5 Months left For IITJEE- Important Advice

Get Serious Now:

There might be many who have started their preparations now. It’s high time that they get serious. JEE is only 5 months away. If you want to enter the hallowed portals of IIT then you need to work very hard. Start studying from today if you haven’t started yet.

It’s not too late for JEE.I can’t say that you will surely get an AIR 1 in IITJEE.But i can assure you that if you prepare seriously from this moment then you can get yourself in top 1000.Think about it.

It’s Not the Right Time to Procrastinate:

After practicing procrastination for complete 2 years you might have got some clear idea how procrastination destroys time. Procrastination is postponing things for tomorrow. If you procrastinate now then it’s same as “apne pair par Kulhadi marna”. Forget all the enjoyments now and think about the day when you will be sitting to answer the JEE exam. I don’t want you to regret when you have thee JEE question paper in front of you. Avoid postponing thing for tomorrow. Try to complete whatever work is assigned to you on that day itself.

Preparing For the Judgement Day:

Preparing for IITJEE is like preparing for a war. You need to think in advance now. It’s the time when you think about your future. Start preparing now for the judgement day. Study 6 to 7 hours. Leave all the enjoyments for only 5 months of your life.

Have confidence in yourself and (Never)n ever give up.

Discuss Your Doubts


# shruti singh 2012-09-26 15:45
hi sir, i want to ask u that only 5 months will be remains for board exams and i can't concentrate my study. give me planer for complete my class 12 syllabus in next 3 months and also suggest me how can i study well and be concentrated in my study. sir is it possible that i will complete my class 12 syllabus next 3 months. plz.. plz.. suggest me what can i do for study plz mail me in my id. don't forget my request sir
# hjdsfh 2012-05-28 13:30
# A. Snigdha 2012-05-24 15:25
''very good and helps you to get some idea for you about your future!''
# dhinesh 2012-02-01 07:19
this is dhinesh Iam studying 11 . my ambition is to become an aeronautical engineer .plz send me time table for crack IIT .my school timings is 7 AM to 7 PM.IN SPITE OF MY AMBITION I WANT TO GET GOOD MARKS IN 12 BOARD .SO KINDLY ADVICE ME TO WHAT TO DO FIRST . THAT'S TO CONCENTRATE MORE ON IIT OR MY BOARD . SO KINDLY SEND ME A TIME TABLE PLEASE ...
# ankit1396 2012-01-30 04:17
i have got 13 months to crack IIT of 2013. my problem is that i have read all the theory part that is taught but practice for sums is done very less. sir is saying that sums will make crack IIT . i have to do my college study also. my college is of morning and classes is at 6 pm. so my main question is that how do i plan my studies in these 13 months. please reply me .
# smartyash jain 121 2011-12-20 08:15
my name is Yash Jain from Wardha, Maharashtra
To tell you frankly i haven't started studying for iit yet
My Problem is that i cannot concentrate properly because of the fear to fail in iit
My Teachers are advicing me to study rather mh-cet r aieee but i am determined to become an iitian
I doesn't have suitable study material available with me and I also have to do self study without any coaching of IIT
I am also not able to manage my time
I am referring these books :
Modern ABC of Chemistry XI XII CBSE
Modern ABC of Physics XI XII CBSE
and R.D Sharma for Mathematics
I have following schedule can you please devise a time table for iit study accordingly

6:30 to 1:30 College
3:30 to 8:30 Tutions for XII

I even got 94% in X Do you think i can make my way to iit
# Sreedeep 2011-12-11 06:00
Sir, i have inspired more by ur motivation. But, i am not at all having hope of getting jee. I know i am capable to get a seat in IIT-JEE. According to me, i haven't yet completed any chapters for the exam. Will u please give the important chapters (in the three subjects) schedule that should be completed by starting now? Can i get a seat in IIT by preparing seriously and leaving all the entertainment for 4-5 months. "TO GET A SEAT IN IIT IS MY DREAM" sir. But, now i am worried that i can't fulfill my dream. Sir, please help me!! Now ,i am fully frustrated. I WANT TO GIVE MY BEST SIR. I need ur guidance. Please, give me important chapters schedule for jee that should be completed.
# manu100 2011-11-17 08:09
hi,sir,i m in 12th and preparing for jee..i was studying very well before the month of aug 2011.but after it i wasted my time in extra things like gaming,fband other thing.and i also left my some classes .i m very sad and regret now.can i crack jee if start hard working now?my 11th is also not so much clear.i can do everything for cracking jee whatever will u say. Plz plz-2...help me and tell me how much time should i study and how should i prepare?
# komal mishra 2011-11-07 02:20
hey can u plsss.......pls i require a time table to manage time can u pls send a time table
# komal mishra 2011-11-07 02:17
hey can u pls help....i want to do it....and im also ready to work hard...but cant find a proper shedule....can u pls suggest a time table...and the imp books required....pls help pls:-)
# anusha balusu 2011-11-03 21:50
im a student of fiitjee vizag branch and i have only 5 months left in hand i seroiusly want a revision/study plan..my lecturers are confusing me with various ideologies plans and cpps(chapter practice problem sheets) and im totally stuck up between not knowing what books to follow for theory as well as problem solving strategy.my sirs are actually suggesting different knds of stuff which i think wouldnt be that effective.i seriously want your help since am a very serious aspirant of iit jee..and i really want to carack iit and enter into an iit institution.ple ase help me.i wasted almost all my first year and half of the second year and i lack self confidence very badly even though am good at basics and especially in chemistry.chemi stry is my only strong hold.but im quite weak in maths.so please give me a daily schedule or at least a 5 month time table.ill be very grateful to u .seriously
# aryan raj 2011-10-29 18:16
Hello bro
actually i have dropped for the jee 2011and preing for jee2012 but till now i havent a littel bit of prepration as i always try to complelet a certain chapter in the mid i just hve to leave i dont know the exact reasion but need urs help so that io can secre a good rank.i am not able to prepare a best time table till now .kindly help plzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzz
# anurag 2012-09-18 21:31
v need to minimise d use of electronic gadgets such as cell phones, tv whch is only d reson for d lack of concentratn...
# Itisha sharma 2011-10-27 22:58
hello sir,
Sir ..i also preparing for jee ..
Bt at this tym m very frustrated ..bcoz nw i hv only 5 to 6 mnths ...
N very bad thing here is tht till nw . i hvn't completed .. Any chapters ... .. ..
Plzz help me plzzz ... N plzz suggest w t tymtable i should follow to give my best and my jee coaching classses is from 8.00am to 1.00 pm
so pls take care of it...

