4 Months is All What You Have...

Well nowadays I have met students who say “I am loosing my confidence”. Should I drop?

What Will Happen If You Lose Your Confidence?

First of all tell me …What will happen if you lose your confidence? Is it going to help you?

The answer is NO.

So why to take tension. Just go there, write your exam. Rest leave it to god.

Why are you thinking of dropping Now?

First let the exam happen.

IIT at any Cost…

See your aim must be only IIT, Nothing else. Dont think about any other exam. Don’t think “Mera IIT mein nahin hoga to mai AIEEE ka prepare kar Leta/Leti hoon

We all know that it’s high time but the difference between ordinary and EXTRA ordinary is that EXTRA

IITians won’t lose hope at this time. Am I right?

4 Months is all what you have…

We all watch movies, don’t we?

You just watch them or learn anything from them?

Have you seen CHAK DE, that sattar minutes? Just replace that sattar minutes by 4 Mahine (months)

4 Months, 4 Months is what all you have. If you study day and Night in these 4 months, then nobody can stop you from getting selected in IIT’s”

You have to give your best, that’s It”

Nothing to lose. That’s what your thinking must be.

Just Finish the Syllabus as Soon as Possible…

If your preparations are not over yet then finish them as soon as possible and if you have started now then don’t worry 4 months are enough for JEE if you prepare sincerely.

If you have lots of syllabus to do, then try to finish it by the end of Feb so that you can spend March and April for revision.

Try to finish the chapters properly. It’s a common tendency of a student to finish the chapter in a hurry so that he/she can move on to the next chapter. See, if you do gaseous state of Chemistry, don’t do it half heartedly (to do more chapters ahead). Finish it properly.

If you know 7 out of 10 chapters (properly), its far better than 10 (not properly studied)

And the most important, if your preparation is full, why are you losing confidence?

If it’s not complete then do it. Whats the use of losing confidence?

So the decision is in your hands. How you want to manage the preparation totally depends on you.

I just want each and every one of you has a bright future

I want all the ECians who are aspiring for IIT to fulfill their dream of being an IITian.

If We Try, We Can and We Will…

So please cut the crap and don’t lost hope because 4 months is all what you have.

Just keep studying and try to enjoy the process of preparing for IITJEE or any other exam.

Keep studying, Make Entrance Corner, your parents, your teachers and most importantly yourself proud…

All the best

Discuss Your Doubts

Author: harshul bhutani

Comment:what should i do 3 months left boards or entrance ? but seriously want to crack jee


# swami amit 2013-09-26 17:25
it is good. thank for this
# RIYA 2013-09-03 19:53
whatever is written is superb. hope i would have read it earlier then i wouldnt have committed the same mistake. i lost my confidence in december,i was so worried that i was not able to concentrate on my studies anymore.i thought i lost it completely.i was at a big loss at end.i at last just repented for my useless thought.
# inferno9235 2012-05-05 19:11
Nice article man!
# #mgs 2012-03-27 21:46
superb!!!!!!!!! !!! and many many thanx........
# rajat1113@yahoo.in 2011-11-30 02:23
manish bhaiya kuch bhi nahi ata still can i crack iit jee kaise 8 hrs for iit aj sai and 3 hrs board ka padege toh top 3000 mai rank aa sakti hai kya bhaiya ...?plese help bhaiya books bata dijiye.thanks
# jayshankar senior lecturer in narayana andhra pradesh} 2011-09-02 22:58
its easy guys if u wnat to crack iit and boards study ncert as thourthly as possible as most of iit lectures select questions based on ncert syallabus
and remember guys its not imp to get 90percent in boards if u fair enough with 80 per cent it is good.all that u want is edge frm others.let the others get 90percent and no iit and u will get edge as u have scored 80 percentand also iit

no tesion guys just do what u can di sincerely and everything else depends on u r luck be confident
# anchal agarwal 2011-06-05 12:13
sir can u help me m a 12th clas student n m nt gettng hw to manage boards n iit together... i ve wastd al my tym till nw n itz nt ki m a backbencher or looser.. i noe dat m a gud student bt nw nt gettng any way to go to jee.. m totally a confusd gal n always ned anyone's support.. tell me wat to do??
# shubham1674 2010-12-04 13:06
sir ,i right now studying in usit,ip university with ece ranch,first year
can tell mme if i start preparing from now can i be able to crack aieee with gud rank.also suggest some steps
# dhruv narayanan 2010-09-03 22:40
yaar manish bhai please help!! i am in class XI right now and my state is pathetic! i was one of the toppers of my school in class X with a 9.4 CGPA ( about 90%)..now i don't know what has happened... i did not join any coaching.. bcoz of the fear of unable to cope with pressure! nw i don't find time for other subjects... now my first term exams are just 1 week away and i hardly know anything except maths... don't know what to do.....i am loosing confidence.... what should i do?? i may even fail or score really bad!! My teachers also told me that 11th class is tough, very different from X. So don't expect the same this year... They say max. children fail in chem.and physics or just pass...... 6 chapters total in chem. that is my main tension..... i knw them only partially with 3 being untouched... 2 are small..... what should i do?? i don't have time left... well whatever the result would be, i have learnt a lesson.. ie to study from NCERT only and whatever... leave your time equally to all subjects.... ALSO MY PHY. TEACHER SAYS PAPR WOULD COME FROM NCERT BUT MY OTHER FRNDS SAY THAT THE BOOK IS NOT FIT TO STUDY... IT HAS VERYTHING IN SHORT WITH NO PROPER EXPLANATIONS... ..... I JUST DON'T KNW WT 2 DO... PLEASE HELP.. ALSO PLEASE TELL WOULD I BE ABLE TO COME BACK IF I SCORE BADLY.... PEER PRESSURE IS SO MUCH!! I WILL STUDY ONLY NCERT...FOR CHEM... FIRST EXAM CHEM. ON 14 AND PHY. ON 20. 3 DAYS HOLIDAY FOR PHY. 4 CHPTRS CUMING..BATAO YAAR..... PLEASE... QUICK! TIME'S RUNNING! ALSO PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO POST A QUESTION IN FORUM... I AM NEW.. HELP!!! WITH WHOLE PROB.:sad::sad:
# Content Team 2009-12-20 02:36
Kumar Vishwes

