My Name Is Manish and I'm Not an IITian - Top 5 Mistakes Which You Should Not Repeat

My Name Is Manish and I am Not an IITian...

Yeah I am not an IITian. I was once an IITJEE aspirant but wasn’t able to Crack JEE just because of some serious mistakes which I committed.

This post is like a “list of blunders” committed by me. I brainstormed some mistakes I made and I hope you don’t repeat the same if you wanna be an IITian.

It’s a dream of every science student to get into one of the best institutes in India i.e The IITs and it was my dream too. I committed some serious mistakes which I am regretting till today.

I posted this article just for one reason i.e TO WARN YOU.

Mistake No 1: I Never paid attention During High School (11 and 12)

This was one of the biggest blunders I ever committed. I never paid attention to what teacher said. Actually my “Plan” was to focus on coaching class and attend regular school classes only for attendance. This proved to be really a bad decision and it backfired me.


Because the school teaches you the base. If you don’t pay attention in the class and directly go for coaching I think you won’t be able to gain anything as in coaching they follow HIGHER LEVEL. In school they prefer to stick to the lower level so that everyone’s understands the matter fast.

The Do’s and Don’t

  • Attend your school (11th and 12th regularly).
  • Pay attention in the class and try to understand whatever teacher teaches.
  • First Priority should be given to School and then Coaching.
  • Give equal importance to Boards and JEE
  • Never commit this mistake.

Mistake No 2: Procrastinated a LOT

Procrastination means postponing work for tomorrow. This quality exists in every human being. Of course it’s a bad quality.

I was really “THE BEST” in procrastinating work. Although I have improved now but still working on it. I always postponed my work for tomorrow.

This proved to be a major disaster. Procrastination was a major cause of me not getting selected in JEE. If I had been a little bit serious that time then I would have done something about it. But it’s already late, My Name is Manish and I am Not an IITian Cry .

Remember this “Procrastination is not an IITians virtue.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Don’t Procrastinate. Its of no use, believe me. Think practically, If you procrastinate and plan to study Calculus tomorrow then why not today. It’s the same thing as YOU HAVE TO DO IT ON ANY OTHER DAY.
  • If you really procrastinate then here’s a tip which I follow and it really works. Suppose you have planned to study Kinematics today and as usual you are feeling lazy to study it. Just when a thought of postponing the work pops up in your mind, say this to yourself as LOUD as you can.

“What’s the use of postponing yaar. You have to do it today or tomorrow. Instead of building extra pressure, why not finish it off today itself”.

Say this loud and I am sure your will power will drag you to finish the work that day itself.


Mistake No 3: Didn’t study regularly

An IITian quoted “Last minute preparations won’t work for IIT JEE. Start from the first day itself." For JEE study regularly minimum 3 to 4 hours and maximum, till you get tired and feel satisfied.

I never studied regularly. I studied some 3 to 4 days a week that too not seriously.

It’s like taking a daily dose of a tablet. If you miss even a single dose then it can really hurt your health.

Dos and Don’ts.

  • Study daily 7 days a week. Don’t miss out even a single day.
  • Study minimum 3 to 4 hours a day. Although in a survey taken, all the IIT rankers study 7 hours a day on an average.
  • Last minute preparations won’t work, so start from today.

Mistake no 4: Didn’t work Hard and Took JEE for granted.

Yeah I confess publicly that I didnt work hard for JEE. I took it for granted which as expected resulted failure in IIT JEE.

Dos and Don’ts

  • Work hard, Damn Hard and Never take anything for granted.

Mistake No 5: Committed a Lot of Mistakes

Yeah it’s quite a big list. But I have listed only some which are very important.

Every Human Being commits mistakes, so I did the same.

But learning from the mistakes is always appreciated. That’s what I do nowadays; I learn from my mistakes and try not to repeat them EVER.

Dos and Don’ts

  • Please don’t repeat these 5 mistakes. It will really hurt you. I am trying to discover and heal my pain within myself.

"When i think of those days..I really feel like rewinding try it once again.....but its not possible..thats why i advice everyone to use this time which you get as it wont come back again."

And I confess again “My Name is Manish and I am Not an IITian.Cry


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Discuss Your Doubts

Author: krishna

Comment:i too am a iit jee aspirant. and i promise you that i won't commit these mistakes in my life.

Author: ping

Comment:what you have mentioned here is a total stupid and irrelevant thing. the wort part is that you are regreting, can't you be optimistic about it..!??? look i am not criticizing you but you need to understand one thing, just because the whole of india is running behing these overrated iits it dosen't mean that you should also follow the suit. have you ever closed your eyes foe two minutes and thought what you really wanted from life, you wanted to get into iit so that your parents could hype about it in society or you wantd this because you wanted to marry a beautiful girl giving you loads of dowry. God has given you brains.. USE IT WELL.... ALL THE BEST....AND STOP REGRETTING...YOU ARE AN INTELLIGENT GUY HAVE FAITH IN GOD AND BE CONFIDENT.