but i wanna crack iit any how...
i will leave all my njoyments... but pls help me out... how can i manage all such....

# charanpreet oberoi 2011-10-22 12:50
sir i wana ask u dat if my cbse is extremely strong then will i be able to get into NSIT or DCE..i am a delhiite ...what should be my average and average score for gettin into dese collgs ..nd will cbse preparations be enough if i need to get into them..i assure you ,my cbse is outstanding ..i took jee classes for sme months and i felt that m ruining my cbse too..so decided to quit it..HELP !!! URGENT!! if u dnt have idea about it then pls ask someone who is from science background too..:-):-) m planning to solve some aieee reference books after my preboards
# sakshi thakur 2011-10-17 23:37
:-) Hi sir m in 12. m preparing for jee.. if i clear this exam. bt could not clear 12. so could i give the test again if ya then after how many months or if there is any chance for a year. sirrrrrrrrr.. plz heip me........
# ashu p 2011-10-14 09:28
i am going to take second attemp for iit-jee . there are 5 months left for exam. i am not able to manege with my coaching centre because it is only for cet prepration & not for iit -jee. should i leave it or continue with it & prepair for iit-jee on my own ?
i am wating for sugation . please help me .
# Minakshi kalyani 2011-10-10 07:50
Sir ..i also preparing for jee ..
Bt at this tym m very frustrated ..bcoz nw i hv only 5 to 6 mnths ...
N very bad thing here is tht till nw . i hvn't completed .. Any chapters ... .. ..
Plzz help me plzzz ... N plzz suggest w t tymtable i should follow to give my best
# kartavya 2011-10-10 05:52
hello sir , im a dropper and preparing for iit jee . sir i want to ask that im getting avg score in my tests and i know thats not enough to get good rank, and its vrey less time left for me . sir plzzz advice me abt how to increase my performance to above avg level.
# Minakshi kalyani 2011-10-10 04:56
Hello sir ...
M so much frustrated nw ...
Plzz help me ....
# rickey 2011-10-01 21:52
cn u give me time tble plese
# afshan 2011-09-27 06:32
i am in eleventh. i m going for iit coaching classes. everyone are frightening me like something that its very difficult and you can crack it only if you study day and night . i really dont have any idea on which basis you can enter iit seriously frightened but anyways wanted to just do it ..............
# Ajinkya umathe 2011-09-04 08:49
Hello sir , Iam an average student this article really motivate me plus showing mirror to me ... i got 70 % in 10th and this year is of my 12th .. load is on the both way...
i also have correspondense course of IITJEE... but i really found difficulties in time management.... i have to complete 12th board course plus iit jee . please send me time table....
# Prabhat Awasthi 2010-12-24 11:23
URGENT. ......... HELP ME !!!!!!!!!
Sir, I had always been a bright student throughout my life....secured 96% in 10th boards( 98 in maths) and 95% in 12th (M-97 P-94, C-94)...i was over-confident of my success in jee2010 which resulted in a great failure...I gave the jee without any proper revision(studyi ng only inorganic in last half month....nothin g came from the portion i studied). I had secured 28647 rank in aieee 2010...Now only 3 mnths r left and i want myself to get under 800 in jee.
My jee 2010 marks are P-48, C-43,M-69. I could have easily got 269 marks in jee paper but i dont know what happened to me there ....plus i made silly mistakes of 63 marks...which includes (6+3=18)
Though i am able to solve phy questions but i think my concepts r not too gud. (for instance, I had done rotational mechanics 4 tyms(coachin material and HCV) but still iam not confident, similar is the case with SHM, electrostats, Capacitor etc).
My main problem is that I waste a lot of tym in masturbation(do ing it since class 7th and its impossible to leave it now)...after that i feel lyk a culprit ..my confidence level goes down..this again wastes my precious tym....
For the last one month I had been studin for 4 hrs daily (that too on an average, inconsistently) , but its a lot more than I had studied last year (only 2 hrs or so)....
I gain and lose confidence very quickly...like if i study for 5 hrs then i become soo confident that i dont study the next day and after that i become hopeless that i wasted the whole day ...this is continuing for the last two years (its appearing funny but its a serious problem).....
I hav joined a gud coachin institute but due to my irregular studies I hav a lot of pending works....(I get back home from my coachin at 2pm)
I dont know how to overcome my problems soo please guide me.....or else i'll lose the IIT and the IIT will lose me...
I'd also like to know how much rank i can get if i study hard...
# ravi raman 2010-12-11 20:00
i`m desperate to get in jee 2011,i feel okay in maths and chem,but whenever i pick up my physics book for solving problems ifeel as if i cant solve physics problems on my own.i had no tutions in my 11th and almost wasted ny 11th but i`ve been sincere this yr.plzzz reply me here only how to improve my physics.now i`m not going my tutions.will it harm me?
# Rishi Anand 2010-11-25 03:18
Hey, i m feeling very weak for jee... I wasted all the time till now with my friends and all. Yaar mai 2000 k andar rank lana chahta hun. Is it possible and how much daily effort i have to make to achieve bull's eye...

