Interview with an IITian [AIR-3 in IITJEE 2007]


About Amrose Birani…

  • My name is Amrose Birani
  • I am a student of Computer science department IIT Bombay.
  • I achieved AIR 3 in IIT-JEE 2007
  • My hometown is Indore a city situated in Madhya Pradesh.
  • I love to play tennis and guitar as my hobbies and in my leisure time.

Coffee with Amrose Birani…

Amrose Birani gave an exclusive interview to “

1) When did you seriously start thinking on writing the JEE exam?

Amrose :-Seriously I started preparing after 10th , but according to me the preparations start off at 8th standard. You should have a logical approach towards all the topics. However the best time to start is after 10th standard. I started in 8th standard, with some books I borrowed from seniors and friends. At the start all the things written in those books seemed to be some alien language , but the fight I made at that time , resulted in improvement of my IQ.

2) How many hours did you study?

Amrose :-I studied about 5-6 hours on an average daily

3) How’s you life going on in IIT ?

Amrose :- The life in IIT’s in the first year was very chill as compared to the JEE studies, I explored all the other possible domains other then academics, like music, dance, sports and many other. 1st year was full of enthusiasm and learning. In second year I mostly focused on some selected hobbies.

Currently I am in my 3rd year. I am the events manager in Entrepreneurship Cell in IITB. Other than organizational work of E-Cell and academics I like to play tennis sometimes. I also try to gym few days (trying to maintain myself :)).

4) Which books you followed for IITJEE preparations?

Amrose :-


* S.L. Loney (Coordinate Geometry and Trigonometry)

* Arihant (General Problem Solving)

* Hall & Knight (Algebra)

* Rest follow CBSE books


* H.C Verma

* I.E Irodov (first solve HCV then move onto Irodov)


* Arihant


* P. Bahadur


* Paula Bruice

* I L Finar

* J D Lee

5) Which was your first books which you chose to improve your concepts in PCM?

Amrose :-Resnick Halliday Walker for Physics.

6) Can you please tell us your daily routine of studying or timetable?

Amrose :-Generally I didn’t had a fixed schedule , but I always maintained a stop watch at my study table , I started it whenever I was studying , and stopped it whenever I left the desk , like this I used to maintain a daily record. This technique was very helpful in increasing my confidence and efficiency.

7) Any advice you would like to prescribe for the aspirants?

Amrose :-Best of luck to all JEE aspirants

Just follow this

“Success is failures after failures without losing your enthusiasm”

So just keep fighting and don’t lose your enthusiasm