Author: Govinda Shukla

Comment:i only wan't to tell you <# Aradhika Acharya> that we should never think about IITJEE after the last attempt and no one knows you in after this did so well in future that even IITan can't do in there life. Have a nice day :) and a nice future

Author: anwesha

Comment:i m an willing aspirant of iit kharagpur.. I really appreciate the fact that u have moved on your life. don't get me wrong but i only dream of becmming an iitian a day.I still have 2 yrs ...thanks for alerting everyone because failures are the pillars of success..

Author: anu1234

Comment:hey i will b writing my medical entrances in almost a month or so............ Well i hav already made eah one of the mistakes you have made........ i was planning on writing such an article myself once i finish with my exams. My 12th boards got tossed up due to procastination...................... ----------the one thing i hate so much:( but its too late so have set out to crack my entrances atleast. Have my fingers crossed so hard that blood's clotting!!!!!! Just hope i get a good med seat!!!! its not that i was bad at studies it was just procatination in 11th and 12th. My plans were fantastic but alas..... i never executed them...... regret and hope just fills my heart now........... well hoping for the best anyways..........

Author: Nitin Kumar

Comment:thanks... for alerting us... dt's all i hve to say...

Author: xyllizx

Comment:vo sab chod bata abhi kis college mein hai?????

Author: Ding

Comment:Ping,I wish I could up vote your comment 10 times. And manish my story is the same. I still have bits . Hope I don't screw that one up.

Author: Yo yo honey singh

Comment:Iiits are just way too hyped. It ranks 250th in a list of best colleges around the world. So no big of deal anyway. :P

Author: Anshaj Mathur

Comment:I am studying for IIT in kota.I confess thatI have already wasted my entire 11th and I promise that I will do whatever it takes in my 12th to get into IIT.THANKS FOR THE WARNING.I APPRECIATE IT.

Author: Rghv

Comment:25 days left for my JEE ADVANCED exam \m/ i promise you i wont lose my focus and get an awesome rank. (:

Author: simran kaushik

Comment:first of all thankx to made me alert....... i hv 2 years in my hand nd i m gonna do my bestest........ well i dont hv a habit of procrastination i complete my wrk on tym......... i pay attention to my school teachers as well as to my tution teachers they all r happy wid my result nd every1 knowing me expecting dat i hv capability of cracking iit..... bt i want to ask u a q dat......... u didnt crackd iit bt wat did u opt afterdat?????????????

Author: Tinkle

Comment:What is exactly the work of an iitian??

Author: popstar

Comment:actually i want to repeat for IIT i did same mistakes and want to correct them but my parents are not ready what should i do ? should i do my and then try to do .but what i think ,that its a very hard to get into too. so what should i do? Please help me...

Author: mariya

Comment:Over is over..........its useless to even think now about it.......move on.....and best of luck for your future.........thanks for the article.....:)...........i thank anwesha for her comment.....:)

Author: sahil

Comment:abe tri _____ to tu crack krke dikha ...

Author: sasai

Comment:brother, u said nice things for the upcoming batches. when i had time, i never searched in netr for things/articles like this., but when i failed,i looked around for someone who would have feelings like me, and would sensitize my situation. thnx for ur valuable suggestion, i will work hard , and drop this year if possible.

Author: sasai

Comment:i only need the stamp of iit...nothing else...i really dont have interest in engineering.

Author: Devansh

Comment:Can u tell me dat is the entrance exam tough ?? I m in class 10th n I m thinking about it.. I really desire this for me not fr others..

Author: SRAJAN

Comment:helloo. my name is srajan , i have given jee mains 2014 but could not make it to the cut off. got 106 and cut off was 115.. My aim is to be an industrial robotic engineer. i have searched abt the cmpny which offers jobs for robotics, WHICH USUALL COMES in only prime institutes and colleges of india. In which 7 iits are there.. so what should i do . I AM REALLY IN GREAT CONFUSION. WHETHER TO DROP OR CHOOSE ANOTHER STREAM AND LEAVE MY CHOICE.. I KNOW DROPPING A YEAR HAVE PROS AND CONS BOTH.. PLZZZ SUGGEST ME SOMETHING. YOU CAN SUGGEST ME AT THIS ID - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it YOUR RESPONSE WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED.....

Author: Paradox Jack

Comment:IITs are made a fad in India, where lacs and lacs of man hours are wasted, as very few candidates end up clearing the exam. The IIT coaching mafia in India has grown bigger than the IITs themselves. Have these institutes been really helpful in shaping the country's future? How the IIT ians have helped India in strategic fields like defense, space technology, energy and environment? Most of the IIT ians leave the country for so called better opportunities in the west and become asset for foreign companies. The hype surrounding IITs is deafening. The so called most prestigious institutions in the country, IITs should be made accountable. They should be made to contribute the most to the Indian economy, rather than being a gateway to foreign countries for the students. As a tax payer in India, I cannot see my hard earned money going to these institutions which have recently became nothing more than a scam where so many young lives are wasted every year.

