AIEEE 2012 Cutoff Marks and Rank | Expected Cutoff

AIEEE 2012 Cutoff with Marks vs rank is live now . Please { Scroll Down }

Our Experts have analysed the AIEEE 2012 Paper and have predicted the Expected AIEEE 2012 Cutoff .

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We have calculated Expected AIEEE 2012 Cutoff  So that students can predict their colleges based on the ranks they are getting , This help students in taking better decision . AIEEE 2012 cutoff is based on AIEEE 2012 Examination paper and previous year Cutoffs . After Knowing their expected Ranks Students can check Expected colleges they can get .


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# ATUL SHARMA 2013-04-08 11:13
# deepak mittal 2013-04-07 22:46
just for knowledge
# Prince Shukla 2012-07-12 17:36
Sir, My rank is AIEEE 22709. May I get NITK col. In any branch.
# anupama 2012-07-11 20:15
sir i got 5 lakhs of all india rank and categry rank 12000 may i get seat in nit colleges
# kamal preet singh 2012-07-10 21:44
my marks in aieee are 96 . nd m from geberal category . and my category rank is 81000. which college i get..
# kushagra upadhyay 2012-07-09 14:23
sir i have got 94 marks in gen.
can i get nit college pls rply
# vipul 2012-07-07 20:12
sir my aieee state rank is 780 . i am from chattisgarh can i get any branch in NIT raipur in any round ?
# aman bhatkar 2012-07-05 17:05
sir my state rank ovr all-12221 &category-665,i like govt college for addmission,will i select for second round seat allotment? pls reply on mob-9301311518
# omi 2012-07-03 19:13
sir,i got 121 marks in aieee 2012, in accordance with this can i get list of some good college i.e any central funded government college.
kindly reply me immediately!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!
# vijay 2012-07-03 13:37
air-329208,cate gory-207080,sta te rank-8421,categ ory-6081,opted for mechanical eng....kindly predict college---regar ds
# KARUNA 2012-07-02 18:11
i got 56 marks in aieee & i belong to MBC . do i hav any chance to get seat in nit wangal for biotech
# ADITYA MISHRA 2012-07-02 15:58
Hi! I want to pursue B.Arch. Please let me know, what are the future prospects of an Architech. Are there some Government Employment possibilities.
# pryakant 2012-07-01 10:51
i got 93 marks
# nikhil chandeshwar 2012-06-28 13:07
sir main sc category se hoo or 28 marks me nit mil sakta hai
# nikhil chandeshwar 2012-06-28 13:05
sir i get 28 marks in aieee from sc cat. can i get any nit in 3rd 4rth counseling
# Rahul kumar 2012-06-26 09:57
sir, my all india rank is 430210. in which coll i got.
# ritu munshi 2012-06-23 18:19
sir is ymca a good college now ? if yes, then why it isn't top 100 in 2012??
# Akshay 2012-06-20 18:32
i have got 69 marks in aieee can i get any good colleges in karnataka through aieee ranking plz reply for it
# RISHABH SINGH 2012-06-19 14:01
# shweta 2012-06-18 20:40
sir i am getin 12,117 rank with 206 marks frm gen category....can i expect any nit with cse?
# pankaj jangir 2012-06-18 16:26
i got197 marks in aieee ,tell rank
# Moumita Sarkar 2012-06-18 11:51
my AIR B Arch is 28833.category op 19431 .state rank 1030.category.8 31. i belong to West Bengal.which college i deserve??