Help me
# BIBHUDATTA PARIDA 2010-11-05 22:44
hey dude .. . . i am really impressed by ur words . . .but iam still in doubt whether i could accomplish my dream . . .bcoz i am not going for any coaching classes . . .i only hv the resonance dlp . . . .can i still get into iit by preparing for iit for just 5 months. . . .. there is another problem as i am studing in school ,i have to spend about 7 hrs at school and about 2 hrs in tuition . . .so i am left with very less time how can i manage my time?????? PLS PLS HELP IMMEDIATELY.
# iit aspirant 2010-11-05 06:57
sir,i had written 2010 iit jee without any preparation as i wasted my time in enjoyments and postponments . know after completion of last 5 months after my sadful
results still due to my lazziness and postponing i had wasted my time but i am sure that i will work hard from know for cracking iit jee 2011 please come to my rescue and and aid me your helping hand by giving meticulus planning

waiting for your help........... ...............
# sui 2010-10-22 12:10
hi sir,im very depressed coz i wasted 11th+10 months i want to get atlest 200+in eee plz sir can u help by giving advice?
i have modern abc objective aieee-physics and chem
arihant aieee obj maths i am a maha board student
i left my coaching class for self study plz help sir plz as i have only 2 monts plz reply soon
# viram 2010-10-19 13:45
hey i am perparing for AIEEE and aiming a top 100 rank.please answear these questions 1}is hc verma sufficient for this purpus?2}how much revision should be done before the exams.i mean how much times?3}i am following AIEEE exporer by MTG.is it benificial?
# swostik 7 2010-10-11 11:21
i saw ur articles......w hich r extreamly helpful........ thanks a lot.......

but...i have a problem....i am good in chem.and average in phy. but when it comes to maths......all my spirits go down.......what to do........how to study maths......how many hours.......whe n to study......plz help its urgent....

i am ready to follow any advice and work hard for 10 hours......plz suggest an estimate time for pcm and if possible give me a daily time table other than the one anuj khurre wrote......

itz urgent only 4 months left......

and the last problem with me.......what to read for cbse class 12 or for iit......which includes both class11 and 12......plz help....

looking forward in anticipation for ur reply......
# AyushM 2010-09-26 02:13
Sir, i m in class XII and enrolled in a FIITJEE school integrated prog..ie i get tym to study at home 3pm onwards daily n from mid nov (wen d syllabus in coachin classes will complete) i'll stay at home and prepare..
Sir, i m VERY WEAK in d PCM but mh teachers say my IQ is high n i can get through bt i hv scored very low marks in d FIITJEE tests i hv taken so far...
Plz suggest me a way to prepare and revise the whole thing from a new end so dt i may land unfder 1000 in IITJEE 2011!
Plz suggest no of hours to dedicate to each subject per day (for both skool days n holidays) n how shud my revision strategy be?
# omar 2010-09-24 18:24
I have just started preparing for jee like there are only 6 months remaining i kept postponing and now i am in trouble since i have to complete the entire portion right from the basics so could you help since i have promised myself that i will study hard from today ............... ...if i put efforts do i have chances ............... ..please i always feel i will never make it like i fail before starting so what to do?????????plea se i really want to get into iit its my dream and i want it to come true
# Shubham singh tomar 2010-09-18 08:57
Hi !!
the same story goes on with me.
only, 6 months left and whole syllabus to be completed. ihav the ability to work hard ( I THINK) , I CAN STUDY 10 - 12 HOURS A DAY.
do u realy its possible to crack iit-jee. NO POLITICALY CORRECT ANSWERS PLZ.
# tiny singh 2010-08-17 20:39
sir, first of all i want to say that ur doing a gr8 job by helping the iit aspirants.now i have many probs,lets start
i scored 80% in my class 10th boards and i m currently in class 12th . i will give iit jee 2011.it mid of aug i dint join any coaching centre in class 11th . but then joined fiitjee,s 1 yr classroom prgm. punjabi bagh new delhi.it started quite good. 1st physics-i study hcv(4 theory) and d.c. pandey(numerica ls) and solve fittjees packages .