Author: shashanksaxena18

Comment:I always wanted to be an IITian as i wanted to be a scientist, and due to my family issues , financial troubles and my trust on myself, ended me working as a php programmer in a fuudu organisation where people care for beautiful designs , no one cares for the codes used.. .. .. cheers to luck,,

Author: Afsha Naaz

Comment:Manish whatever u wrote is too learning i wish i could read it earlier before JEE advanced preparation......and i am too not an IITian....and now i think its ok yaar everything happens for a good reason....and its time to move on and always like "Better luck next time"!!

Author: yash h

Comment:Got ball's crack IIT .IITIANS are super intelligent human beings! you are just a piece of shit , cocky mosquito

Author: Paradox Jack

Comment:You could not refute me on even one point I raised in my comment. If you believe so much in the sanctity of the IITs you would have had some counter arguments. But no, all you could come up with is name calling and foul language. And trust me, you talk like a typical rat who has seen nothing in life but his own rat hole. That's what you become when you study for IITs, a rat who shuns light every time he sees it. Get your head out of your ass, I believe people like Anna Hazare, and our soldiers fighting on the border (who are not IITians by the way) have bigger balls than all the IITians combined.

Author: Swaroop Latkar

Comment:Hello SRAJAN I am in the same position as yours. I got 89 in JEE mains 2014 and I know that I have extremely underperformed. If you know anyone who can guide pl let me know

Author: ISHITA

Comment:he i m ishita i am in class 10, i want to be an iitian frm IIT DELHI i m very scared of failures . but i promise iwill not get deflected frm my aim .thanks a lot,...!!!! i promise after 3 years i will again wrote a comment not as ishita but as an IITIAN ISHITA

Author: Hari# repeater

Comment:Its easily written than done!!!

Author: Hari# repeater

Comment:Getting a stamp of IIT won't do any good! If u don't work hard after getting in,its just same as getting into some reputed lower colleges!! If u dont have interest .....dont go for it.... It will be a burden for you,!!!!



Author: dodo

Comment:it is smthg dat really opend mmy eyes....... thanku so much 4 dis warning...........


# Ishmeet kaur 2013-09-18 00:28
Sirrrrr..i jdt wanna say..
"you are manish and you are more than an IITian"..
V mostly consult IITian 4 I think its people like u who
Tell d real reqd. tell what to do ...n u tell...
What not to do!!!! Thanks
# Jay Dasondi 2013-09-18 00:07
Thanks Manish I will be an 2015 jee aspirant and I was making the same mistake done by you and now I won't make this mistake any more thankyou :roll:
# dilip 2013-08-16 21:57
thanks manish for giving me inspiration...
# reya jain 2013-08-15 17:15
thank you manish for giving such suggestion
# tejasv saxena 2013-08-09 22:36
thanks bhai.....i sympathasize you!
# Shrikant Gupta 2013-08-06 15:15
1 of the main reason for failure is also deviation form studying me too got deviated I took drop for prepration and after abhard work till february I got deviated towards love which was not reall and of no use and I started to worry about it then to take tension of studying which is more important.
Any body who read this I always want to alert about this mistake because this is the only age when a boy/girl think that I am now mature enough no one can bluff me or it's time to have a love and get deviated from studies
so focuss on your studies because once you got addmission in a reputated college you have a lot of time for all these things.
# Aditya 2013-07-24 21:56
Even though you didn't make it into an IIT, you did make it in into my heart. You've helped several fellows! Thanks alot Manish sir, I really hope you will achieve tremendous success one day.
# Dj $uraj 2013-07-22 20:34
THank u sir....1!!1 it realy helped me
# 55vivek 2013-07-15 16:47
i want to became an iit person so please givesome idea
# seerat 2013-06-21 11:14
i dd same mstaks nd i am in hell nw.. my condition z sch dt i cnt evn crack state level exam.. am ruined.. my dream was to bcm a doctor but i nvr evn bothered to open the books. nw my parents hv decided to admit me in pvt engineerng colg :-( .. i dunno wts my fate!
# Monica Jangpangi 2013-06-15 12:14
bhaya u helpd a lot by motivating not only me but to those who are dreaming of being an iitian thanx a lot :-)
# AK47 2013-06-10 00:21
Same problem here but after reading your post i think i will start working now on . And for those feeling sleepy while studying , take a break every 30 min of 10-15 min , it really helps (helped in my case ) and two big breaks of 1 and a half hour in a day. You will still get 8 hours of study if the day is a holiday and 4 hours if coaching. Plus finish one subject in the summer vacations , I am in the process of KILLING maths so I will have less maths to deal with plus i can use those concepts in physics easily. But the same problem with me , 5 days of great studies and two days of flop every week...
# shaurya 2013-06-01 13:48
dude!!!! it was great , encouraging article . I was a procrastinator too before reading your page , but now i really learnt what i gotta do ...... thanx buddy
# Dhriti 2013-05-18 07:39
Same prblms especially f postponing wrk 4 2mrw bt 1 more prblm wid me.... I feel so sleepy whn i study whch alwys obstruct my concentration ...i take sleep for 6 hr bt stil i feel sleepy.....plzz zzz hlp me out
# Aayush 2013-05-09 09:16
same problem here
# Manish 2013-05-08 14:55
Hi you know what ???? you have given me a lot....a boy whose name is manish was studying in X th and joined IIT coaching classes to crack JEE .....but little did he know that he was not doing studies the way they are to be done....two years later he realized his mistake when he saw the results.....he found his pillows wet due to crying.....then one day he read your article and got a chance to go in past ....and avoid his mistake.....he again got happy and thanked god for a new chance ...again 2013 was the year......again he had passed X th for first d then he realized that THIS WAS IT !!!! and started once again......that 's me MANISH..thankz bro....I shall put my all body and mind to change my future and then say Iam MANISH and Iam an IITian ....thankx bro.......
# Raghav Prasad 2013-04-25 12:28
A serious warning for me from you..!!
It was really useful and useful for millions..!!
ThankQ manish sir............ ....!!
# Rajeswary 2013-04-13 11:44
I finished ma 10th boards nd wanna crack IITJEE...I undrstand ur pain, wat u did by writin this article is smthin that ordinary people wont..I'll take ur words 2 ma heart....An advice 2 U...Dont be sad that u dint crack IIT....if u really love science....vict ory wll be urs....waitin 2 hear frm U..Good Luck..!
# Tihor 2013-04-13 02:46
Doesn't matter. Join some standard college & stop blaming yourself.

