AEEE 2017 Exam Pattern


AEEE 2017 Exam PatternAEEE 2017 Exam Pattern – In this article, the exam pattern of AEEE 2017 is explained vividly for the aspirants who aim to appear for the upcoming examination. The exam pattern will help the candidates in understanding the question paper and the aspects of it. By knowing the exam pattern of AEEE 2017, the concepts regarding the questions, marking, sections etc in the question paper will be cleared. Read the detailed AEEE 2017 Exam Pattern from the article below. 

The articles is prepared on the basis of previous year data. As soon as the latest AEEE 2017 exam pattern will be released, we will update the article.



AEEE 2017 Exam Pattern

The AEEE exam pattern 2017 is as explained below.

Mode of exam – Amrita B.Tech 2017 entrance examination will be held as both Computer Based Test (online mode) and Pen and Paper Test (offline mode).

  • The candidates will be required to choose the mode of examination while filling the application form.
  • Each candidate can opt for only one medium. Those who will try to select both the modes for writing the examination shall find their application rejected.

Language of AEEE – As per the AEEE Exam Pattern, the question paper will only be available in the English language.

  • There is no other option for the language.

Duration of the exam – The candidates will have only 2 hours 30 minutes to solve the entire question paper.

  • CBT will be held in a window of three-four days and in various slots.
  • Offline examination will only be held in a single day.

Section in the exam – The AEEE 2017 will be divided into three sections of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

  • It is mandatory to attempt all the sections.

Questions in the examination – There will be 100 questions in total.

  • The Physics and Chemistry section will carry 30 questions, whereas, in Mathematics section the candidates need to solve 40 questions.
  • All the questions will be of objective type (Multiple Choice) and will have four answer options, out of which, only one will be correct.
  • It is mandatory to attempt all the questions, in each section.

Marking Criteria – For each correct answer 3 marks will be granted and the negative marking of 1 mark will be done for the each incorrect response.

To explain the distribution of question and marks in each subject better, have a look at the table below.

Section No of Questions Marks per Question Total Marks
Physics 30 3 90
Chemistry 30 3 90
Mathematics 40 3 120
Total 100   300

table has been prepared to assist the candidates in choosing the most suitable mode for themselves.

Computer Based Test Pen and Paper Mode
 Merits of the modes
It will be held in a window of multiple days and slots. Hence, giving candidates a chance to choose the exam day and time. Candidates are already familiar with pen and paper mode and do not find it difficult.
The exam centres for CBT are more in comparison to P&P. Last year there were 67 AEEE Exam Centers for CBT, whereas, for P&P there were only 36 centres. The offline examination will be held a little late, after the conclusion of the online examination. The candidates opting for P&P will have more time to prepare for the exam.
Demerits of the modes
More and more candidates are opting for the online exam. Hence, there is a possibility that the most preferred centre will not be allocated.   Will only be held on a particular day and slot, which may collide with other exam dates as well.
The number of online test takers is increasing every year and the slot booking is done on the first-cum-first basis. Due to this, the candidate might miss the desired slot. Fewer exam centres option will limit the choices of the candidates.

Which mode is better?

Both the CBT and P&P mode of examination has pros and cons but the candidates should opt for the online AEEE 2017 if they are comfortable with the basics of computer. Else, handling the system on the exam day will become a task which will lower the speed of the candidates.

On the other hand, the offline AEEE 2017 should be chosen when candidates are sure that they do not have any other appointments on the same day.

More information about CBT and P&P mode is given below:

Computer Base Mode:

  • The AEEE 2017 exam pattern will remain the same and only 100 question will be displayed.
  • Candidates will receive different sets of questions.
  • The University will ensure that the difficulty level in the all the sets is the same.
  • Candidates will mark answers with the help of the mouse.

Pen and Paper Based Mode

  • Four question booklets will be prepared for the offline examination. These will be distinguished via a paper code, which will be an Alphabet.
  • The difficulty level in all the booklets will be the same.
  • To mark the answers an Optical Mark Reader (OMR) sheet will be provided to the candidates.
  • In the OMR sheet, the candidates will have to circle the answer option with the help of the black ball point pen or HB pencil.
  • The candidates must not do any rough work on the OMR sheet. For the rough work, a sheet will be provided to them.
  • It should also be noted that the OMR sheet should not be pin/stapled/punched/soiled/mutilate/etc.

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