Do’s and Don’ts While Filling the AIEEE Application Form


Last year many of the application forms of the students were rejected and they were not allowed to answer the exam. The reason was that the students made lots of mistakes in the form which were unacceptable.

Think about a student who is very good in studies and therefore he stands a good chance to crack the AIEEE exam. However he is not allowed to sit for the exam just because his application form wasn’t filled up according to the instructions given. This has happened to many students in the past and in order to prevent this thing to happen in future I thought of posting an article which specially focuses on the points a candidate should remember while filling the AIEEE application form. So let’s get started.

1) Read the Prospectus before filling the form:

Before filling up the form the student must go through the AIEEE information Bulletin. This step is very important since the prospectus contains all the details about the exam. It also contains information on how to fill up the form. So the student should not ignore this step.

2) Candidates must keep a photocopy of the Application Form for use as a reference for future correspondence:

Students often forget to Xerox the Application form. Keeping a photocopy of the form is very important for use as a reference for future correspondence. So without any delay Xerox the application form and make around 2 to 3 copies of it as a backup.

3) Please ensure that the candidate has signed at the (normally two) specified places:

Before mailing just review the application form and check whether you have signed at the specified places.

4) Use of Pencil is strictly prohibited:

Using pencil for filling any of the information in the form and answer sheet is strictly prohibited. If any candidate uses pencil to fill up the form or darkening the answer sheet, his/her answer sheet will be rejected

5) Please ensure that application bears Father/Guardian signature:

Check the form again and ensure that the application bears Father/Guardians signature

6) The Left thumb impression to be affixed by the student in prescribed column:

The student must affix a Left Thumb impression in the prescribed column.

7) The Application form sent by courier shall not be accepted or rather rejected:

Please note this. The forms should be only sent by Registered/Speed Post and NOT BY COURIER. This is a very critical instruction.

8) The Application form sent by the coaching sent shall not be accepted or rather rejected:

Some coaching institutes take the responsibility of sending the application forms of its students. This is NOT ALLOWED. The student should take the responsibility of sending their form and not it’s coaching centre.

9) Candidates must preserve the Admit Card till the admission process is over:

The candidates should take care of their AIEEE Admit cards and must preserve them till the admission is over. Better Xerox the admit cards for future reference.

10) The Candidate must retain the original receipt issued by the post office for having dispatched the Application Form to the Board.

After sending the application form to the board the candidate must retain the original receipt issued by the post office. If the form is not received and the candidate wants to verify about the form with the board, then the board asks the candidate to submit the original receipt issued by the post office along with other documents when the form is not received.

11) The photograph must indicate clearly the name of the candidate along with the date of taking the photograph

The Black and White photo of the candidate must clearly indicate the name along with the date of the photograph. This can be done by holding a name plate with date(the day the photo is taken) written on it while taking the photo.Other method is by typing the name and date on the photo on computer and printing it out.

12) The photo should be attested by Principal/Gazetted Officer

The photo should be attested by Principal/Gazetted Officer in such a way that half signature is on the photo and remaining half on the application form. The students must keep 6 to 8 identical photographs with them as it will be required during counseling.

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