# ashesh 2012-06-17 21:05
i have got 30500 rank in 3e can u tell names of some good colleges to this rank for electrical or electronics branch..!!!
# VAGHELA DIPEN SINGH 2012-06-17 20:16
I got 136 marks in architecture uxam . so tell me that in which college Ican get admission ?
# deshraj bheel 2012-06-16 11:44
aieee air in st quota 2182 and in mp state rank is 88 can i got manit bhopal
# avi 2012-06-15 21:42
sir my aieee rank is 150457 i want to go in civil engineering in which collage is good for me
# Aanchal Agrawal 2012-06-15 18:58
  • I m Aanchal agrawal. i get 92 marks in aieee. can i get admission in sgsits college, indore.
# tanu 2012-06-14 22:19
my all india rank aieee 2012 is 87837 .so in which indian college i got admission pl.send all college list on my email id
# NITHIYA B 2012-06-14 16:38
My state rank is 2154.My category is SC. Do i have the chance to get seat in NIT (Trichy)
# sumi kumari 2012-06-14 12:34
sir i have got air 33210 nd obc rank 7772 in aieee b.arch can i get admission in any goverment or dimed universities. rly soon
# sumi kumari 2012-06-14 12:31
sir i have got air 33210 and obc ranking 7772 in aieee b.architecture can i get admission in any goverment college
# DHRUV PANCHAL 2012-06-13 11:02
my all india aieee rank is 97918 . so in which indian college i got admission please send all indian college list on my email id
# Rutu 2012-06-12 22:02
I have got 113 marks in aieee B.Arch paper, so can i get comins or any other architecture college?
# swati 2012-06-14 16:52
no where
# rbhharre 2012-06-12 12:37
I've got an AIR of 6474 and State rank of 197.Can i get E and C in NIT Surathkal under home state category?
# DIVYA NAYAK 2012-06-23 11:40
yes,rbhharre u wil surely get in nit surathkal....;)
# sai krishna 2012-06-12 11:47
i got 100000 rank in aieee of OC catogory,where can i get seat..??
# faris 2012-06-11 11:10
do they consider plus 2 individual subject mark
# snehalatha 2012-06-10 17:21
how many students attended AIEEE exam in 2012
# Jotpreet singh 2012-06-13 23:27
11 lac students :o
# anurag dhole 2012-06-10 17:18
i have obtained 82 marks in aieee so can i applicable for which college
# Rohith Sasi 2012-06-10 12:56
im geting 3906 rank in all india for paper II ..
and my state rank is 182in open category..
will i get adnision into NIT calicut ?
# gulshan 2012-06-10 12:19
sir i have got 110 marks and state rank is 1131 and gen. category rank is 979. can i get pantnagar engineering college..
# dipankar chatterjee 2012-06-10 12:14
my rank in aieee 12, is 165051 which institute can i get i/c branch of engineering.
# swati ghai 2012-06-10 12:02
my air rank is 60702 and general cateogory airank is state rank delhi is 5150 can i get admission in any good nit ?pls pls mpls pls rly
# shashank mudaliar 2012-06-10 11:43
sir i get 65 marks in eee then which college i will get
# ashwini 2012-06-10 11:30
i got 175 in B.Arch.. which college can i get with such score??
# SHUBH DOSHI 2012-06-10 11:00
# annie pathania 2012-06-10 10:51
i have got 149 marks in barch can i get govt. college.....?
# AYAN CHAKRAVORTY 2012-06-10 08:13
i have got these ranks