yaa u can....yaar.... read the article....ur all quesries will get answered
# Kumar Vishwesh 2009-12-14 01:04
i am feeling so regretted,i hav not started till now.is there any possibility to crack iit-jee in remaining 3&half months.I hav to crack it any way,otherwise my life would be useless.If i study 12 hrs.per day,can i make it.plz reply.i am so tensed that i am not concentrating on anything.
# ShikharVats 2009-12-13 23:41
BRo itz very easy to say all dat u hav js said bt is vry hard to to put d plan 2 action....i hope u undrstnd ..:cry:
# Content Team 2009-12-11 07:50
lost my self

dude its very easy to die....let me tell u how to ......AGAR MARNA HI HAI TO KUCH KAR KAR MARO YAAR......ATlea set...STUDY HARD FOR these 4 months...and then die :sad::sad:

Sorry for being rude....man.... but what to say...tumhare.. ...qn hi aisa hai.....There are 4 months left....so work hard now and try to Push urself as hard as possible.....

so dont get this...qn in ur mind ever.....life is full of challenges....s o try to overcome them....not escaping from them
# .... 2009-12-11 06:01
Just remember that Eklavya was the world's best archer not Arjun.
# lost my self 2009-12-10 23:30
hey guys can u tell me how can i die?
becoz i want to b n iitn bt now i cant understand how 2 manage board exam n iit togather.
# Content Team 2009-12-09 03:17

if u were a topper in 11th std...then why worry...it means that u have that material to crack jee....so dont worry and keep studyig...and timemanagement is the best technic to manage school and iitjee studies....and i have posted a timetable also on that;
# surbhi kalia 2009-12-08 01:24
it ws really guud fo a person like me whus like gone in 12th...ws a topper in 11th...nw pata nhn kya ho gaya,...seems like pura syllbs rehta hai...kddd karun...skul pressur is loading...nd god forbid i sleep kumbhkrn typs...wt to do...:o
# Abhinav singh 2009-12-06 22:31
in will definetly go .thanx dude i needed that
# Mukund OO7 2009-12-06 04:48
thanx any way will try to follow each and every step u told
# Content Team 2009-12-03 14:21
i mean that...whenevar u solve any problem..wheter its IITJEE level or board level.....or even if its objective problem......so lve it in complete steps...like how u solve question in the board answer paper....

This will perpare u for both /.....Time toh lagega dude...but whatever u do do it properly
# Jayanth 2009-12-03 12:23
solve objective questions in subjective method?...i dont understand man :P .. can u pls elaborate ...and i am not at all prepared for 11th portions...im just doing 12th very thoroughly from NCERT....im planning to do waves, mechanics and permutations and combinations after board exams....but its taking me a very long time to learn the concepts...is there any way i can speed up this process?
# Content Team 2009-12-03 10:39

the best trick is that....solve all the problems even objective problems in subjective method...this will prepare urself for both boards and JEE try it
# Content Team 2009-12-03 10:35
divya s

dont listen to ur teachers.....u know urself beter then ur teachers.....i think u can ofcourse crack JEE.....on of my friend....(a girl) started at this time.....and she cracked JEE and she is in IIT delhi....

so dont listen to ur teachers....
# divya s 2009-12-03 02:32
jus had my term 2 xams didnt do very well
my teachers said i must stop thinking of jee n work for bords.
this angered me so much ,dey forgot all dose wonderful science events where i won scolarships.
so definetly i either do or i die ......................
thanx dude for postin such stuf........................
best of luk to all other frens also who read dis article........ ...............
# ashraf 2009-12-02 22:17
Manish, as always you are soothing.
Thank God you made me an ECian.
# Rehan 2009-12-02 18:22
Nice article.guyz nd galz its do or die.
All or nothing.
Perform or Perish situation.

Go...nd Show all of wot u cn do!
# Jayanth 2009-12-02 18:14
hey, i was just wondering if i start now will i be able to do well in boards as well as get good rank in IIT?....can i get good rank by only studying NCERT as it will help me in my board preps as well...and after boards i will prepare only for jee...is this plan good enuf for jee? or should i only study cbse and then spend next year preparing for JEE?
# apurv adarsh 2009-12-02 15:39
had slept......afte r just submitting my jee form at post office. when i wake up i see this!!
wat else can u ask for!
# apurv adarsh 2009-12-02 15:36
tears jus comin out!
it has to be iit every way...not jus any way!