JEE MAIN Question Paper Analysis

JEE MAIN 2013 Question Paper Analysis, JEE MAIN Exam Analysis

The very first competitive Engineering Entrance Exam of the current academic year – JEE Main 2013 saw its maiden conduction on 7th of April, 2013 in offline mode. With the question papers and answer keys released by a multitude of coaching institutes, the candidates would have evaluated their question papers and generated their exam score.

But how to use this score and have an actual JEE Main Analysis to gauge their exam performance??

Given below is the detailed expert JEE Main Analysis of Paper 1 having detailed description of Exam Pattern, subject wise distribution of Easy, Medium and Hard questions, topic wise distribution of questions and approximate cutoff.

Exam Pattern:

  • As per the earlier notifications of CBSE and other regulatory bodies, the pattern of exam was kept close to that of AIEEE 2012 for the ease of students.
  • Based on JEE Main Analysis, out of 90 questions in JEE Main, 43 questions were from Class XII and 47 were from Class XI syllabus. So, there was 50 – 50 focus on both the classes.

After having an overall glance at the exam, lets have a detailed section wise analysis of JEE Main 2013:

Section A – Mathematics:

  • Major focus was on Class XI syllabus as 19 questions were from its syllabus. Rest of 11 questions was from Class XII.
  • Almost all the questions could have been solved with NCERT’s concepts.
  • As per JEE Main Analysis, if we scale the questions on difficulty level, 13 questions were Easy, 14 were Medium and 3 had a difficulty level of Hard Questions.
  • The chapter wise distribution of questions in Mathematics is given below:

Quadratic Equations: 4

Permutation and Combination: 3

Matrices and Determinants: 1

Trigonometry: 4

Calculus: 7

Vectors: 2

Co – ordinate Geometry: 5

JEE Main Analysis for Physics:

  • In this section of exam, majority of questions were from Class XII making the count to be 20 and 10 questions were from Class XI syllabus.
  • All the questions of this section could also have been solved with NCERT concepts.
  • As per JEE Main Analysis, on the scale of difficulty, 7 questions were Easy, 12 questions were Medium and 11 questions belonged to the category of Hard Questions.
  • The Chapter wise JEE Main Analysis:

Electrostatics: 4

Magnetism: 3

Electricity: 3

Properties of Solids: 2

Modern Physics: 2

Motion: 3

Optics: 4

Thermodynamics: 3

JEE Main Analysis of Chemistry:

  • In this section too, major focus was on Class XI Syllabus with a question count of 18 from it and 12 questions from Class XII syllabus.
  • The questions were based on concepts of NCERT as per the JEE Main Analysis.
  • On the difficulty scale, the section had 17 Easy Questions, 12 Medium level questions and 1 question from Difficult category.
  • Chapter wise distribution of questions as per JEE Main Analysis:

Hydrocarbons: 3

Electrochemistry: 3

Chemical Bonding: 5

Thermodynamics: 3

Alkyl Halides: 2

GOC: 2

After having a detailed look at the questions in JEE Main, lets come to the next step of JEE Main Analysis – the Cutoff Estimation.

The Cutoff of JEE Main is live now. Click on the link given below to check their approximate rank in JEE MAIN exam


We have seen that the overall difficulty level of question paper was AVERAGE and in order to secure a rank below 10000 in this type of paper, a candidate should have attempted at least 17 to 18 questions in each section CORRECTLY. Thus, according to JEE Main Analysis the section wise Cutoff Marks should be 56 for Physics, 75 for Chemistry and 70 for Mathematics.

Based on this detailed analysis of the OFFLINE JEE Main 2013, the candidates who have opted for Online exam should keep the following in their mind:

  • Try to keep your concepts CLEAR and stick to basic concept based questions.
  • Give NCERT a thorough revision and stick to its concepts as JEE Main Analysis showed that majority of questions were concept based.
  • Don’t go for solving Very difficult questions as the exam level is going to be same as that of Offline exam.
  • The candidates should attempt their exam keeping in mind that it is not practicing HARD questions that will help them for better performance, but, as shown by JEE Main Analysis, a clear understanding of concepts is going to be the key determinant of their performance.

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Comment:my 2014 jee mains rank is 119000. will I be able to get seat in any of the nits or iiits.


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