chem- i study organic from solomon.physica l from fiitjees packages and inorganic form ncert

maths-i studyrd sharma objective(mainl y for strenthning the concepts) and then some what arihant

the problem is that i m facing problem in lack of concentration .i always think of studing so much but i m not able to.i go 2 school also so i get only 8-9 hrs and in that also i study on 1-2 hrs quality study.i get confused in what to study and how ? is it enough or neccesary?how much is needed in a topic? i seriosly want to crack iit jee and aieee( to get into dce).plz tell what to do ?are the books good?and how to maximise my potntial?plz sir

thank you
# swadha 2010-08-16 19:23
# Pratyush10 2010-05-09 18:42

I have just given my 12th boards alongwith IIT, and i am getting around 60-65 marks (in IIT) only this time. I know i didnt took it seriously. I consider myself to be a good student but the problem is, i get easily carried away. I find it extremely hard to concentrate on studies. I dont have a problem understanding things, and i find iit to be easy. But, due to my lack of commitment, i have lost hope. I really want to study hard, but i know that i cant ever sit with books for 10 hours a day. I think 6 hours a day is max what i can study. Is it enough sir if i have to appear for JEE the next year, i.e., in 2011? And sir, when is the best time i should study? I wake up quite late as i talk on phone till late night. But, if you say morning is the best time for studying, then i will surely change my routine. I desperately need to get a rank within 1000, and i know i am quite intelligent to do so. The only thing i lack is self confidence and lack of commitment combined with the fact that i doubt the quality of books which i study frequently.

Can you please confirm the quality of books which i study? It would be quite helpful..

For Physics, i use University Physics (By Sears & Zemansky/ Young & Freedman) and D C pandey. University Physics is basically for theory and concept grasping aprt, while D C Pandey is for problem solving part. I find HC Verma to be inadequate due to the lack of number of solved plus unsolved questions. Are these 2 buks enough for JEE?

Now comes chemistry. For organic, i use Solomons & Fryhle...plus TMH Chemistry (latter being only for objective questions). For inorganic, i dont use any book coz i find inorganic quite boring and sumthing which relies on rote memorisation (which i must admit i am not too fond of), but i do have J D LEE. Anyway, i think i will leave inorganic and wont even care to touch a single aprt of it? Is it a wise decision sir? Coz according to me, inorganic is the subject which is given the least importance in JEE, AIEEE, or any other exam, for that matter. Now, physical/Genera l chemistry. for the basics and foundation part, i use McMurry's Chemistry. But this book is very basic. So, i use VMC's study material too along with TMH for objective questions. And i do have some good books for objective questions. I have heard that VMC's study material isn't quite reliable when it comes to theory part (students of VMC say this). So, naturally, i am afraid. Any good theory book sir for JEE level?

Now at last comes maths, a subject in which i haven't done much. But i will start with S L Loney for Trigonometry, Co-ordinate Geometry and Hall & Knight for algebra for building the basics. Then, i will go for arihant books. I know arihant books have too many of questions and many of the questions are un-necessarily of high level. I have heard ML Khanna to be a good book. Which should i prefer sir? I need your help quite badly. Sorry for the length of this post. I hope you wont mind it. :-)