Besides, being in IIT reduces your chance to get a seat in IIMs.

Don't fall into despair. I assure- no matter how bad your life is now, tomorrow will be even worse! Just go on.
# Sai rakshit 2013-04-12 19:05
Bro i am also aspiring to become an IITan.Now i am in 10 IIT is not just a dream for me its my life and everything for me.By reading your story i really felt bad.I can't even imagine how will it be if someone's dreams shatter like this but i say you to learn from ur mistakes and never give up in life. And good luck for ue future
# Vidya priyadarshini 2013-04-02 19:00
I felt very sad on reading the article .now I am studying in 10[this year] &want to crack jee don't know i can or not but i will not commit the mistakes that u told not to do any way be
# rapstar 2013-04-02 16:01
Really you have changed my concept about IIT JEE
# seta 2013-03-26 18:48
agree to all ur points :) ..good write up
# Mayur Dhingra 2013-02-04 23:59
Now, I m in 11th nd wanna crack IIT JEE.. Although, I may call myself topper of my class nd also scored 10 CGPA in 10th class But I didnot study with full heart in 11th ( i consider, by d way i topped in class, but i m not satisfied). Especially, I have not completed my 11th chemistry course nd want 2 power accelerate now in FEB month 1st week.. Any enlighted person here, give me some advice how should I study in a determined way in 12th..
# tejasv saxena 2013-08-09 22:41
hey ...dont do 12 if 11th concepts are not clear,and dont imagine that you will be able to do all in just 1 year,thats realy wrong thought to think in over confidence....r epeat 11..there is no harm in it
# Aakanksha 2013-02-02 10:49
ua absolutely write Manish....
even m nt an iitian and i regret....
regret a lot!!!
why because i could have cracked it.. imissed it all ecause of my procastintion that lead to the destruction of my dreams..... IIt was not just a dream for me but was my life my everythin..I didnt realise that the tym m waisting will ever ever come back...
nowthat m shattere, studying in an avg college bcoz there is actually NOTHING equivalent to btech from iit...m planning for gate... bt doing mtech doesnt provide the same pleasure as by doing btech.... but there is no option left actually!!!
# Karthiga M 2013-01-29 12:37
I m damn sure if you have this pain in ur heart.. u ll surely acheive something wat even IITian Can't acheive

Jus remember " Success usually gives a man satisfaction and ll stop one from acheiving more.. But failure is not like tat It ll give u pain and achieve more than the current success!"

Being an NITtian I could say only one thing to you "It's not the end! World ll not end today... Jus analyse the purpose"Wy u want to be an IITian? for reputation or for attainin high position in life and serve the country?? The 1st option is just an illusion don't beleive in it! second option is stil open to you : u can stil study hard where ever u go and get enough knowledge and experiance and OWN A MILLION DOLLAR COMPANY and compete with Microsoft "" The competition is still open...

Cheer up ! have the pain with hard further!
# Karthiga M 2013-01-29 12:36
Hi Manish,

Gud Article I can say! I can understand how much u feel bad for not being an IItian.

