Alternate Career Options

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News speaks of the best job in the world. The applicants are in lakhs and there is a grilling screening process for one vacancy. The job: stay on the Hamilton Island in Australia and blog. Yes! You heard it right, blog, and you take away a cool 55 lakhs (Indian equivalent) on an annual basis, besides the perks of being the king of the island.

Cyrus Brocha the famous VJ says that he loves to get up every morning and go to work. His skill set:  the gift of gab, Role description: Act funny Job responsibility: amuse the TV audience doing absolutely anything.



In yet another instance, a graduate from Delhi University makes her living by visiting restaurants and writing reviews. Ms Meenakshi Reddy tasted overnight and runaway success with her bold and explicit blogging, the moolah came following

Times they are a changing! And thankfully the proclamation of doing something ‘different’ in one’s career, doesn’t meet with parental admonitions anymore.

Maybe, the term alternative is not valid here. The fruits of a growing and developing nation are finally ripe, and like in any developed economy, the career opportunities for those with ‘different’ abilities are widening,

The success of many Indians and Indian origins which have made their mark on the global arena doing ‘different’ things has brought a new dimension to both career makers and seekers. The mantra for job seekers is therefore not just the figures on the payslip. The new generation has come to realise that job satisfaction doesn’t come by way of zeroes on the cheque at the end of the month, but by doing something one loves to do.

This is where hobbies and general interests play a crucial role. Picking up different things at an early age helps you discover yourself as a person. Soon enough, one’s likes and dislikes are formed, and one is found driven towards the likes.

 Choosing to make a career out of one’s hobby/interest or doing just plain different is a big decision and should not be taken in haste. While the immediate attraction may seem alluring, the long term prospects and the general viability cannot be discounted. This is where career counselling workshops and mentors play a crucial role. A good idea will be to do some homework, internet and yes of course Google can help you find out more about the career, the courses on offer, the related industries, career prospects (both from long and short term) and possible job switches. Getting first hand information from someone working in same or similar industry will also serve as a boosting requisite.

On a last note, knowledge is power; therefore whether you take the beaten path or not is a decision which must be made under prudence and adequate information.

Discuss Your Doubts


# Dimi 2009-09-04 17:32
bsc stats is a very gud option but a bsc degree needs a lot much more effort than a btech... and also an msc is a must... of course if u complete the course (bsc n msc) in stats successfully, U vl never have to look back abt jobs! sumtyms even much better than a btech.

U vl mostly get jobs of data analysis.
# pam 2009-07-14 12:04
hey ppl,can u plz inform me regarding statistics?i hav taken admission to this course in sri venkateshwara college,delhi university,,,is it better than the pay packages and is it a lucrative career or not?also i wud like to tell u that i m gettin btech at sum fine colleges with gr8 ease..but still plz let me know...
# Dhirendra Pratap 2009-06-27 18:38
I totally agree to the above view and believe
that more and more people will come forward with
more ideas and confidence once such success stories
will come in light.