Thanking you,
# Content Team 2010-03-07 08:38

see u say that ur fundas are clear so why worry....just revise and revise...as ur boards are going on now then i recommend u to focus of boards rather than IITJEE...but u can prepare for jee at the same time by solving jee level problems in ur board syllbus...and last tip is dont take any stress...just move on and revise....thats all i can say
# RIVA VERMA 2010-03-07 04:58
sir, found ur article helpful.. its march nw.. board exams gng on.. being an iit 2010 aspirant my fundas are quite clear.. although i do keep forgetting things.. im a bit weak at phy.. and hv decided to leave mechanics portion... as 11th april is the final date.. could u suggest me some strategy to work out things so that im successful at IITJEE... also ive FIITJEE tests and GMP at my disposal... also some say that tests shd be given in the day time bt im more comfortable at night.. so..??? also is it really relevant to give tests after full revision.. plzzz reply soon.. no time left up...!!!
# Ashok1 2010-02-02 19:56
Hello sir me in 11 th i m giving IIT 11 but have joined clases for only 1 year me feling tnesed but me studing in home for 4-5 hrs my concern is that in Physics i read concepts and understand it but my question is shuld i byhear the concepts through ya i by byheart laws i.e e.g netows 3 laws of motion that all suld byheart but my question is shuld i byheart concepts also i know now its only 15 months for me 2 crack IIT its 2 late for me 2 cover how much hrs shuld i study 2 crack IIT plz do reply Sir
# saur_IIT 2009-12-31 03:15
hi its december end now and i havent even completed my syllabus...
I feel pretty confident of cracking maths and pretty lot of organic.....
but physics is a problem
Please help me...and suggest a strategy to tackle physics and moreover revise whatever has beeen done..
Can I crack JEE in these 2 months if i prepare damn seriously..
# salima hirani 2009-12-22 07:49
can u tell me how to start with?which chapter to begin with? what to do? plz help me out,please.
# jatin thakur 2009-12-09 18:46
hi manish.. I m jatin from shimla hp. I got 94 prcnt in 10 and 86 prcnt in 12. Somehow due to procastination n daydreaming i cudnt qualify aieee or jee. So i tuk a drop. That yr.i passed thnkng of my dream destination nit trichy and dce. As a rsult i failed to qualify national cut off in aieee nxt year. So i joined a privat engg. College. But i want to get back to my winning path. I believe in famous saying of geeta that u shud prform ur action n dont thnk of rsult for action is always better than inaction. I will give aieee 2010 my best shot as this is my last chance of aieee. I will star preparing for it from jan.. 2010 aftr my 1 sem.. Gets over . Do u think looking at my past rcord.. That i can ever achieve my goal of getting AIR below 500 with mere 3 months of preparation.if yes then plz give me names of books for physics n maths which i can grasp in 3 month time. I can devote 13-15 hrs.. Each day for 3 months. I thnk that its impossible to outrun students who are getting coaching at kota for past 2 yrs..n i never had coaching or tutions till now. Igot marks in 10 n 12 with just slf study. So can i make my way 2 nit trichy with slf study of mere 3 months.. Plz rply soon....
# jatin thakur 2009-12-09 18:08
hello manish... I m jatin thakur from h.p. In 10 i got 93 prcnt and in 12, 87 prcnt. But i cudnt clr jee or aieee so i tuk a drop. That yr.. I wastd thinkng of dce and nit trichy. But again all in vain. Nxt yr. I was not able to even qualify the national cut off in aieee. Some how i securd a position in govt. Engg colg.(uiit shimla).now i m thinkng of giving aieee n this is my last chance. I will start preparng from jan.2010,aftr completion of 1 sem.. Do u thnk(being a genius in judging others) i can make my way 2 my dream destination nit trichy or get AIR below 500. plz... Also considr my past rcord. If yes then plz tell me some books which i can complete in 3 months and get air below 500. See i can devote any amount that u suggest me.. Also give me some tips that u followed which can help me to perform at my peak level. Once i was considrd as an unbeatable champ and now i m not even going well here in btech. Bcoz i think wholeheartedly of aieee. Plz.. Guide me through my downtime i will always ba thankful to you... Plzzz.. Rply soon.

# Content Team 2009-12-07 02:39
you said that u can do anything to get into iit ....then do one thing...forget all the other things except studies....Dont hangout with ur frns for thse 4 months if u want to crack JEE...

and if u scored 91% in 10th then ofcouese u are capable to crackjee man...

see u must understand that its now or never....so better buck up....and read some of my articles....i think some of the articles are there which can solve ur problem
# nitish singh 2009-12-06 21:45
hi manish!!

i m a drop out student...i secured 91% in tenth..but ruined my 11th & 12th...however i reallised my mistake in january and satrted studing for my boards from jan ..i secured 83.4% and landed up securing a rank in eml.........my family suggrested me to repeat this year...i came kota and presently studing at bansal...i secure almost 1000 rank here but i have no confidence in my self ......at begining i started off with a great pace but due to my friend circle it is dieing off ...i really can do any thing to get mechanical at iitd ...and want to start again wid fresh enthusiasm but d problem is that i m too much involved in other activities..wat h can i do???? ...i m in a great trouble...plz help!!! {reply here}
# prac 2009-12-01 15:08
sir im currently studying electronics in nsit and got 74 rank in cee last year and 4300 rank in jee and 96% in cbse. sir is it possible to get a rank within 1000 if i start preparing rite nw?? i want to give jee this year also and so i have started preparations from now but my parents keep telling me that i wont be able to clear jee. sir please give me a timetable so by the end of january i m confident enuf to say dat i can surely get a rank within 1000. PLEASE REPLY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
# Content Team 2009-11-29 10:00

Thats the spirit Dheera...u shud not worry abt the result...but just work and study hard....karam karta jaa magar fal ki chinta mat kar....
and if not AIR 1 anything less than it is ofcourse better....