B.E./B.Tech B.Arch
All India Rank
Overall 136959 2650
Category 93815 2087
State Rank
Overall 10558 317
Category 8774 287

whAT are my chances of getting a good engineering college as well as an spa
# twinkle 2012-06-07 09:32
Sir,can i get a seat in any nit with any subject with 152 marks.I belong to general cast and female category.

............... ..pls reply soon
# Samiksha 2012-06-07 09:24
Can i get a seat in any nit with any subject securing 152 marks ?
please reply soon
# SHIVAM 2012-06-06 20:50
sir i expected my marks around 125. plz tell me wheher i l get bst pvt college.. if yes then suggest me few frm them..
# Raavi 2012-06-06 14:56
May i have the list of colleges after scoring 140 in AIEEE.......
# SAIKANTH 2012-06-05 20:30
what rank can i expect for 280 marks in aieee2012 offline paper?
# dheeraj 2012-06-05 10:45
sir iam getting 120 marks in aieee can iget gbpu college pantnagar uttarakhand
# gaurav 2012-06-01 00:19
cain i get ait pune wid 118 marks with mechanical
# charul 2012-05-30 19:46
sir i'm getting 500078 genral rank in upsee category rank is 3000 nd scgl rank is 463 what all colleges i can get with chemical branch
# charul 2012-05-30 19:43
sir i'm getting 108 marks in aieee and i'm in sc category which all colleges i can get with chemical engineering branch.plz reply sir....
# vishnuu 2012-05-30 14:05
sir ., i have 80 expected marks in eee.......can i get adm , in jaypee noida
# pooja 2012-05-29 12:52
my expected marks is between 40-60
# prashant arya 2012-05-29 12:50
i m gettin only 73 marks in aieee i belong to sc category . plz let me knw if i will be gettin any gov coll or any gud coll n trade like mechanical, ece, eee, chemical. i m very depressed plz rply me soon
# Shahid khan 2012-05-27 14:02
Please tel me
# Y.VISHNUVARDHANREDDY 2012-05-25 20:00
i may get 170 marks in b.arch.what rank i may get
# Y.VISHNUVARDHANREDDY 2012-05-25 19:57
# Y.VISHNUVARDHANREDDY 2012-05-25 19:56
# ADI 2012-05-25 12:41
i got 130 marks ina eee 2012 wat colleg i cn get..i m frm up.
gen category....
# ritika 2012-06-12 14:54
all the candidates getting ranks atleast less than 30000can only get admission in any of NIT's all the others getting ranks in aieee upto 400000 may enroll in any of the private colleges but NIT is possible only on getting marks above 190
# rajat 2012-05-25 09:41
my marks is 115 what my rank
# Ankur tiwari 2012-05-23 17:33
i m getting 115 marks which college i got in india i m from ge catagory
# Ankur tiwari 2012-05-23 17:32
i m getting 115 marks can i get any best college in indian like NIT i m from genereal catagory
# akhikesh kumar 2012-05-22 18:21
hai sir , i m scoring 120 in aieee

can i get nit college?
# shobhitrajverma 2012-05-20 22:55
i get 92 in aieee sc categopry beloning to up will i get iiit allahabad
# ASOKAN 2012-06-12 11:47

# shravansingh 2012-06-15 23:36
call me on 09860273571 i give u detail
# shobhitrajverma 2012-05-20 22:50
will i get nit or bit mesra in sc ctegory 92 marks
# shobhitrajverma 2012-05-20 22:48
i am gettin 92 in sc category in aieee 2012 will i get an core baranch in nit or iiys or bit mesra
# rajesh 2012-05-20 08:15
i got 70-80 marks in aieee 2012 . i m belonging to pd category any chance for me in CS. or can i get NIT ALLAHABAD or other top NIT.
pls tell me
# Payel Koley 2012-05-18 19:14
I got 60240 rank in wbjee.
will i get admission in any college near kolkata or durgapur as i am intersted in doing either Biotech or Food tech?
# deep 2012-07-01 16:47
guru nanak dev engg college
# Shiwani Priya 2012-05-18 15:29
my expected marks is in between 50-90 then what is my rank
# narendra 2012-05-21 12:41
your expected marks is 50-90 i think u r rank 2000-20500
# Roopa 2012-05-18 10:09
Hello Sir/madam

I got 52 marks in AIEEE n i am belonging to GM category from Karnataka.Is there any chances to get computer science branch......
# gaurav 2012-05-26 16:25
Quoting Shiwani Priya:
my expected marks is in between 50-90 then what is my rank

