for it and wat do we need to study for cracking it. Also about the interview session. Please help.!!

    wall 2 days ago
  • faizan hamid created a new topic mae from MAIT or GBPANT in the forums.

    SIR plzz help me.. I am a bit confused.. want 2 pursue mech engg so kindly suggest me which 1 is better mait or gbpant??  rank 3163 dgen

    wall 2 days ago
  • Anushank Varshney replied to the topic Re:University school in the forums.


    304 rank

    wall 3 days ago
  • nimish created a new topic jp noida sec128 vs jp solan in the forums.

    which is better of the two in terms of placements and faculty?

    sec 128 is new.....any idea abt it??


    which is better ece at sec 62 or cs at sec 128??

    wall 3 days ago
  • Mechanical at this rank at both of the above isn't possible...
    HBTI is far far better than body knw abt iet outside up..
    HBTI offers better placement...n ur rank , i think u will get Paint...paint is the best branch in matter of avg placement in whole HBTI
    wall 3 days ago
  • niteshsinha replied to the topic Re:college help in the forums.
    cmrit placements are ok.....not very gud...branch pref depends on u if u really have interest in cse then take cse or ise....and if ur neutral for cse and ece....then i would say take ece....and for cse and ise they are r almost similar...and college also matters so if u get ise in a better college then take that.........
    wall 3 days ago
  • sara, niteshsinha, Garima Sharma replied to the topic Re:college help in the forums.

    Thanks to all !

    out of ece,cs,ins ... which branch i should prefer ?

    How is cmrit cse placements wise ?

    wall 4 days ago
  • niteshsinha, Garima Sharma replied to the topic Re:second counselling in the forums.
    eee u can get in mvit and dsce. mech u can get in dsce. ise u can get in bmsit,pesit south,and dsce. ece u can get in bmsit ,pesit soth and slight chance of here's a complete list......... choose as per ur college and branch pref.
    wall 4 days ago