You know wat , usually a person feel bad for his failure means he s going 2 acheive some thing great to heal his pain of failure.

In ur case its not just small failure(U failed to acheive something gr8 and failed) , So when u feel bad for this failure means u r goin to acheive somethin really gr8 to heal it..
# Pratibha Berister 2013-01-28 09:47
HATS OFF TO U SIR there r many people did so but they acctualy don want to acept it instead makes many excuses .. abt there failure..! but thanx for warning all cuming batches to be aware of these things...!
# nishant 2013-01-12 17:54
kind of my story, but there's still time left for me.thanks for waking me up.
# Marva 2013-01-07 10:10
INSPIRING..N HELPFUL..THANXX ..uhh article wok me up frm laziness :zzz :-)
# Raghav 2012-12-23 12:42
thanXXXX for giving me the advice now i'll try my level best to become an iitian.
# Ashish G. Madkaikar 2012-12-16 06:51
Manish, I did these exact mistakes.

I am sad to confess, i screwed up and am not an IITian,
# Vaibhav Kumar 2012-11-02 21:56
Your words are really inspiring Manish Bhaiya..
you are a open minded and calm person....
you'll be the mentor to those who are reading this article seriously and i'm sure that i'm motivated by your words

thanks Manish Bhaiya!!!!
# preethi 2012-10-23 23:36
Manish a 9th grader. im a 5th ranker in class..when i cheked abt iit on the web..all was given "work hard"..but no one precautioned me lyk ur article did!!..thanx... :-)
# krishna 2012-09-26 16:12
it's true you may not be an iiitan but you are a great person...
# krishna 2012-09-26 16:11
it's true you may not be a iitan but your are a great person...
# Vaishnavi 2012-09-24 18:17
Honestly you are a great person..greatne ss is not only in cranking've helped a lot of people including me and I salute you for that. Seriously. Thanks a lot and you are a great great GREAT person. I am currently in 10th and your article opened my eyes!! You ROCK dude I love You :D
# Munesh 2012-09-22 16:50
Thank you very much manish ji, telling us your bad experience, i learnt a lot with your bad experience in your life & nobody will do such a blunder mistake which can do his carrier turned out of way .
# abhinav pandagale 2012-09-13 20:39
But still you help for others to make their dream come true........... .........hats off...........v ery less people do like this..........k eep motivating to us.......... :)
# Sarvesh jha 2012-09-05 20:58
awesome article me nd it inpired me a lot so i'll do my work daily
and do not left my work procastinating. ...
# SUGANDHA 2012-09-01 16:48
its not the end of life yaar.......... MISTAKES R THE STEPPING STONE TOWARDS SUCCESS>...... so dont regret ...... infact learn from ur mistake and whatever u r doing right now in that field dont repeat the same mistake...... it will be ur achievement which you would gain from ur mistake
# Ar.gopal.N 2012-06-14 21:29
thankyou for your kind information and advice.
im sure it'l help me to move on with my studies.may god bless you.
# Aradhika Acharya 2012-06-04 07:24
i committed the same mistakes too but definitely would try and improvise !
# deepss123 2012-05-02 23:52
so what r u doing now???
# ugc net 2012-04-17 14:15
Elite Academy was established in 1988. It was a humble beginning - we started with a correspondence course for Medical Entrance Exams. A course for IIT-JEE and other Engineering Entrance Exams was introduced soon. There was no looking back thereafter!
# sudhir gupta 2012-04-14 22:40
as the same mistake .. i do...
i study once in a week... even not seriously...
1 day before the exam i study.

and one thing that..
muje kabhi padhne ka man hi nahi krta hai.. aur jb man krta hai tb bahut bahut padhne ka man krta hai....

give me some suggestion..
wat should i do...

and i am planing to take coaching forr iit.. after 10th
now i am in clss 10th..
# #mgs 2012-03-20 23:32
gr8 article !!!!
# Shahid Cool 2012-01-12 06:28
Hey Manish thnx yaar 4 ur superb counselling.I m in 10th now preparing 4 my boards nd i hope ur plan 4 the crack works........
Shahid Cool
# rocking sanjit 2011-12-10 23:20
hey bro!!
u rock.I know ur article is really going to help me in the longrun.I am actually confused:i always wanted to be an I.A.S bt now i want to be an itian.It's bcoz i have very high dreams which cannot be fulfilled with the salary of an I.A.S.i am just in class 9th so do suggest me which path to follow.
# Kay Samuel 2011-12-04 11:00
Dude, You failed in IIT JEE coz you didn't got the real way. A person who bunked almost every class of Standard 11 and 12 and he cleared IIT without any coaching tution or any extra study ... He even didn't know the abc of Standard 11, but he cleared IIT JEE . You know why, coz he was smart enough to find the pattern of answers acording to questions. Want to crack IIT JEE 2012 and still don't know the basic then don't harash. Don't go through complete syllabus .. Its time to study smartly not like a hard working student .. wish you all the best for IIT JEE 2012 ... Good Luck guyzz.
# xxxholic 2013-08-14 00:03
LOL i am an iitian and i dont think there is such way and there are negative marking tooo your friend surely got pure luck
# Ranveer 2012-06-29 10:48
hey dude.... then u don't know the reality.. i don't know days every one is saying more study is not important...... they are very apart from the reality... study is still important in life . & ll forever..... their is no pattern in IIT JEE.... u think its ABC ABC game... u have to solve the question to get the answer...