u said u just want to get satisfied with ur work...so do it naa...jjust dont waste any more time thimking abt ur past....and abt the timetable....i have already posted an article on that topic....check that article...in expert aricle.....Dude that planning....shu d be done by urself....i cant do anything in that matter....but u can take some idea from the article How to prepare for JEE in 6 months...Stepwi se master plan
to get into top 100 one needs to have the spirit like how u have now....jsut keep up the spirit....and stop worrying...as it wastes a lot of precious time
# Dheera 2009-11-26 17:52
First of all ... your articles are of great help !! thank you very much. Acty I landed up in eml in 2009 jee , and i was deppressed alot and it took me all these months to cope up with that and get myself ready for the next attempt but lot of time is been wasted now i have only 4 months left in my hand. I want to give my best , i acty want to achive AIR 1, i just want to work hard for it ....i can study 10-13 hrs ......i want to get satisfied by my work, it really doesnt matter what can i get in the result. Just from my side ...i want to give 100 % .Please help me with that. I want to finish the 50 % course till december. I would be a great help if you provide me a study suject timetable .... like what are the topics to be finished in one day or something like that ...... that would be a great favor !! i want to do more imp topics first like electrostatics, optics, calculas, mole concept ....etc. can you please plan a daywise, or weekwise planner for me to complete the entire sllybus till jan 2010 [ imp topics in dec ]
please that would be a great help !!
Also if you have any other suggestion for achieving AIR 1 ....or like in top 100 ....please provide !!

I just dont have words that can worth your help in this matter THANKS !!! REPLY SOON
# Content Team 2009-11-24 08:47

dude..i cant post u a timetable but i can tell u to follow the article which i have posted on the timetable...
and the books are fine...u can follow them
continue with solving subjective problems...as they will improve ur concepts..anywa ys if u think that i shud solve objectve then go for it..but ur base shud be clear

for revision for phys and chem...NCERT is the best..and of course..arihant and HCV
for boards..ofcours e read ur normal text books...and if possible follow ..ABC of physics ,,,ABC of chem...they are very good books...they are of moderns publishers series...u can buy it
# Content Team 2009-11-23 05:49
@sourav ghosh
ya NCERT is enough...to solve problems from op ..
other book is RD sharma...and if not RD trry ARIHANT...or SL LOney series...
and .....but i recommend that..u do ML khanna..its a great book...if the chapters are lengthy...u can cut out the unimportant part...and solve only..unique problems..i mean..solve only those problems which are different...don t solve..more than 2 times a similaar problem...

this will reduce..ur work in ML khanna

and dude..please try to ask these questions in forums..as others will also..gain some help from ur questions..use the comment area only..to ask..anything related to the article...or discuss anything abt it :-)
# sourav ghosh 2009-11-23 04:46
manish sir,
thanks for ur answer and corrections.... I ll definitely follow the books u suggested and practice more problems. Sir can u give me some sites where i can give online xams in feb and march.Is following Ncert chem is enough to solve problems frm O p aggarwal and crack jee??? M L khanna math is good but the chaps are very lengthy...So can u refer some other books for math ? Or I must follow the book as my concepts are not so clear....waitin g for ur reply sir.

thanking you,
# raman 2009-11-22 11:50
hi manish sir i read ur articles i felt very inspiring. Sir iwant to DEADLY CLEAR JEE ask u that which books i should follow at this time from the below mentioned books




# Content Team 2009-11-21 16:47

ya..1 month is enough for revision...but in that 1 month..u need to solve maximum practice and previous year papers...that will increase ur chances of cracking JEE..

slight change in the revision books
dont use IE irodov...its not recommended now....since iitjee is getting moreof ncert....i recommend u to spend some bucks for DC pandey phy arihant

and for chemistry OP agarwaal...i think its fine...if possible...try some more competitive book like arihant...solve no of iitjee level problem with it also..from other sources like papers...and online u will find many

And for maths TMH is perfect choice..but u need to keep in mind that doing TMH is very tough..so dont get dissapointed if u are not able to solve some tmh problems...
# sourav 2009-11-21 08:42
hello manish sir,
I have read all of urs articles. the articles are very inspiring. Before,i thought that it was impossible to crack jee for a average student like me. but know i m studing very hard and i believe that surely i can make it. Whenever my confidence level gets low or I feel bore to study,i read ur articles. It energies me with a new enthu. I think that I can complete my entire syllabus by Jan except math. Math syallabus will be completed in feb. Is 1 month is enough for revision and giving mock test for math? I will start giving mock test for phy and chem in feb at home. I cant join coaching institute for some economical problems. The books i am following now are:-
During my revision time i will follow :-
I am studing 12-15 hours everyday hoping to crack iit jee. Sir,is my revision time enough or have to increase it for all the 3 subs specially maths?Are The books I am following now or will be following during revision OK? pls sir reply.....I will be waiting eagarly for ur answer. thanking you.
# Content Team 2009-11-21 07:51

first of all u are not average...scori ng 89.5% is not called average!!! :-)
dude i think u are using a lot of books...better follow these books which i mention and then u can adjust...the timetable monthly CHAPTERWISE

and yaa..the books are perfectly fine...just follow them..

so dont involve urself in any more books...just follow the above..and if u complete them..repeat the same problems...and mind it ...IT REALLY WORKS..repeatin g is very important

and yaa..u can master the book.without help of teacher....just keep studying..and if u have any difficulties..a bout the problems..then u can try asking any of ur friends....or online communities..