my expected marks are also like u if u get any information about our rank pls tell me my id is [email protected] pls tell me
# Chetan 2012-05-25 08:23
Not Possible
# Chetan 2012-05-25 08:23
Highly Impossible... Needs Below 14K Rank.. Ur Rank Will be Around 3.5 Lakh So Its Impossible To Get Mining Also
# KALAGA PRIYANKA 2012-05-18 00:42
can i get seat in gondia,maharash tra,engineering college
# sameer 2012-06-12 22:12' ll defntly get it...but tell me first wats ur rank n ur category...
# RIYA GUPTA 2012-05-17 19:16
Sir i am getting 180 -200 marks in eee in general category....... ....can you please tel me which NIT i will get.? :-| :-| :-)
# ShiBBU 2012-06-01 17:13
Stop calculating...u r gonna get it :lol: :lol:
# ShiBBU 2012-06-01 17:12
Stop calculating.... u r gonna get it :lol:
# yash 2012-05-21 01:38
8738885179....m sg will tell u
# Venkatesh 2012-05-16 10:15
What Rank Can I get with a score of 170 in b.arch please estimate my rank and where can i get seat in my home state i.e., Andhrapradesh.
# bharath bhushan 2012-05-14 22:15
sir i am getting 96 marks i amsc candidate and belong to andhra pradesh can i get in to nit puducherry
# devottam 2012-05-13 16:39
Sir ,I may get 125-145 in AIEEE,I am general,I am interested in Civil,From which nits i may get call and in which phase of councilling,dev ottam
# CHANDAN KUMAWAT 2012-05-12 10:58
i m getting around 55-60 marks in aieee this year in obc(ncl) which good college can i get admission as i m interested in civil engineering field.....?????
# modassir hussain 2012-05-10 13:49
my marks approx 100 to110.....
so please tell me about the nit,s and other better college that i can get.....
# devottam 2012-05-13 16:53
with 125 marks can i get in nit in civil and in which round of councelling
# prateek laddha 2012-05-09 08:49
sir ,i got 145 marks in aieee please tell me can i get nit surat my category is gen
# rajesh 2012-05-08 09:19
sir i may get my eee marks in range of 185 to 210 .i have obc . can i get nit warangal?
# Nandan kumar 2012-05-07 13:55
i am getting 60 marks can i eligible for any good college?
# sumit kumar 2012-05-11 11:40
no u will not get any good college
# sumit kumar 2012-05-11 11:36
no! as ur marks is very low, ur ranking may be above 200000.
# vartika singh 2012-05-07 11:17
sir, i m getting 130 marks!!...can i get any good college???? which one???
# bhargav chandra 2012-05-06 13:31
sir i am geting 82 marks and i am st... can i get nit..?
# tarunasharma 2012-05-05 11:51
sir, i got 258 marks in eee...... which nit college i'll get.....???????
# gandu singh 2012-06-13 03:47
fudu kisi r ka bnana.. smja lodu
# abhishek 2012-05-05 10:49
my marks r in range 100 to 124 so can iget svnit with civil .....if no then can get nirma with elctrical,eletr onic ,civil,..?
# abhijeet narang 2012-05-05 09:12
sir i,m getting 150 marks in AIEEE please tell me about the NIT,S and other better colleges that i can get
# rupesh 2012-05-04 16:09
i got 180 marks in aieee 2012
can i get NIT...........
# xyz 2012-05-14 19:29
# RIYA GUPTA 2012-05-03 23:56
on how much marksi l be abl to get DCE............ .............. :-| :-)
# gourav dutta 2012-05-10 19:00
without any category and if not being a residence of Delhi it is very difficult to enter dce with nice branches as only 15% quota for outsiders through aieee so u need have a healthy marks i.e
marks>=235(at least) almost 65% but it may vary this year but sure shot a rank
# joseph damor 2012-05-03 23:06
sir iam expecting 85 marks...ST category and my home state is madhya sir can i get NIT clge of bhopal with any branch..
# prashantkumar 2012-05-03 13:32
my total mark in aieee is coming 118 so sir i want to take good collage if any one please send me sir thanks sir
# anoop 2012-05-03 10:43
i m getting 120 marks ...can i get nit..???
# amod kumar 2012-05-02 10:16
Pl. What will be rank,if getting 125 marks
# amod kumar 2012-05-02 10:09
What will be ranking if getting 125 marks
# leelambar singh 2012-05-01 23:26
my expecteted mark 55 and i sm st cast studentt can i got any branch in NIT RAIPUR
# nilesh kumar 2012-05-01 19:11
dear sir, i m getting only 77.15 marks in aieee 2012..... and i want 2 be a good college in bangalore.. plz sir tell me which college i have brought ............... ..........
# anshul verma 2012-05-01 18:12
i m getting 139 which NIT can i obtain.
# sanchit kaura 2012-05-01 15:57
22g 61 no. ne kuch umeed hegi ae???????????.. ........
# nik 2012-05-01 14:50
if i get 104 marks in aiee 2012 can i get nit college in mechanical branch if i belong to sc catogortie
# Mohit Awalekar 2012-05-06 20:40
bhai home state kaun sa hai..?...
.better you should search INSTITUTE WISE SEAT ALLOTMENT ROUND ...there u can get exect ststs of last year's councelling..
# vinit 2012-05-02 14:00
ya u can get good nit collge ....... among top 15 collges of nit .
# jazzy 2012-05-01 14:16
sir i am expecting 165 in Aieee ...can i get any NIT ....WHICH ONE?????
# jazzy 2012-05-01 14:13
sir i m expecting 165 marks in aieee ....can i get any NIT and which one ????
# NIKHIL SHARMA 2012-05-01 13:00
kya 75 marks me nit raipur me mining mil skta hai kya
minimum kitna chahiye rehta nit raipur me mining ke liye
# harshit 2012-05-09 20:42
kya 75 marks me nit raipur me mining mil skta hai kya
minimum kitna chahiye rehta nit raipur me mining ke liye

