Jadavpur University alleges shift in govt policy on admissions

KOLKATA: Jadavpur University authorities on Friday claimed that there was a shift in government policy regarding admissions. "The earlier government order had nowhere mentioned that those students who have taken admission in engineering colleges will be barred from applying to the vacant seats. This change was incorporated much later, in the last order. This is a clear shift in the government policy. This is unacceptable since it denies natural justice. The notice has been issued by the technical education department. We are trying to hold talks with education minister Bratya Basu," said Partha Pratim BiswasJU executive council member.

A senior higher education department official said: "It is true that the order barring students who have already taken admission in other engineering colleges from applying again was added later. But it was done with a purpose. First, the industry wanted to ensure seats do not go vacant. Second, students have a habit of switching institutes, which leads to empty seats even after several counseling sessions. Thus we wanted to remove all such possibilities."

He added "In case, in the second round of counseling also full choice has to be given to students who have taken admissions in colleges, then shifting from one college to another leads to complications of the refund of fee and other issues between institutions. It is practically doing counseling again for 25% to 30% original candidates. In the present system of counseling where we have not yet introduced online counseling. It is not possible to complete the work manually before the academic session starts. Next year by introducing online counseling the issue will be possible to be addressed."


Source: Times of India


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