Kerala CEE 2010 Centralised Allotment To Professional Degree Courses


The activities related to the allotment to Professional Degree Courses for the year 2010-11 commenced on 04.06.2010

Candidates included under various rank lists can register their options on the Website from 04.06.2010 till 3 pm on 11.06.2010. Candidates who do not register their options will not be considered for allotment under any circumstances. The “Option Facilitation Centres” [OFC] and “Help Desks” [HD], having internet facility, will be functioning through out the State during this period for registration of options by the candidates. The details of such centers are available on the website,

The schedule for the first phase of allotment is given below:


Opening of the option registration facility


First Trial Allotment

12.06.2010 second trial allotment

14.06.2010 – 3 pm

Closing of option registration


First allotment

17.06.2010 to 21.06.2010

Candidates  allotted  to  all  courses

selected branches of State Bank of Travancore (SBT)

The Students who are allotted to Private Self-financing Engineering colleges during the fourth phase of allotment will not be eligible for any other higher options. The Candidates who are allotted to Private Self financing Engineering Colleges will have the provision to cancel the allotment only till the end of the third phase of allotment which will be notified by the CEE. The candidates who get allotment in the Private Self-financing Engineering Colleges in the fourth allotment shall join the college. There will not be any provision to cancel the allotment to these institutions based on the fourth allotment. Candidates who get allotment to these Private Self-financing Engineering Colleges in the fourth allotment, who do not remit fee, and those who remit fees and eventually do not take admission will be penalized as envisaged in clause 12.2.4 (c) of the Prospectus.

Candidates may download the full notification from here


The First Phase of Allotment to Professional Degree Courses 2010 was published on 16.06.2010.

The procedures for the Second Phase of Allotment will commence on 23.06.2010. Facilities will be available on the website for candidates to re-arrange options, or cancel options from 23.06.2010 to 25.06.2010. The candidates can seek help at the Option Facilitation Centre (OFC) and Help Desk (HD) which will be functioning throughout the State during this period of time. The list of such centres are available on the website

Candidates who are satisfied with the allotment received in the first allotment should cancel their existing higher order options.

The Second Allotment will be published on 29.06.2010 based on the options of the candidates from 10 am on 23.06.2010 to 5 pm on 25.06.2010. The Time Schedule of Second Phase Allotment is given below:

23.06.2010 – from 10 am

Website opens for Option re-arrangement

25.06.2010 – at 5 pm

Closing of Website for Option re-arrangement


Second Allotment

30.06.2010, 01.07.2010 & 02.07.2010

Candidates  allotted  to  all  courses  should  remit  fee/balance  fee/deposit  at  the  selected  branches  of  theState Bank of Travancore(SBT)

Candidates who have remitted fees based on the First Allotment, but who wish to cancel their allotment shall submit the duly filled Proforma for Cancellation of Allotment available with the website to the Commissioner for Entrance Examinations on or before 5 pm on 24.06.2010. Those who cancel their allotment will lose their existing allotment as well as all the existing higher options. Cancellation requests by Fax will not be entertained.

* Candidates shall refer to the Official Website of the Commissioner for Entrance Examinations, for authentic information relating to allotment and remittance of fee. The doubts regarding the allotment procedures can be cleared by contacting the following Phone numbers : 0471 - 2115311, 2115312, 2115313, 2115314.

Third Phase of Allotment

Download this file to know more about the third allotment

Fourth Phase of Allotment

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