And.... if by chance someone get admission into IIT it's just his luck nothing else.... & everyone luck is not good like that.
# shalini2811 2011-08-26 10:47
hey....i m dng d same mistake but i hav onlllllyyyyyyyy yyy 5 monthsss left!
cn i still clear jee?
pleaseeeeeeeee help:cry::cry:: cry::cry::sad:: sad:
# RAJDEEP GHOSH 2011-07-20 02:21
hey an NITian(NIT A-Mechanical).. wat ur feeling..i used to feel that too..nd nt nly u nd me many sincere gyes nd JEE aspirants feel tat,,bt thnks to God tat he helped to b ya i was jst nearer cut off..nd i can strongly feel sure tat my concpts r gud nd nt nly gud better thn many IITians nd the funda which actually matters in JEE/GATE/AIEEE is that u have to b competitive nd bolder...not jst intellignce can help ny1 out to b IITian or NITian or may b somethng sounds better as MITian...nd if u hav proper cncpts,thn i assure u tat u will b the best frm many IITians nd NITians..coz wat matters tat wat ru goin to do aftr 4yrs of graduation...nd u knw all the engineering institutes of india r eithr 19 or 20..i think u got it wat i wanna mean...kch bhi sahi nhi hain too nt satisfied with the studies in NIT and the same thing is goin on in many of my frnds who r in IITs....nd in india arakshan made a gr8 deal to diffrntiate people in the name of caste..many NITians i saw get their seat as for reservatn wit a meagre concpt of dnt worry...crack GATE nd b an IITian nd fulfill ur dreams to b an IITian..the game is nt yet ova....its still on...sometimes someday we will see manish as an IITian...[
# Rohan 13 2011-06-24 01:06
# pebbles 2011-06-09 08:58
i am 12 pass and took myself too weak to go for iit.

u know most of my friends cleared it but i cnn't do it.

i am worst.

and thnx for ur advice
# anchal agarwal 2011-06-05 11:42
sir i can understand ur pain how much it hurts of accepting d truth of nt b an iitian as same it happnd wid ma bro bt i wanna noe wat u doin noe??i mean aftr jee wat z another option?? n i 2oo m preparing fr jee n til nw i vw committd some of ur mistakes lke procrastinating work n some more.. pls tel me hw to improve it nw as itz ma 12th..
# keydee 2011-06-03 23:01
It takes a lot of courage to confess. ...And you topped it with sincerity.....
# manish sinha 2011-06-02 16:43
it's realy a great article.,.,.:-) :-)
# SANJEEV kumar 2011-05-11 22:01

SO NEVER QUIT ,remember god is always with u
# nimitt 2011-04-20 16:51
thanx yr making out our own mistakes nd warning others for there wellfare is a very gud decision .

