Never Underestimate a Question

Koi bhi sawaal chota nahin hota (No question is too small)...remember this dialogue?...Yeah its a punch line of the KBC 4 advertisement

Well, i was watching the commercial of KBC 4 wherein a son asks his father “Papa, who is the father of Akbar”. Not so bothered, father underestimates the question and finally loses when asked this question.

You know whats the thing which separates an IIT topper and a student who failed to Crack IIT JEE?
The IIT Topper never underestimates any problem or a question posed to him. I read an interview of Achin Bansal, the topper of IIT JEE 2007. He said that he tried to solve maximum number of problems from books like NCERT to high level book like irodov.

This shows that he gave importance to the basic questions as well. Which finally helped him to build his knowledge and concepts

Never Underestimate a Question
We students have a tendency to divide the syllabus in important and unimportant chapters. In this way we miss out some easy chapters and questions which generally appear in the exams and so you end up losing the battle. The simple advice here is that you follow the points which I have listed below

Koi bhi sawaal chota nahin hota -
No Question Is Too Small

Solve Each and Every question
If possible try to solve each and every problem. I mean to say that try to lay your hands on all kinds of questions. But please note that the question should be unique. Try to avoid similar type of problems. Your aim should be to solve maximum no of unique problems before the exam commences

Never Keep any doubts
My teacher always used to emphasise on this aspect. Normally we students shy away from asking questions to teachers or anyone. But in order to move forward first we need to clear all the hurdles.
So don't keep any doubts. These doubts will simply pile up in your mind and will affect your performance in negative ways. Try to get them solved whenever you feel that you really want to move forward..

Want to solve IIT JEE level questions? If yes then first start from board level questions
Well, preparation for JEE is not about showing off. The real showing off is when you are answering the test on the D Day. I have seen many of them who immediately start solving problems from irodov,resnick or TMH.

I mean ...What the heck!

First clear the basics naa.. If you directly jump to higher level then you will be doing more harm than good to yourself. If you are unable to solve a problem then you can easily get demotivated to study further. So its a simple logic which i think all should think off..

So never underestimate any kind of question or a problem whether its easy or damn easy.

Overconfidence is not for those who wanna be an IITian but its for those who dont wanna be THE ONE!

Best of luck

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~Article by Manish Singh

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Really great article. This topic has been talked about for decades. Glad to see somebody actually putting a foot forward in the right direction :-)
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hello sir,
Iam from maharashtra,i hav completed my 12th in latur(on hostel).....i hav scored 100 marks in aieee, 26 in iit........ from school days i am very scholor student so my parents put me to LATUR.....iit exams 5 months ago i decided to give iit,aieee.I started it well but bcoz my bad company.......i cant studied well....from aieee score i got admission to sinhgad college Pune.....but i hav not expected it & my parents not alloted me to get drop.....but i want give exam & to be iitian......... plz sir help me i am in fustrestion now.....i cant studying my 1st year also in this.....plz sir show me a way............ waiting...::
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