# NIKHIL SHARMA 2012-05-01 12:58
kya 75 marks tak mining mil skta h nit raipur me
pls tell as soon as possible
# vivek singh 2012-05-01 12:31
sir i am getting 80 marks, can i get admission in AIT,pune
# Pankaj 2012-05-01 11:57
sir my marks is 56 and i m belong to delhi sc category, kindly tell me can i get any college
# killer 2012-05-30 15:52
Quoting Pankaj:
sir my marks is 56 and i m belong to delhi sc category, kindly tell me can i get any college

Quoting Pankaj:
sir my marks is 56 and i m belong to delhi sc category, kindly tell me can i get any college

ullu college delhi
# piyush 2012-05-01 03:13
gettin 30 marks in sc.
am i eligible for anything
# ashish 2012-05-03 17:44
Quoting piyush:
gettin 30 marks in sc.
am i eligible for anything

ya u can get iit rourkeee.....
# Himani Sardana 2012-04-30 23:57
what all possibilities are there for my son..he is getting 167 in Aieee.What all private colleges are there where in these marks he can get good branch.
# sam 2012-04-30 23:42
if i get nit allahabad after scoring 135 in aieee 2012
i belong to up
# nirhu 2012-05-25 14:54
no you are never get admission in any nit , on your life you direect admission in sadila college of engeenerig and tecnology
# a.barua 2012-05-01 15:58
sir my ward gattaing aieeee marks 135 & he is reserve cota like st ,can i get motilal nhru nit as mechanical streem.
# anirban sengupta 2012-04-30 22:44
sir my marks is 75 as it was my first attempt and i am falling under the category of general+handica pped. Kindly tell me can i get any good college and wat will be my rank?
# cr7 2012-05-30 11:18
sure..u will.....prefer mnnit... bst of lk
# Kruthika.C.S 2012-04-30 22:27
I am getting 240 ! Can I expect a seat in NIT Suratkal??
# anirban sengupta 2012-04-30 22:26
sir my marks is 75 as it was my first attempt and i am falling under the category of general+handica pped. Kindly tell me can i get any good college and wat will be my rank?
# anirban sengupta 2012-04-30 22:24
sir my marks is 75 as it was my first attempt and i am falling under the category of physically handicpped. Can i gat any good college or wat will be mine expected rank?
# UDAY 2012-04-30 20:56
send pl
# Nikhil Hegde 2012-04-29 23:16
I'm getting 275! Can I expect Mechanical in NIT Trichy , Warangal or Suratkal?
# nitin jain 2012-05-15 16:58
is it your real number?
are you joking?
itna sahi no. lake trichy ,suratkal ke liye puchte ho............
# archit jain 2012-04-29 21:53
bhaiya 108 aaye hain kuch ho sakta hai kya,........... .............
# sameer 2012-04-29 19:23
thanks......... .
# mukka anudeep 2012-04-29 16:28
hello sir/madam
i got 205 marks in aieee

what is my rank?
# masdsfdf 2012-05-24 21:02
Quoting mukka anudeep:
hello sir/madam
i got 205 marks in aieee

what is my rank?

u will get nothing..... these marks are nothin but equal to shit
# ABHISHEK 2012-05-01 07:26
# Saptarshi Chatterjee 2012-04-30 11:36
around 10000-11000.... NIT for sure....congo! :)
# mukka anudeep 2012-04-29 16:23
hello sir/madam

i got 205 marks in aieee
# Shantanu biswas 2012-03-26 02:09
dude do let us know how you guys calculate the cut offs , I mean on what factors does it depend is it depend on the difficulty of paper or on the number of appearing students ??
# ashish 2012-05-03 23:58
if 1 get 126 in aieee.. what (maximum) rank can he expect.???40000 or 50000 or 60000... ?????