i m highly impressed man
# abhishekbanerjee............ 2011-04-13 00:38
yes manish u r right,,the same happened to me as well
now currently i m in DCE (ECE) ,but i stlilll regret the fact that had
i studied a bit more seriously and with a proper plan, then
i also would have been sitting in one of the IITs...
# simmy 2011-02-12 17:03
thankyou sir
i will really not repeat my mistakes anymore now
actually i have dropped this year and preparing for jee 2011
my problem for not cracking iitjee 2010 was procrastination
your words have inspired me a lot
# hitisha 2010-11-03 02:06
:sad::sad::sad: :sad::sad: feelin bad 4 u....thnx n believ me the one who cars for others is taken care off by GOD.....
# shivani srivastva 2010-10-14 15:39
hey brother!
v.sorry for u!
but i won`t let it happen wid me so i promise 2 not repeat these mistakes!
# RAHUL 2010-07-21 03:17
nice yaaar hatss off to u ............... ............i hopee godd give this strenth to all students to realizing their mistakes ...........u have that. power nd thanxx 4 the article.
# Sireesh 2010-07-19 10:14
your name is Manish and you don't need to be an IITian.... coz god has thought of something much better for chin up.....
and try for a college outside india.....IIT is only 40th best institute in the world......
# nainappp 2010-07-16 00:10
hey,..i know how devstated u'l be feeling,.....ev en i was not able to clear iit this year,.. but i didn't commit the above mistakes,...... .i was pretty sure of clearing it,... even my coaching teachers were,..... but the only mistake i made was that i grew non-serious about iit ,.. and took it for granted in the last few months,.....n did not do my revision well,..!! so just want to tell everyone that no matter how good you are right now,.. but you have to practise and be consistent till the very end,..!! good luck,..!!:-):-)
# vishnuray 2010-07-06 17:45
# Zane 2010-06-29 19:00
Thanks...actual ly i have already most of this mistakes...i didnt study in 11 and 2 properly and now while do ing coaching iam facing problem..also i have old one more attempt left for JEE....But thanks any way.......atlea st u got courage to admit ur mistakes.....i just keep hidig my face from the world....for what ihave done.....
# sumit kumar 2010-06-18 10:37
very nice job bro...
sorry for posting da comment so late!
ur ideas r really great..i also followed da same path & da result is same_ my name is sumit & i am neither an iitian nor any nitian...i also think da iit aspirant
must focus on his school syllabus..negli gence 2 dis proves must not dream of sitting on back bench of a classroom in iit delhi n having fun with friends if he is not preparing so hard for it...coz it hurts a lot n one feels lyk singing..jag soona soona la learnt from our mistakes...but we promise we wont commit dis type of mistakes any more...coz we know dere is no place for losers anywhere in dis world...repeati ng dis mistakes we wud be here again n name is sumit and i am a peon!!![removed][removed]void(0);void(0);
thanks a lot bro...for ur inspiring note...m in bit sindri and working hard....wish u all da best 4 whatever u want 2 be!:sad::sad::s ad:
# shashank123 2010-05-12 18:56
i m an iitian but i didnt study daily.if you want to crack iit you should be desperate and know your potential.but regular study is should learn the basics first.sorry for manish but iit is not what i expected.for the sake of the name it is just popular .you should ask any iitian about its standard.atleas t i m not satisfied.
# sailinichitra 2010-05-07 16:13
hi Manish.!
I am new to this corner.Today ,after readin this article i seriously feel i should"ve joined u guys atleast a month prior to JEE..
But now its too late.if i had read this article before i would have got thru any one of the national entrances..u knoe,even i committed the same mistakes.
Its all over.
but i have one thing to say "this is one of the articles isay one of the best articles which motivated me."
The essence of it is in the title man! "My name is Manish n am not an IITian"
great job!!
# akki 2010-05-05 13:25
nice article man .....ill try nt to repeat the mistakes 2.............w ill study hard nw.......:-):-)
# saurabh jalan 2010-05-03 00:47
grt work bro . u jst reminded me of my 12 . same mistakes i did , bt this year i corrected them n getting an average score of 240. thanks
# Jitin 2010-05-02 20:08
It takes a lot of courage to accept all your failures and mistakes.....
You've done a gr8 job by posting this...Don't worry....hard-w ork always pays........
# jab ban jayega tab bataunga 2010-04-18 17:54
as of now ithink i wasted entire one year class 11 but now im going to go for it ill work for double the hours and come out with flying colors

thanx a lot dude
# shashank dixit 2010-04-03 23:24
thanks bhiya , for this aricle......... .....
# Content Team 2010-04-02 23:17
hey Sahil thanks for that inspiring note....actuall y doing my engg from a local engg college from Goa....but year B.E is not my final aim....ans yes u guessed it right....i scored top rank in my class in 1st semester lets see what i can do ini 2nd sem...exam..... .my aim will be either to do a postgraduate ...or MBA..from IITs or IIM;s respectively... i konw its a big dream but atleast i can give it a try ....and i have got tons of experiece from my past life...and so dont want to repeat then and applying them in my college exams...and u know what...whatever tips i provide to all of u ofcourse i also follow them and it really works....
and the race for top institutes in india is not yet over.... lets see what i can do after 3 years...and thanks man for the support.....i will really do something big for my self and simultaenously ....for u all....that is for all IIT JEE aieee and ither engineernig aspirants...
# Sahil 2010-04-02 23:08
Hey Manish i just read ur profile dat u r still a college student........ den y worry man u can still have a bright career as u still have post grad left........Inf act many iitians demselves go for exams lik civilservices,I IM or abroad.....wel u can have a go at IIM or Civilservices or If u r intrestd go abroad for MTECH or doing MTECH 4m IIT............ .u hav lots of opportunies n I am sure watever u choose u wil definitely be succesful coz now u know exactly wats needed for success n u wil not repeat ur mistakes for ur PG ENtrance atleast........ .By reading ur articles,etc I am sure u must hav already thought about it and must be working for it damn hard n also I guess u must be topping in ur engg college as u wont repeat ur mistakes in college for sure........Mov e on look ahead.......... .......The past is dead n gone n nothing can b done about it. My best wishes for ur future man ALL D BEST......m sure u wil come out in flying colours as u must be a focusd adult now after ur IIT mishap........a s dey say a wounded tiger is d most dangerous...... so ur iit prep has wounded u but i guess it has made u a stronger man n u r a serious contender for ur PG entrance n it has mad u a college topper I guess.......... ............... ............... .finally dese r my feelings n thoughts.I dunno just wanted to express them to u I am sorry if i hav hurt u newhere in dis comment......Do reply telling me d college in which u r studying n what hav u decided to do for PG........BYE
# Divesh C 2010-04-02 22:38
gr88 artcile bro...

