Common IIT JEE 2013 and AIEEE 2013

On February 14, while the world was busy celebrating the day of love, IITians all over the country had united to celebrate dissent.

These students are unhappy over the Human Resource Development ministry's latest announcement to scrap the Joint Entrance Exam and the All India Engineering Entrance exam, and replace it with the brand new ISEET or the Indian Science Engineering Eligibility Test -- a new national level exam that will test class 12 students for their aptitude for science and engineering 2013 onwards.

According to this new arrangement ISEET and board exam scores will now decide the fate of aspirants who want to join the famed Indian Institutes of Technology as well as other reputed technical institutes in India.

With the ISEET, the HRD ministry aims to scrap the purpose of multiple exams held by various science and engineering institutions in the country with a common aptitude test thus reducing the pressure on lakhs of students who prepare for these tests every year.

However, IITians across the country haven't taken the new decision too well and pointed loopholes in the system.

IITians chose to voice their discontent by organising press conferences and filing petitions to express their concerns to their respective institutes.

While students from IIT-Delhi organised a press conference on February 14, 2012, students of IIT-Roorkee filed a petition against the abolition of JEE and IITians from Patna displayed placards like 'Save IIT, Save JEE'.

Confirming the news to, a student of IIT-Roorkee says, "We have already filed a petition. The petition has been handed over to the director of IIT Roorkee signed by more than 1,500 IITians against abolition of JEE and inclusion of 40 per cent weightage of class 12 marks."

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