If u are preparing for JEE then no need to worry abt others...AIEEE and BITSAT..are already in ur pocket
# ASHRAF 2009-11-20 17:11
Hi Manish,
I am an average student with 89.5% in TN board HSC.Droped this year and decided to prepare for jee.enrolled in BT's 1year postal course with B.Mat.So far I made not much progress.Recent ly I read the article STEP WISE PLAN FOR IIT-JEE.I rescheduled my study plan taking into consideration the study materials with me.

December- NCERT 11 and 12 (all subjects).Alrea dy begun.

H.C.Verma 1&2 and Irodov for physics.


February-BT study materials for all subjects.

March-TMH for all subjects and YG File.

I have to attend the B.Mat national sit downs also during this period.I am determined to study atleast ten hours each day.If I follow this study plan is it possible for me to get a rank below 100?

If not what alteration should I make in my study plan?
Can I master those books without the help of teachers?Please give suggestions as how to approach the above books.
I am also planning to write AIEEE and BITSAT.Is this sufficient to get a good rank in those tests?Please give your valuable suggestions as soon as possible.
# Content Team 2009-11-20 05:20
hmm...Supriya.. m not sure about this...probably to can conform this to the BITS authorities..ju st give them a call......and ya PCM is ofcourse important...why are u asking this...?

and if u have passed 12th...and appearing for JEE 2nd attempt then u need to fill...PASSED in the space...provide d
# supriya 2009-11-19 18:24
sir i am passout student.my pcm is 75 so i am giving cbse improvement exam.does Bits consider improvement exam?is pcm important in future?n pls tell me what should i fill in iit form, appearing or pass?
# Content Team 2009-11-16 18:25

Its ok buddy...u can start ur preparation now..many of them are starting now...and u have chosen the right books...keep studying them....and dont waste any more time...just avoid delaying work now...and the plan i can tell u to follow is the article on how to prepare for JEE in 6 months....check that article...and u can adjust the oct months and half of nov..somehow buy studying part of it daily...

Just dont get scared...and just stick to the books which u are using...dont use too many books...as theres not much time left...after completing the books which u have mentioned....re peat the same problems...and if possible...solv e the problems..max.. times from ur coaching notebooks...as they provide relevant stuff
# NAVEEN RANA 2009-11-16 18:07
# Content Team 2009-11-12 16:42

sorry for the late reply...Actuall y as u said that i should make a schedule for u...but u know what i m not the right person to make a schedule for u...u can urself make it...i will give u a rough idea on how to do it...and u can then use the tips in the timetable

ok lets start...The problem with u is that u are not giving equal importance to all the subjects...reme mber u should give equal imporance to all the 3 subjects PCM...This is the biggest mistake by many students...
let me tell u about one of my friend...that boy also liked physics and maths very much..and he always used to ignore chem and he was a JEE aspirant...plea se not that he is a good student and he deserves to be an IITIan....when IITJEE results came...he found that he scored almost good marks in physics and maths but scored VERY BAD marks in chem...and so he DIDNT clear JEE.....WOW what a miss...

So..dont ignore Physics and maths ...they are the major subjects in IITJEE and i know u dont like these subjects but i recommend that u try to make friendship with physics and maths..that will be better for u and ur JEE results...

anyways let me give u a rough idea abt ur timetable...
U didnt tell me anyting abt ur daily scenario..so i am just telling u how much time to give on what..

Every day study 7 to 8 hours minimum and maximum...its ur choice...
KEEP 3 hours for PHYSICS ,,3 HOURS for MATHS and 2 hours for CHEM...
U shud keep in mind that u study all the 3 subjects equally.....do chemistry LAST..and do the subject which u hate the most First...
like for eg...Study Physics and maths in ur peak time(after getting up or Early in the morning)....
do this till jan....after JAN..give more imporance to ONLY problem solving ...u will just solve problems in those 3 hours...but now u can revise a chapter and do problems also...

so total no of hours comes to 3+3+2...8 hours..hope its possible...if u find it too tiring then make it to 2+2+2...
but i recomend that try to study 7 to 8 hours if u want to crack JEE in 4 months...and rest of the leisure time u can adjust urself...cheers
# Neha 2009-11-11 07:00
Sir, My chemistry is strong but my long hours of chem practice have ruined me up in physics and maths! As per my previous records and results, everyone sees me unde 250 rank in iit, but I know its the most unlikeliest thing to happen! i really dont know, i mean, I am really good at imagining science and all that, and even you know my seldom correct answers in physics are mostly due to what I see when I read the question and then visualise it by closing my eyes and see the answer!! i know its weird, but I do this because without this, I am literally zero in solving the complicated sort of numericals!!
I really want to get a good rank under 1000, and I don't know why, but I just feel that I can do it but... then again I feel that it won't happen because I can't manage my studies! I hope thats enough for you to know about me!!