but unfortunately i had committed all the above mistakes ...
and all the above are damn true...

now i know what's my condition ..

newayz ... Thnxx .for sharing !
# Divesh C 2010-04-02 22:37
gr88 artcile bro...

but unfortunately i had committed all the above mistakes ...
and all the above are damn true...

now i know what's my condition ..

newayz ... Thnxx .for sharing !
# Content Team 2010-03-26 12:01

now just try to solve practice papers..and solve previous maximum papers in those 13 to 15 days...cheers
# anu_24 2010-03-26 10:43
sir, its not that bad to noy be an iitian ..there r still many things around
u learned frm ur mistakes n want us not commit them that s the best part ....
u'll surely b successful in life
its was really appreciable aricle
# manu9312 2010-03-25 05:58
dude......the mistakes that u have listed above are all commited by me also. My boards were pathetic and i am expexting 80+ and my iit jee prep is very close to nil...........m y final board exam of hindi is on , i wanna know that what to do after that?
i mean to say that can i prepare for any competition exam in 14 odd days.......
# Sidhantchand 2010-03-24 17:03
Hello manish,
Very sorry to know that you couldn't qualify for IIT JEE [removed]void(0 );

I found your article perfect. I thank you from my heart for the noble cause of helping others (like me) for avoiding your mistakes... actually, your mistakes are very general, and all aspirants need to know abt this. SO it helps a lot!

I am preparing for IIT JEE 2011, not taken 11th that seriously. But after reading your article, I am somewhat encouraged that I should start effective study right from now on.

Thanks again
# Archit 2010-03-22 22:22
u rock man....superb article
# sandeepkumar 2010-03-22 04:52
yes ialso agree.ials ignored my schoolclasses and gave prteference to coaching.result iwas not able to simple questions based on polymers ,optics ,carbohydrates, fared below 85% in my class 12 boards,meanwhil e pursuing from d.t.u
problem is tht questions asked in this compitive exam has morphed and tough language ,requirehigher cincept in maths ,such as grphical methods in function ,dreivative,s integrl calculas,but you can grasp all if you star from bottom only studr regularly.donot sram the things,start from the easiest then upgrade slowlr.remeeber slow and stedy wins the race
# Content Team 2010-03-22 04:10
sweet neha

yes it will work...u just need to be more wards studies...and prepare for JEE hard.... please try not to repeat the above mistakes...
# Vimarsh 2010-03-21 19:06
Committing mistakes and accepting it is not a very big thing but advising others not to repeat the same demands much of Unselfishness.
Hats off to you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!
# SUMIT GUPTA 2010-03-19 21:19
hey manish...good work ...i m an iitian..... iit bombay(elec dept.)........i suggest students to read such articles....... if u have any problem ,....just calll me 09619281381,,,r egarding jee...
# ramkunwar singh 2010-03-19 06:25
man ur still stuck up over it move on in life man
# resham 2010-03-15 04:57
great. thnx a lot.
# initiator 2010-03-14 00:13
man thanks for all the articles you have posted .though u r not an iitian but u hav helped iit aspirants more than an iitian can do. u rock
# Vedant007 2010-03-13 21:23
i hope every person should read these mistakes & remove these.....
it works.....!!!!! !!!!!!!
# Suraj73 2010-03-13 19:44
Sir, I have completed my syllabus, now I don't know how to use these 30 days. Please tell me what to do these days, should I keep revising or start doing the mock tests ?
# frozenfox16 2010-03-12 23:46
article's straight from the heart!!!!i wish you all the best sir....!!!
# Criss Angel 2010-03-12 14:41
Rocker thy name is 'MANISH'...Than k u bro...
# Content Team 2010-03-12 12:22
m doing from a local engg college... in Goa...but i will surely try out for the IITs ..thorugh GATE exam... ;-)
# SNEHASISH DUTTA 2010-03-12 09:38
please don't give up..... appear for gate and fulfill your dreams...
# Abhishek Chattopadhyay 2010-03-12 04:13
Bro u'r GOD............ ........ really :-(
# Content Team 2010-03-12 03:02
Thanks everyone for your comments...yeah i was really ter not clearing jee....but i focus on improving my work and not to repeat the mistake again....
# Suresh Gandamalla 2010-03-12 01:41
Very Bautiful
# rahen 2010-03-11 20:16
it is a vry good article infact....m in 12th, an iit aspirant...than ks for sharing ur xperience n wud b helpful to alot
# Utkarsha 2010-03-11 17:49
Manish....thanx a lot...i know u wld hv been devastated not clearin IIt but d best part is dat u realized all those mistakes and u try to correct them...