So Sir, plzz plz make a really tough but practical and efficient time table for me, and I promise you that I will follow it religiously!! Plz make a schedule for me, with special focus on my weaness in PHYSICS and MATHS!!
Plz help me as soon as possible!!
# Neha 2009-11-11 06:49
Sir, i hv got a strange problem. My chemistry preparation is all well, and so i always feel like studying it only. When i do chem. , I grasp it very quickly, specially organic and even I like Inorganic one. But now i have realised that all this has costed me a lot in Maths and Physics. I still remember that till 10th class, I used to solve Maths and Physics Orally, but now I feel like sleeping when I hear of these two. I really don't know!! Maths was my first love, and now i find it awful!
I have never got marks less than 96 ever in Maths, and now its all ruined!! PLZZZZ help me, plzz plz make a schedule for me and tips also, that I should follow in order to crack IIT.... I really really want to be an IITian at every cost, and I want a good rank so that I can have mechanical engineering branch from a goo IIT.....
Plz make a schedule for me, bcoz I hv been always unable to do that for myself!!!

# Content Team 2009-11-10 17:35

and as u said ur physics is almost done then half battle is already won man...u just need to prepare for chem and maths thats it...
if u prepare for 10 hours which is PRACTICALLY POSSIBLE then from now...i can assure that..with this level of hardwork...no one can stop u....and I MEAN IT...NOONE..on the EARTH can STOP U FROM CRACKING JEE and that too with top 1000 rank...

So go for it...and dont worry god is with u..
# prithvi 2009-11-10 14:56
ur words are really gud....
but honestly...i don' want to end up getting 4000 or something rank......
going by my past records everyone xpct top 500 frm me...i know dats allmost impossible now..
but i want 2 get at least under 2000...
......so even if i start putting in 10 hrs a day daily.... is it practically possible...
2 achieve my aim...n burry all my...1 and half year of time waste in kota..
.....my physics i guess is fit enough to get above 60% in jee
even in my present state...but fr chemistry n maths it might b...20% and 15% respectively{re ply here only}
# Content Team 2009-11-10 11:15

if u got AIR 4500 in JEE 2009 then dont worry man...u will crack JEE this year..and that too in top 1000 rank for sure..
the reason is ur concepts are already cleared..and now in these 5 months u just need to brush up ur problem solving speed and concepts...and 5 months..for revising is a bonus for any IITJEE student...

Dont count no of hours..count how much of portion u have completed today..thats imporatant...
and just chill..u will crack JEE and meri bhavishyawani ke hisab se u will get in top 1000 ... ;-)
# Abhinav Prakash 2009-11-10 10:47
Q Manish

Dude i got AIR 4500 in JEE 2009..But today i dont think i m studying enough..Can i really crack JEE in 5 month..U study 5-6 hrs but i think its not enough..But i m unable to increase it..I studied more last year...i think
# Content Team 2009-11-08 13:20

Buddy...ur past success shows how intelligent u are....and ofcourse u are fit for the IITJEE top position..But I think it happens man.Sometimes even toppers are not able to live upto their expectations and so their confidence goes down,,,

As it is well said kabhi kabhi Sachin bhi Zero pe out hota hai...

U told me everything about ur past but u didnt tell me abt ur present....is it that u are not able to concentrate on studies??
Dude...forget everything and just prepare for 5 months for JEE.And i know that ur grasping power is very high so u will be able to finish the portion ASAP..

and dont lose ur confidence man...The battle of IITJEE is won not only by studying day and night,,U also need to be confident and try to keep urself motivated...as it is very easy to lose motivation..if any more problems...post a comment below..
# prithvi 2009-11-08 12:10
hi manish...i m an ntse scholar..plus a constant top ten ranker in many of the olympiads conducted by NGO's..
but all dat is past now
because untill 10th...i was under supervision of my parents...
i came to kota...and started wid a bang..being in top 50 rankers in bansals..
but slowly i ruined myself....
n today....1 find hard to b among top 1000 in bansals
i know i hv the potential...
but still dont know i 'll crack jee now
dere are high xpctations frm me...
as i m considered a star in my hometown...
dunno how'll face dem if i don succeed...
my iitian frnd AIR-1100 2008..
was defeated by me in an inter state IQ competion...
when... i was in 8th..n he in 10th...
but sadly dose were da glorius moments of past......
{plz do reply here only}
# Content Team 2009-11-06 17:45
dude...tell me whats after that "I SHALL".....i know what it is :sad:

I know man...there is less time..but dont u know many have cracked JEE by starting their preparations at this time??

I know its not possible to get an AIR 1 in iitjee in by studying in these 5 months..but definately u can score in top 1000 in IITJEE..and this can take u to some of the best iits....so please dont waste any more time..thinking will i be able to clear JEE....

See if you study hard..damn hard..for these 5 months..and suppose by chance even u are not able to clear JEE.
No problem...man.. on that results day u will not at all feel bad if u have studied hard....u MUST BE PROUD OF YOURSELF that u never gave up...like others who mostly give up at this time...dude think different....Cr eate an impact on others...start studying...and 5 months..are enough for JEE if u prepare sincerely...

BE confident...I am with u :-)
# Venkat 2009-11-01 12:35
can yu give a time table plsssssssssssss sssssss...i am in dire need of a time table